Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji Speechifying
Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji Speechifying

PMT #009: Palace Of Peace, London, 23rd September 1973

This is a particularly incoherent speech full of non sequiturs, sentences that were never finished and repetition. In one hour he says "you know" at least 66 times, I may have missed some as he tends to say them quickly and softly. He says 'really' 137 times, 'like' 117 times, "you know" 71 times, "it's like" 40 times, 'beautiful' 29 times, 'peace' 19 times, 'fantastic' 14 times, 'infinite' 13 times and 'divine' 10 times but "really beautiful" only 9 times.

He wasn't aware that the success and growth was basically already over and that the Millenium '73 festival would reveal both the true number of his followers and provide the ignominious publicity and the debts that would send "propagation" into a tail-spinning dive down to earth. He says that premies are "doing meditation" when they should be "letting the meditation flow" into them by doing the meditation properly. Rawat's meditation techniques are very simple and it's hard to see how you can do them incorrectly but if you accept his word then you're caught in a Catch 22. Most people resolved this by deciding Rawat's claims were false which is why only 15,000 people turned up for the Millenium '73 festival and not the 100,000 or more to whom this "Knowledge" had been "revealed. In the speech he also:

Dear premies, I have come here from America for this uh small and a very quick uh tour which started from Los Angeles and then I was in Denver and then I went to New York and here I am in London then I'll be going to Paris from Paris I'll be going to uh Frankfurt. From Frankfurt I'll be going to Italy, from Italy to Johannesburg, South Africa, from Johannesburg South Africa to Australia and back to Los Angeles. And I think I will also hit uh Japan and Honolulu in the way.

You see sun can be really bright outside but if you just sit inside it won't really do you any good and what's really happening in America is not, if you look at one point of view, this is happening in America and probably doesn't even concern you, has nothing to do with you people but if you look at, at a other point of view and it really has got much to do with every premie because it is some way or another connected to every premie. In this, in this, in this world when we want peace, there is a, there is a point where we really struggle for peace inside and imagine that there was this time where you were really struggling for peace, really, really, and then you got it. But what about other brothers and sisters who are now struggling for peace and not able to get it. Why not able to get it? Because the first thing is the lack of communication. See in this world, God exists all the time but we are never, never able to understand him. Why not? Because we are lying at such a finite level at such a low level of our own consciousness that even if we try to take off, to try to merge with the infinite God we cannot merge with it because we have so finite and to even reach that level is beyond, beyond our reach, it's just a beyond our comprehension to understand what God is like.

That's why we, we put him in three words, G, O, D, but that doesn't really mean God. God is something still beyond that, God is something still away from our conception because what we can conceive of is all the things created by air, ether, water and all these elements which our body's also created of and which all the other things are created of and that's only we can perceive through and that's where we are, just completely binded, we can go from there point to other point but what we have to understand is that there is a point, this is really fishy but there is a wall, this is really fishy but this is a wall and on this, the side of the wall are we, okay, we are doing all these things and we are in darkness and we are in misery and we are in this and you name it we are in that and on this side there are truth and consciousness and bliss and and anything that's, that's divine is on this side and that really tricky because there's just a little wall that has separated both of us, the divinity and we ourselves and we are little kids trying to climb this wall but the wall has also been made in a very tricky manner and it is very tricky because it goes like this, you see, right on the top and it just goes like this, thinner and thinner at the bottom and we don't have any tools, we can't break through it and it's really high so we can't even climb it and even if we try to just climb it we will fall down because it's we have to go like this and we can't climb like this, our head will be down and our legs up. So this is, this is the situation right here and we can feel, we can feel something, something going on on the other side of the wall but what is it? And that's the question we ask ourselves, "What is it anyway you know what is going on on the other side?"

And that's what makes us all the time excited to find out what that truth is, what that bliss is, what that understanding is and now the time has come where this must be explained to the whole world where this, this idea that what we are, you see there is no time left for gimmicks now we can't uh okay well this is the end of this and this is this and this is this and this, there is no time left for gimmicks now, we have to go to the world straightaway and tell them, "That this is wrong with you and this is, this is the solution and you better do it this way otherwise, otherwise it ain't good for you, you know. It's its one point, a child is going towards fire and you, the father is sitting probably reading his magazine or his book or watching television and he doesn't, he doesn't care if the child going and he sees and he says, "Oh don't go to there sonny because it's fire there" but after some time when he really doesn't hear his father anymore and he's really approached the point that he's gonna put his hand into the fire that's when father leaves his magazine, throws himself goes and picks up the child and puts him back into his seat or or uh next to him and starts spinning him and this is just just about the time that this should be done because really people are getting lost every day, are losing themselves every way.

This is, it's like this that there is a compass, okay, and the pilot has lost everything in his aeroplane, his telescopic compasses don't work, is a real magnetic compass doesn't work, nothing works, no navigational devices working so he takes this, this little compass out on his pocket and he sees this compass, it's a compass all right and it's pointing to directions but it doesn't say North and South so it's pointing to directions but doesn't say North and South and East and West so he doesn't know which, he just knows there are two ends and what he's really doing is proceeding towards South because he thinks, "Oh, this is North" and because he doesn't really know where he is goin' and he proceeded south and it's like he's going towards South and he thinks, "Oh well I'm glad I'm going towards South, it's okay, doesn't matter, I'm going towards that point" and but where he's really proceeding is towards South and that is why the beauty of this world cannot be understood how how beautiful this world is until, until we have realized the source of all beauty.

I'm gonna give you this little example and this will, this will really make it clear. There was this ant and this ant belong to this mountain of salt so one day this ant came down all the way down and at the end of the valley this ant meets the other ant which belongs to the mountain of s of sugar. So they both meet, this is mount, this ant from this mountain of salt says, "Where do you come from?" to the other ant and the other ant says, "I come from this mountain of sugar." "So what is sugar?" "Sugar is, sugar is sweet." So says, "What is I have never I have never tasted sweet, what is it like anyway?" So he said, "Why don't you come tomorrow and we'll have some sugar in a mountain because this is a whole mountain full of sugar." So he says thank you very much and the next day he goes there and takes, he takes, he thinks, "Oh wow, I'm going to this mountain may be sugar is not even built for me. What happens if I start feeling hungry so I better take some salt with me." So he takes some salt, puts it in his mouth and goes there and then he says, "Okay well where should we begin from? This is all sugar do you want to where do you want to eat, start eatin' from?" He said, "I don't care." So he starts eating, eats, he goes like this, "Anyway, ain't much different from my salt. It's, it's like salt." "Eat some more." Eats some more, "This is no different this is just like, like salt." And he says, "Open your mouth" and when this other ant opens its mouth there was a piece of salt in his mouth. And he says, "No wonder the salt tasted like salt to you. Why don't you go down spit the salt out, wash your mouth, come up, take some sugar and you'll see how sugar is sweet and you'll understand what sweetness really is."

And this exact condition with this, with this, with our, with ourselves. Why? Because we have been lost in illusion, we have been so much in darkness that when somebody invites us and says, "Okay lets, lets go you know, there is a point that you can understand truth, where you can understand that greatest wisdom of your life and we go there but with that little ego of ourselves, with that little darkness, live that little un-understanding and then we go there and we react, we try everything out and, "It's, it's all the same, doesn't matter. Beat it. It's all the same." That is why, that is why many many many many people come in this world and they try to explain it to us each, each way, each different way. Lord Buddha came in this world, he left this world, he he completely left all his, all his materialistic positions and he became like a, like a monk and he went and he and he preached this Knowledge while on the other hand Lord Krishna, he didn't do that so it means in every every view we want to see. Lord came to present us the best view possible of this Knowledge that is within inside of us but we are never able to understand it because that little bit of ego is still there, that little bit of un-understanding of that full understanding is still there.

So what is darkness in this world? There is no darkness, nobody created any darkness. If God created any darkness and if God, and even if darkness has been ever created that means there is only one creator to create that and that's, that's God. But darkness is not there is just simply not there, now it's something that we do not understand of, it has not to be created, it's got nothing to do with the creation that is just one conception, something that we do not understand and that is darkness, that is, that is everything because that's the biggest gap where we are see we are here and God is here and there is no, there is no problem reaching it except that there is a little gap between both of us, us and God that we can't, we can't climb and what that gap is that that's that infinite gap that we have to understand that how he has been able to create this whole universe. How he's been able to, what is that enlightenment, what is that truth, what is the source which he is himself which has been able to, which has been able to create the whole universe. There is a little little little thing that we have to more and more realize into and that's, see today we want to gain peace in this world and what is peace? Once our mind has ceased, once our mind has stopped, that is peace. Our mental satisfaction, that is peace but what kind of mental satisfaction? If we try to satisfy ourself physically into this physical world we won't be able to do it because it'll it'll it'll it'll just be more and more and more and more and more and more. We will never be able to come up to a point we'll say, "Okay that's it, you know, that's that's right really right on, you know" but this is, we can't do it because in this world this mind does not have a stop to it because what it is gaining, what it is trying to reach is so infinite so it's going to make a lifetime attempt to reach that. That's a big wall and it means that's going to take you a lifetime to climb and still you won't be able to climb it and that's exactly the situation with, with ourselves today.

We come, we take, we receive Knowledge, we come, we come to satsang, we do, we seem to do service and we seem to do meditation, we seem to understand, there's no problem, we say, "It's okay, but what's interesting all about it. It doesn't look like anything to us but that, that's that little salt that's within inside is just destroying the whole, whole beauty of the whole thing because it's still holding us back, it's like this that you are, you are really, you are really thinkin' about takin' your boat early in the morning about four o'clock and see the sun come up on the ocean. It's really beautiful. See the sun come up on the ocean it's like two suns rise, one in the ocean and one right in the sky and then see the whole line coming up, the red line, is changing its color dark blue and light blue just incredible and you want to do that and and and and then shut off your engines right in the middle of the ocean. There's no sound just waves comin' and hittin' your boat and it's really beautiful and wind blowin' and we do that so you get up early twelve maybe you get up at 12 o'clock and rushed to your boat, you know and get it all cleaned up and get it started and sit in it and maybe start rowin' it or start the engines and put it on the full throttle and then you just sit, you just want to go straight straight straight you just sit and then you're waiting there all night, maybe you just take a nap off or something because you know it'll go just it'll go just straight or you don't take a nap, you're just sitting there, you know, waitin' for a proper stop to come up or or that line to come up in the sky and then there is a point where that line starts comin' when the daylight comes it seems that you are very much familiarised to this part and when the really sun come ups you find that you haven't been anywhere you're just sitting there with your engines full and then you turn back and you find that your boat was still tied to the deck, you're goin' nowhere, you know, so it's like we are making all the efforts what is what did he do wrong? Didn't he steer the boat? He stored, he was steering the boat. Weren't the engines running? Yes they run part that little thing that had nothing to do with the boat, that had nothing to do with the driving of the boat itself, that had nothing to do with going anywhere but still had everything because it stopped him from that from that point from reaching that point where he could be free to go where ever he liked and that's the thing trying to do all these three things and you say, "Oh that's that's you know we have we are doing meditation.

Many premies like I was in America and I gave a opportunity because, it's like, now we are reaching to such a big point that it's just like a bomb explosion and uh we want to make ourselves strong this cannon is strong because we know we are not strong enough the bomb will blow and with it blow the cannon and that's not a good idea to do so what we are trying to do is is set up all our systems new the whole system of Divine Light Mission is being changed, it's really going to be beautiful because, because there is something that's beautiful and beautiful and can be made still beautiful and that's what we are trying to do make it still more and more beautiful each day and and then well I I let the premies come to me and that it wanted to ask many questions.

Anyway well there are few premies that say, "Guru Maharaj Ji we are doing satsang, you say to do satsang, we are doing satsang. You say to do meditation, we are doing meditation, we are doing service, we are doing all this but we, we are not receiving anything. We are not, we are not getting any." I said, "I can tell you to jog in your room and then you think you are jogging and you are running and all this and where you are going is in your room all, all the time. This is something that you have to let go, in you that you have to understand. You can't do meditation, understand? Who you are you can't just do meditation. And they like kinda got confused. I bet you are confused right now (laughter) but the point is understand that where you were first when you were ready to receive Knowledge you were at this level which is about which was a very finite level so you said, "Oh let me" then you come to satsang and you said, "Oh wow" you shared this about this infinite Knowledge, about this infinite grace and everything being so infinite and about this meditation being so beautiful and so infinite." You, you hear about all this and then you hear, "Oh wow we, we really have to let the meditation into us because, because the meditation is infinite and we are finite."

So, we are standing right at this point, okay, and when we come to satsang we say, "Oh no, we are, we are very finite and this meditation is really beautiful, it's infinite and it's fantastic so we will just let it, you know, let it flow into us and then we'll just become one." But as soon as you take Knowledge you say, "Uh oh, it's okay, we can do meditation" and you start doing meditation. It's really like, you see it becomes like, more like a concentration camp for you, a German concentration camp for you than really going and sitting and enjoying the beauty of the meditation. Really, I mean that's how, that's how premies do it sometimes and that's not the way to do it. It's something which is within inside of you and if you concentrate within it, you do the meditation properly it'll just flow, just flow into you and then that's the, that's the, that's the beauty of it flowing, of it just coming right into you and leaving and and just putting you more into it and more and more and more and more and more into it, infinite infinite infinite infinite part of it and that's, that's what you have to realize, this is what you have to get into, that's what you have to get the understanding of.

That's what you have to get the hitch of, that's that's little, little screw. There is this whole big 747 and see this this when the aeroplanes fly they have to keep switching it on and off to their fuel pumps because they want it the weight on their wings to be completely balanced so there is like one and second and third and main tank and auxiliary tank and then other tanks so what the pilot does, he keeps switching off and on to those tanks because he wants that all these tanks should be perfect. I want to tell you a story that happened to me flying from Detroit and we were coming and this was a long flight we were taking into Newark and uh so and we were flying so I took uh that right engine because see the fuel, there is two tanks right on the tip of that wing and aeroplane sucks the fuel out of those tanks and it uses them but doesn't use all the fuel so it takes the fuel and puts it back into that tank into the main tank that is called but if you have that tank going on only you see then you are going to you are going to get that tank overflowed because it's very little amount of fuel and if to have that other tank also it's taking the fuel from two tanks and reimbursing into that tank and the main tank it's just going to make it overflow so what happened was we had switched it on to the auxiliary tanks which were right in the middle of the engine when they were empty half empty then we used these these two tanks which were called auxiliary tanks so the fuel was being used and also being put back into those main engines. Now see what happens is we are flying and we are talking about both of us, and first we do it to the right engine and we give it a 15 minute gap and then we do it to the left engine because if the right engine somehow quits on us because of the fuel then, then the left engine would be still him going because because there was a difference when we started using the other tank so Bill and I were sitting like this, the plane was flying and it was really was really a beautiful day and then suddenly one engine goes brrp brrp brrp brrp and the plane just just you know how it shrivels just like one engine stopped and one engine was still going just and the plane kinda like got thrown down it like a was really freaky freaked out (laughter) and I said "Bill" I went like this and I went like this and I said Bill, "We were supposed to change to the main tanks back again because these tanks are empty" and we did that and it started right back again, we went back to our course and this is a little hitch that we have to get to, this is that little, we were waiting there and Bill said, "Guru Maharaj Ji, are you going to take care of that?" I said, "Bill if you want to see it, um uh I'm flying the plane so you better watch it for the tanks" and that was about one hour ago that we were watching for the tanks oh when when the point will come in there'll be 5 gallons left we will switch over our tanks. We were there waitin' you know for one hour for that, for that minute where there it'll be only 5 gallons left and we'll switch on our tanks and that ha ha and that minute approach he was talking to me and we blew it you know it was like (laughter) we blew it and that is the exact situation with us it's no worse it's no worse in this world right now you know and it's, it's like that we are sitting there we are awaiting, "Oh this will happen and we'll do this and we'll do" and when the last-minute approaches to do it we get busy with something else and then we just completely blew it but understand that, that how much it doesn't really need any concentration does it? You have to just keep it in your mind and that's all you don't have to keep on watching ??? Because if the captain, if the captain starts doing that boy you are going to be in trouble because if anything comes he's just gonna watch for the tanks nothing else, he's probably gonna get hypnotized to it but he just keeps it in his mind and that's it. You know that's, that's all he has to do doesn't even care about it just keeps it occasionally looking, keeps his watch onto it and he does it at the proper time but then that little little point that we miss we that's just a very little point but we miss it and when we miss it we blew it see because then when the engine when the emergency procedure comes which is when one engine quits your plane is tending to turn and you don't want it to turn if it is turning autopilot is trying to set it up and autopilot is not good enough to set it up so it probably will break it so you have to shut your autopilot off, turn the whole claim like that and then it'll be levelled off and flying back on course you have to check your all these uh radars and shut them off them and take your props and shut them off mixture shut them off ??? shut them off you don't want any more fuel going into it and then once it starts going steady you go, "Whew" and then you see what's going wrong with the plane and then you find it was a little ??? And then you put that back again and get the engine started and when the engine is started you go back to the whole process and you set the plane back again and this is, this is how we are. See this is how exactly we are in this world and that that we say, "Oh well, we have to do this little procedure you know and this is this and that and this is that and when it comes to that point we blow it, completely blow it and then, then that's the hitch of the flight. Oh it's like when we came back Bill said, "We had a nice flight" and I said "That we had a nice flight, huh." It's like all that, all that thing that we had to pass through was, was just so incredible because one engine was caught on us, you know, it's really really hard because the 2 twin twin engine plane is not built to really fly on one engine because it has got one one more way to go with it and that's ??? in itself which was supposed to carry itself which is not going to carry itself but then it becomes very hard and you're flying at 21,000 feet, you're in a lot of trouble, you know, one engine's got to do everything produce another city for you press uh give you uh pressurisation system, fly your plane and do so many things so really understand that in this world when we are, when we are there, you know, you have to, you have to understand that where we stand, where we are and take guidance in this world because see we are imperfect in this world and then when we come to seek perfectness from someone then we better, we better understand what he's talkin' about.

