Golden Age magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

2   Remember Project Love

All quotations in this article are from a Divine Times' interview with Rennie Davis of World Welfare Association.

"Accurate for the love", said Maharaj Ji, "Attentive for the satsang, active for the service and this will make you perfect." Through this personal project we learn to help each other follow Maharaj Ji's agya. Through our meditation we gain the inner strength to carry out the service Maharaj Ji has Graced us with. This is how our project becomes pure love, flowing ceaselessly and selflessly to all.

Golden Age magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

3   Hans Jayanti '74

The stage was beautiful. Apart from the central diamond, which was mounted in front of rings of huge glass beads surrounding the portrait of Shri Maharaj Ji, lower platforms accommodated the Mahatmas on the left of Guru Maharaj Ji, and Shri Raja Ji and Claudia to his right. In front, a smaller stage was the setting for a shortened version of the perennial Krishna Lila.

At length, with the arrival of Maharaj Ji and Durga Ji, Raja Ji gave very powerful satsang, challenging the world to look deeper into Knowledge than the superficial nonsense the press delights in.

Golden Age magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

4   Metamorphosis


Golden Age magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

5   Power Of Love

With the Godfliks program under their belts, the Shri Hans film crew launched straight into The Power of Love, a satsang film of Guru Maharaj Ji's and Durga Ji's visit to Australia and New Zealand. The title song, Power of Love, plays over the informal darshan shots, including some beautiful scenes from a boat cruise in Haiku Bay, Auckland.

Golden Age magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

6   Realise The Glory

Guru Maharaj Ji - Palais Ballroom, Melbourne - October 29, 1974

And you know it's so strange, really in a way it's strange that this Knowledge was even revealed to us. Now this I'll have to explain you. We come into this world from the source, and that source is what this Knowledge is, is what within inside of us is, whatever we see in this world is a part of that and we are a part of it, too. And we start from the source and we come into this world; we are one with the source and then we depart from it and we come into this world and here we are. You know, we come, we're born and we go through the whole transit, through the whole channel of this earth and the waves of this earth and everything. But then, after coming in this world and going through all the miseries that a man has to put up with, he is revealed this Knowledge. And you know what that does? That's what's strange. It puts him right back from where he started. But that's where the destination is, too. Because you see, we leave our houses, we go away, just to be able to come back.

Golden Age magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

9   State - Tasmania

The "knowledge" consists of four simple forms of meditation.
Gaining of the "knowledge" apparently leads to a recognition of "peace and love within each of us."
The number of people in Hobart who take an active part in the community is growing steadily all the time - around 70 right now.
The mission, which is international has a total membership of around 10 million, he said.

9   Review - Orchestras

Golden Age magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

10   Why Moss and friends follow guru

"Guru Maharaj Ji is our meditation," says Moss. "People see him in their meditation," said David Lovejoy, explaining why the guru remained isolated from most of his devotees during his visit to Auckland.

Golden Age magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

12   A Small Festival
The old-timers of Millennium '73 at first found the context of the festival strange. No flashing neon scoreboards, only the bare wire crochet-work of the tennis fence. No multi-tiered, multi-coloured stage, only a small platform against a stone wall. And although the crowd could be numbered in the hundred, the veteran festivalgoers, after a period of adjustment, realised that the old familiar feeling of love was permeating Hans Jayanti again.
12   Mahatma Ji