Available Copies of 'Newsline' Magazine

The United Kingdom magazine NEWSLINE was the equivalent of the American magazine 'IN VIEW. They were printed mid to late 1980s when Elan Vital was beginning to recover from its birth pangs in the death of Divine Light Mission. Both leaflets/magazines infrequently published by Elan Vital give a snapshot, albeit fragmentary, of the state of Prem Rawat's organisation following his closure of the Divine Light Mission ashrams, public meetings, the change of name to Elan Vital and the nearly complete change in the picture presented to the public and the content of the speeches he made. They were written for the committed followers and give realistic statistics of Rawat's following through the second half of the 1980's as Rawat attempts to reorient his followers, recall waverers to the fold and convince the remaining people on the mailing lists to donate regularly.

All publications of Rawat's organisations display a totally upbeat, positive message but the comparatively parlous state of Rawatism during this time is obvious. It appears that, publicly, Rawat never once alludes to the incredible and catastrophic changes he has made in any negative way. He does not even mention "Divine Light Mission" and doesn't answer questions about his history deflecting the questions as being unimportant. He speaks as if Elan Vital was born out of thin air in 1983 and has grown quickly and recruitment of new members is occuring successfully.

Many thanks to 'Edward' who made these texts available for publication on the internet.