Golden Age magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

2   International - Hans Jayanti

If the Lord wants to manifest on this planet, he said, He can do it in any way, in any form, in any body, that He desires. If people are expecting Him to raise His right arm, He will raise His left; He can do anything. With that, he threw his arms wide and tilted his head back. Everyone looked up and in the middle of the sky, running right over the stage, hung a rainbow in the cloudless sky.

And he said it again: 'You give me your love and I will give you peace.'

Golden Age magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)
6   International - 9,500ft. High

And the tour had been a beautiful chance for every premie in N.Z. to experience incredibly inspiring satsang from Mahatma Ji. With such an example before us, individually and collectively, we can only grow in realisation.

Golden Age magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

8   National - Interview

"We want to create one thing - that is the love, the peace that we have to accomplish on this earth. And I think that it's my mission to do it, but whoever joins Divine Light Mission, it becomes also his sole purpose to accomplish peace on earth."

Guru Maharaj Ji

Golden Age magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

10   All Together

Satsang given by Guru Maharaj Ji at the Hans Jayanti Festival in Orlando, Florida, on the evening of 9 November, 1975.

That perfection and that beauty that exists, that's always there. It's us who pull ourselves away from it, who pull ourselves away from that greatest gift, greatest God-given gift that we have got. How many times are we going to do that? How many times are we going to deny our Lord?

I mean, I can't even imagine how man can be as crazy as he is! The Lord Himself reincarnates, reincarnates, reincarnates Himself for the very purpose of saving us. And we do not even realise who gave us the authority to refuse Him! Who are we anyway? From which field do we come that we can reject, that we can refuse, that we can deny our Lord?

Golden Age magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

18   A Letter from Guru Maharaj Ji

It really showed me that the premies have a fantastic amount of potential. In 1976, I think we can really use this potential in such a way that would make this year a very successful one. It should tremendously boost the Mission's capacity to be equipped to spread this Knowledge in leaps and bounds. This is the only way we can serve the world, giving everybody the kind of Peace they are looking for.

Golden Age magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

20   Let It Happen

Durga Ji's Satsang, Hans Jayanti Festival. Orlando, Florida on the night of 7 November, 1975.

"Maharaj Ji's said so many times that we're his hands. He's one man. Because that's the way he chose to come, in one body. And yet he chose to have so many beautiful lovers, so many beautiful premies to do his work for him."

"Mahatma Jagdeo" serial paedophile and close associate of Prem Rawat sits at back of stage.

Golden Age magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)

25   Interview with Mahatma Gurupujanand

Why did only four people receive Knowledge on this trip?

Because only four were ready. Maharaj Ji doesn't want any seeds to be wasted. This Knowledge is the most precious seed. Back in '75 at a Holi Festival in the United States, Guru Maharaj Ji gave a satsang and he said that we don't want to take this precious seed and throw it out in the middle of the road. It's for us to understand how precious that seed is and to make sure it goes to the right hearts where it's going to grow right and bloom the best.

Golden Age magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)
28   State News

As an aid to develop the understanding throughout the whole premie community, workshops have been held where the whole process and consciousness behind a person approaching Knowledge was clarified through the aid of flow charts, etc. The community is being reinforced gradually through the development of WWA, PLA and general premie activities. Meditation retreats and film and dinner evenings are held regularly and especially at times like these, it seems more obviously clear what a delicate, yet tightly woven vine of love Maharaj Ji is weaving amongst all his devotees in binding them together as a unit in his universal family.

Golden Age magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)
36   A Letter From Yatala

There was a lot of scepticism on behalf of the authorities some ten months ago when premies were asked to write or visit us. The blissful state we were left in after being subjected to satsang elevated us so much, we were so high on pure feeling that everyone was sure we were going for a weekly joint, and afterwards we were searched by the officers. But what they didn't realise was the high, that beautiful high was an inner state of peace and premies were bringing it in every week and leaving it with us to share with our fellow inmates. After we received Knowledge, it was just too much for them. We were happy, smiling, laughing; we were peaceful, loving and understanding and they were dumbfounded.

Golden Age magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji)
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