Why? It's so, it's so simple you see when you have seen these fighters coming to land on ship maybe you might have seen it in the movies at least. These fighters come at a speed of about 200 or 144 knots at least and that's a lotta speed and they have to land on this little distance which they were never supposed to land on but they have to make a landing there so what do they do? What do they do? They take a neck net, first they used to have a hook system which they don't have it anymore because many planes just missed the hook and went right into the ocean (laughter) but now we have jets, no more prop planes being used as fighters they can use this system and what that system is is they take a net and they spread it across the ship and the airplane comes and falls right into the net and the net catches it and he's safe. We are confused. We are flying. We are flying really fast and we want to land on this ship which is really like very small for us. What can we do? Our minds are going very fast, very very fast, very very fast, really really fast, 144 knots if you are running 144 knots you know you will split open cause really a lotta speed. There's will kill you freeze you probably in your really going fast and our minds are probably going 700 knots.

When we want to stop it, when we want to land us on a surface, when we want to stop our minds because they are crazy, it's crazy. We want to make a short landing, a short stop so what we do because there is this net, net of agya, net of, net of instructions, net of what what the Lord has said to us and what the Lord has more to say to us and if we can fly ourselves right into this net, no problems. No problem whatsoever, it's going to catch us, you don't even have to bother about anything as soon as we just hit the ground we just go back on our ??? and stop and that's, that's the condition that's applied with us right now because we are going so fast and we have to land, we want to make a really short stop and for that we need, we need, that's why a perfect, that's that's that's the only reason why a Perfect Master manifests himself into this physical planet and comes for us it's to, it's to be a net for us as to as to act as to a net for us so he can stop us at that proper distance, can stop us for that, at that distance and and and that's why he comes on this planet, that's why he comes with the physical body on this physical planet.

That's why he comes otherwise, otherwise he is to go right from the sky or somethin' you know he has to go boom boom boom and you even know it before he even ??? it probably or something like means you imagine, you can't even imagine what he can really do. He has, he doesn't even have to come here and he has to take all the troubles, but why does he come him and for? And in this, in this world there are so many obstructions but if he considered them as obstructions then they are obstructions for us, if you consider 'em that way, they are, but really there is nothing, there is nothing that can stop us. If we are, if we are sure on which path we are going, you know, it's like, it's like if, if I'm driving in London maybe I'm not quite sure about any paths here okay I'm I'm not I don't I'm not very familiarized with all these roads in London but if I'm driving in my own town Dehra Dun in India and and anybody comes to me and says, "Are you sure where you are going?" And I can even joke with them and I can say, "No no, I don't know where ever I'm going" because I'm sure that where I'm going is the perfect is is is the completely right place I means I can't miss it so even if I do a little joke back on 'em I don't think it'll it'll it'll it'll matter and this is something that we have to realize that are we perfect?

First of all, are we perfect and if we are not perfect then let's go into the procedure where we are and most of that procedure is to is to understand more and more of this Knowledge each day because it's beautiful and more and more we understand and what I am telling you now here something is something that must be told it's really half the part doesn't even mean anything to you because it means go and receive Knowledge and you have already done that. I mean if you have done that you know but there are so many other people which really this must be told to them, this must be said to them because they really need Knowledge in this lifetime, they really need it and that's why we are doing that big program in Millenium and I think because see this is not a program, I want to make you understand, this is not a program of a organization, there is no organization is a matter of fact who is the organization? Who? To whom will you go and say, "Okay Mr. are you doing a good festival or what's goin' on? Can we help you?" Who is but the point is that if we all work together you see I have this first to say one and one make two, right? But I have this slogan goin' on one and one make eleven. That really takes it because one and one makes eleven, it really does, doesn't it?

