Prem Rawat (Maharaji) - 1974 Press Articles

Dog; Or I Saw The Light Ann Arbor SUN anuary 4, 1974 - Possibly the most insightful article about 1973s Divine LIght Mission

There are 28 newspaper articles about Prem Rawat posted here from 1974 when Rawat was 16 years old.

This story and others about the brutal attempted murder of Pat Halley revealed the darkness at the heart of Divine Light Mission, the flaw that allowed its idealism to be perverted.

Out in Winnipeg the local stolid, humble community were advertising regularly and they were holding back nothing.

The Wedding story flashed around the world. Quite possibly a new benchmark in unlikely husbands and trophy brides.

The Press seemed to enjoy publishing stories about Prem Rawat with a twist

But they didn't shy from serious investigative journalism either

The truth can be found out there, sometimes even in a TV review column

A court case reveals one of Divine Light mission's sordid financial secrets

But the mahatmas kept on touring and talking of the "benefits" of Guru Maharaj Ji's meditation.