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Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker 1975
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For Your Inspiration is the international premie newsletter. It will be published periodicallyto keep us all in touch with the activities of Guru Maharaj Ji and His Mission around the world.
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For Your Inspiration

In December, Maharaj Ji announced in a New Year's Proclamation his "opinion" that this Knowledge is the solution to the problems of the world. Then, in January, he told his premies that, "This year, my primary agya is for you to put as much energy as possible into prachar." In other words, tell the world and show the world by practical demonstration, that Knowledge works.
India In Retrospect Guru Maharaj Ji stayed in the West for two years establishing DUO around the world. He succeeded despite continual opposition from Bal Bhagwan Ji and Mata Ji, who were busy attempting to corrupt the work he was doing. Their interference, however, has been ineffectual and Guru Maharaj Ji has created an effective international structure. During that time, Guru Maharaj Ji never publicly denounced their actions, but tried to make them understand what they were doing and that if they never really practiced Knowledge, they would never realize the aim of their lives.
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Maharaji At The Helm

Since now you have received this Knowledge it is your duty to do meditation, service, and satsang. and understand this Knowledge through these means. Let me also remind you and caution you about something and that is your mind. This mind is really going to be freaked out because Knowledge is its antidote. And therefore in the future this mind might really begin to bother you. But do not be bothered, just keep on truckin', just keep on going. Believe it, it will certainly go away. Further, keep in touch. Love is everlasting.
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Fight The Unseen Demon

You're feeling really beautiful inside. You're feeling just love and Grace, because mind is not working, and then slowly this thing starts going on inside of you. You know Guru Maharaj Ji is perfect, He is everything; you know Knowledge is perfect and is everything. You believe it because you know you have experienced it at one time. But then, bingo!, things start happening. To convince you of something, mind will do anything.
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For Your Inspiration

It's obvious from the amount of media coverage given to Maharaj Ji's activities in the world that he is creating limitless opportunities for premies to speak with people and to give satsang about the Knowledge. His darshan and explicit direction make it clear to all premies what our service is at this time. Although it is Maharaj Ji who is really propagating Knowledge, he is allowing us all a chance toparticipate in his effort, by doing service in Divine Light Mission. The invitation is out. Maharaj Ji has called all of his premies to him to be his "arms and legs" in carrying the message of peace to the world. What else can we do and still call ourselves devotees?