Divine Times - February 1977 Volume 6, Number 2

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Effort In The Right Direction Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang in Frankfurt, Germany November 29, 1976

The thing is that, the more chance you have, the more opportunity that is given to premies to ask questions, the more craziness comes out. You open up something that goes out, and when you do that, lot of craziness can come out and it starts to go all over the place. But when it's just listening, or it's just understanding service and surrendering to satsang, it is much more beautiful I feel. And I feel premies get a lot more when they surrender and they listen to satsang. I think satsang is a lot more beautiful than trying to have so-called question and answer sessions because we - I used to have a lot of question and answer sessions, and premies would, well, the only benefit premies would ever get from those questions and answers was the satsang that was given for the answers. So it's much better to just listen to some satsang and just try to understand, try to digest.

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Beyond All Our Praise Durga Ji's Satsang in Atlantic City, New Jersey December 18, 1976

One time we were having dinner at Raja Ji's and Claudia's house, and Maharaj Ji was just giving satsang and I looked at him he's too unbelievable to be true. It's by his grace sometimes I can experience him this way. It's just too fantastic. I looked at him and I said, "Maharaj Ji, all I want to do really is just sing your praises. All I want to do is just praise you," and he said," that can't be done; no one can ever sing my praises." And when he said that. I realized it, I knew it. I knew what he was saying: no matter how we try to praise Guru Maharaj Ji, we cannot. He's beyond all our praise; he's too magnificent to begin to praise, and yet we have to, we must

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Full Of Surprises An Interview with Bill Patterson

The birthday happened. It was really beautiful; Maharaj Ji was really excited because he felt the love of premies. Then after that, things started changing. We didn't have any meetings; I just spent time doing really simple service. And Maharaj Ji was just doing really simple things, relaxing and resting. Every now and then he'd call Mike Dettmers and me in to talk about the Mission and some of his feelings. And probably four days after that, one evening, he called me in and told me he wanted me to do the service of National Coordinator. He said he'd get together with me right away and go over what that meant. But we didn't get down to any specifics until after Atlantic City. It was such a beautiful thing to see how Maharaj Ji worked. Because a lot of the time that he spent out in Malibu was relaxed, yet he was working all the time. He was really reading the hearts of premies. He's already done the things that were most needed.

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A Simple Solution Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang in San Francisco, California February 9, 1974

Personally, I don't have any question, but this is a question from some premies. The question is why, even though a premie is practicing Knowledge, does he sometimes still feel unsatisfied? Let me read that to you because the answer is right there with the question. Okay, why is it that sometimes even though the premie's practicing Knowledge, he is still not experiencing it and is feeling unsatisfied? The reason is because he is unsatisfied, that is why he is not experiencing it. It's just letting your mind run like wild horses all the time and not making the proper effort to plow through. I think I've got a pretty good picture of how premies sit down sometimes and do meditation. And I think I'm not all that off the wall by saying this, because a lot of premies sit down and close their eyes and think about something completely different. That is what some premies do. A lot of premies do meditation and you can see practical results happening in their life. Now while that doesn't quite happen to other premies, the reason is because they don't make the proper effort.

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Premlata Natural Foods

It isn't hard to feel at home when you're greeted with good cheer and good service at Premlata Natural Foods over pita bread and a great avocado salad. Nor can you overlook the air of warm welcome when Sally Gongee entreats you with, "Great, come on over, only I warn you that the guys are playing poker late tonight." The poker enthusiast and ball of energy behind Pretnlata Natural Foods is Farouk Gongee. You may remember seeing him running along the banks of the Ganges River if you were there. Besides a momentous sojourn with Guru Maharaj Ji in India, I remember writing to Farouk in Beirut, Lebanon, during the time of Millennium. Besides coordinating Mission activities in Beirut, Farouk helped make it possible for other Lebanese premies to attend the festival in Houston. It is amazing the ways, wheres and whens that we see each other again.