Divine Times - August 1978 Volume 7, Number 5

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Dance, Dance, Dance by Mitchell Ditkoff

Ah satsang. Sweet, sweet, satsang. So there I (we) am, sitting in my (our) seat, trying not to wait for Guru Maharaj Ji to come, knowing he's everywhere, yet somehow noticing that despite his omnipresence, he most definitely is not sitting in his chair. And then, quite simply, he appears. Sits. And bows his head. Almost on cue I begin to nod out. Lean to one side. Tilt. Like my father home from a 12-hour day and watching Gunsmoke. I can't believe it. No, this can't be! I bite my lip. I pull the hairs on my wrist. I pinch my own cheeks. Please Maharaj Ji, don't let me fall asleep now. I've come so far to be with you, to do Puja, to receive what you have to give … and whatever you have to withhold. Please don't let me fall asleep now …

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The Path of Devotion Excerpts from Initiator Joan Apter's Satsang at Guru Puja, Tucson, Arizona, July 15, 1978

Pranam, Guru Maharaj Ji. I can really feel in my heart such a feeling of what it's all about here today, worshipping Guru Maharaj Ji. This is the path of devotion that Guru Maharaj Ji is offering us, the path where we become one with that infinite perfection. And that experience that we have of touching his lotus feet to our foreheads, of kissing his lotus feet, it's such a symbol of what Guru Maharaj Ji is doing. Because he is taking what we would consider the finite and he's melting it, he's merging it, he's placing it in contact with the infinite, with the perfection that we are to become one with. It's my love for Guru Maharaj Ji. And it's what makes my life meaningful.

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Song: I Love You - Rich Neel

Lyrics: I cannot comprehend
The devotion I feel coming
Maharaji my heart wants to wail
I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you
Thank you for coming today

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Take Those Three Steps - Guru Maharaj Ji's Satsang at the Guru Puja Festival, Tucson, Arizona, July 16, 1978

And all, I can say is, please go ahead and take those three steps that you really need to take. Just take them. And let Guru Maharaj Ji walk those three million miles. Because that's Guru Maharaj Ji's pleasure. That's okay. He doesn't mind walking three million miles. But it just seems that you do mind walking those three steps. And I just sincerely advise you that you quit minding it, and just take those three steps, and let that happen in your hearts, let Guru Maharaj Ji come in your heart. This is an endless saga. Knowledge is infinite.

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We have climbed the greatest mountain there ever could be. We have done the most that there ever could be. Yes! If you are surprised, don't be. You - if you have ever experienced Knowledge -- have in fact experienced what even in thousands and thousands and thousands of lifetimes can never be experienced. You have climbed mountains more than Mt. Everest could ever be. Mt. Everest would be like a microscopic dent on what you have climbed. And all by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace.