The Divine Times - Canadian Edition Number 2, 26 October 1974

Divine Times magazine
Hans Jayanti '74

In a last minute decision Guru Maharaj Ji indicated His wish to hold Hans Jayanti Festival on November 9th and 10th in Toronto instead of Patna, India, as originally planned.
That Fine Connection Excerpts from Raja Ji's Satsang at the Holiday Inn, Winnipeg, on September 27th 1974

The moment you are letting go again, you stop meditating, something happens to that line there, right there. And mind always tries to become your master, he's always punching, bang, bang, bang. He's always trying to punch. All he wants to find is just a small puncture to get out and he's gonna take you out again.
Rennie Davis interview

I think that the evidence is already in, that 8 million people from every continent, every race, every class, every age bracket has found for themself a practical way to know the aim of life, to realize the practicality of human cooperation, to see the ability to overcome all human barriers.
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Northern Lights

By the united efforts of all of you, Durga Ji and myself have moved to a much more suitable residence in Los Angeles. It is a large, beautiful house with all of the necessary arrangements to facilitate my work. The most important aspect of the house, though, was your love for me which caused you to respond in the way you did. It is a very good sign, for it shows that you are experiencing the peace and bliss contained within my Knowledge. This is what really makes me happy--when you are happy.
Try To Understand Excerpt of Satsang of Guru Maharaj Ji, July 6 At Amherst, Mass.

See the mind just comes in, takes us away and puts us somewhere else. This is why always a Perfect Master has come into this world, to put us back into a place where we are supposed to be. And he does. So premies, there is just nothing to say. It's just that everything is so beautiful. Everything is just so fantastic - because this Knowledge is there. I mean without this Knowledge, it's like a beautiful car with flat tires. All you' can do is jump in and out of that car - that's all.
La Maison d'Elégance, etc.

In recent days Raja Ji and Claudia have been enjoying the services and conviviality of the proprietors, to the pleasant delight of all. Suits for Guru Maharaj Ji are also in the process of being made.