Something in Your Heart
Wants to Know

Something in Your Heart Wants to Know

"Guru Maharaj Ji invites the people who have received this Knowledge to accompany Him in the adventure of revealing this Truth, revealing this Knowledge to the whole world."

Guru Maharaj Ji
Lima, Peru
November 18, 1976

"The first and foremost thing that we have to understand is: What are we trying to do? And what we are trying to do is to spread this Knowledge, is to spread this Grace, is to spread this Word."

Guru Maharaj Ji
Rome, Italy, 1977

Service Opportunities

"And it's like, if every premie, you know, really cooperated in their service and directed the service so that I can use it to spread this Knowledge into this world, I'll tell you before I'm 25 this whole world can have peace."

Guru Maharaj Ji
May 30, 1974

The Follow ~ up

"We have to organize so many different people into one format, into one way. My example of our situation, what Divine Light Mission has to do for people, is that we are a clothing store, and this clothing store manufactures clothes and ready-made suits. But it has to manufacture its clothes in such a way that as soon as the buyer goes into the shop and picks up the suit, it fits him perfectly.

And you can imagine the problem involved in making a suit that will fit him perfectly the moment he puts it on. And yet this is what we have to do."

Guru Maharaj Ji
European Regional Conference
Essen, Germany, 1975

Quotes from Guru Maharaj Ji

"You see propagation; let's eliminate for instance what happens before and what happens after. To me, and I guess by the examples I give it quite proves it, to me propagation is that one moment, one second when you first meet that person and tell him about Knowledge. That is, to me, propagation. And in his heart, in that person's heart, either you can make the biggest barrier which will be the greatest mistake you ever make. And this is how serious it is. Because if that person does not receive Knowledge and does not find peace because of some stupid thing you did, then you are responsible for it; by all means you are responsible for it. Because you did it…"

"So when I put it this way I hope I make it quite clear how serious this matter is, and that it's just not a simple thing of you just going out and passing out leaflets or you just going out and just doing anything you want. It's a very, very serious thing."

Guru Maharaj Ji
Guru Puja Conference
Miami, Florida, 1977

"In service there has to be so much Grace, there has to be so much understanding, there has to be so much togetherness, there has to be so much oneness, there has to be so much sensitivity, and surrender that by all means that service that has been given to you, you will be able to accomplish it. And this is, you know, this is the understanding that we all have to have. And that kind of understanding doesn't come by me telling you, that understanding comes from within you, that understanding comes when you really see the need for that understanding then you really realize that you're lacking that in your life. Because there is a way to get it, and that way to get it is by satsang, service and meditation."

Guru Maharaj Ji
Conference Satsang
Rome, Italy
November 17, 1977

"But you just can't - it's just like we go back into that same thing where those satsangs were given, and it was like, you just can't, don't go up to a person and say look, you just dedicate everything you have and so on and so forth. But it has to be a real, clean approach, it has to be real - almost a perfect approach."

Guru Maharaj Ji
Montreal Conference
May 2, 1977