And that's every premie's cooperation means peace in this world and and and this is you can see how it does mean peace in this world (End of Side A) there was a point where you listened satsang for the first time from one of your friends or one, you saw one poster or something or something or something and and really this is, this is the point that we are all coming to and we are setting up this Divine City plan which you also know about which will be presented in Millenium, this whole divine city and you might even have a scale, a model of divine city to see how it will be like. There will be all modern facilities being used in in that city. If you are driving in the in the in the downtown and the stoplight comes and you're stopped and your car is giving all that pollution away there will be a system used which hardly you will be able to smell the pollution on the second store second floor of the building and all that pollution will be just sucked right into the road. There'll be, there'll be suckers right at the curb of the road and right in the middle of the road and when your car is parked and it's giving all that pollution away the suction is going on and pulling all, attracting all that pollution towards it, all the dirt, any dust, anything you throw is going to be sucked right into that dumper and it'll be dumped right out, right out of the city. And it's like this is something we have been all waiting on, getting our buildings dirty and then gettin' them all clean and gettin all this pollution problem in gettin' this and gettin' that. We do this then this is because see this is the point.

I was, I was talkin' to these press reporters and they say, "Why do you, why do you wear these good shoes? Why are you wearing this suit?" I say, "Listen Mr. there is a little bit of difference here. These shoes that I wear are very popular, are very popular shoes and, and they're also popular not in the only, not in the middle class, they're pop, popular in high class. You know what I mean?" They're people have, people have Lincoln Continentals in America, Cadillacs and and Fleetwood limousines, Rolls Royces and things like that and I said, "See it for yourself, right now, there must be a person who had well who who who should be wearing these shoes, who must be wearing these shoes and driving his Rolls-Royce to a prostitute house or probably a club and here I am, I came from someplace with these shoes on here to talk to you about this Knowledge. You see the difference?" And that's exactly the difference with us.

First of all, I I was talking, I was talking to Bob Mishler and I said, "See first you're in this world" and he was saying, "Oh, we hate this world and this is this and this is this and why do we need this and why do we need that and this and that." And now, when we have received Knowledge, when we have understood Knowledge we do know a definite purpose of it, even a definite purpose of an ant existing in this world because we have understood why we are here for. If we do not understand why we are here for then it's like damn be for us because we don't understand anything in this world and there is a hell, like this little kid and he goes to this, you take him and you say, "Sonny I got a surprise for you, a surprise, I got toys for you" and you take and you bring him in this hall and this whole is just full of toys. He's gonna have a heart attack, you see, he's gonna have a heart attack but if, but if he knows if he understands the definite purpose of that he's not gonna have a heart attack, he's not gonna have a heart attack and this is what all the masters have explained us that in this life what we, what we do not know a definite purpose of, how to use it we also do not know but if we knew, if we do know a definite purpose of this lifetime then we do know what we can involve in it and what we can't involve in it. What we can use and what we can't use.

If there are no instructions in a building people will be smoking and this and that but if there are instructions in the building, you know, ??? a premie knows, a premie knows you shouldn't go to a hall and start smoking so he knows that purpose of him being here to listen satsang and not to smoke cigarettes and so he understands that and he knows what is involved in it and what is not involved and so he doesn't even need instructions saying no smoking because he understands this perfectly. No smoking, no smoking anyway and that's the point that you people also have to understand that in this world first there is a level of confusion because we are confused. If we are wearing red glasses mind you everything is going to be red for us but that doesn't mean it becomes red and there is, there is a whole definite purpose of creation that we have to understand and I think now is the time where you should go out and start propagating for Millenium and I, you know something I really would like as many premies as possible should go to Millenium because I can't describe it but all I can say is it's going to be the beautiful function, it's going to be gorgeous, it's gonna be fantastic beautiful and I can't, I can't describe it I mean it's just like more than fantastic, it's more than fantastic because people are now realizing, people are now realizing the point, what the point of Millenium is. People are now realizing and you know what the peace campaign is going on well we are also going to do the propagation campaign for Millenium in this country also and all over the world and and and and the boards say, "Millenium 73 for people who want peace" you know it's like and others say "1000 years of peace for people who want it, Millenium '73, 8, 9, 10 Houston Astrodome" and really it is like this people who want peace, Millenium means 1000 years of peace for people who want peace if people don't want peace you don't have to come to Millenium but people who want peace, this is for them because it's it's it's it's a gathering it's for the first time that it's been done in such a large-scale so really we have to get, we have to really understand because it's going to be so beautiful. There is one point when the world assembles at that point and oh boy it's problems, it's filled with problems you name any problem he you want to name and its there. Anything, you name it and for the first time the same amount of people for all nationalities, for all creeds, for all sizes, for all colors are coming there to be in the perfect vibration and to be the perfect harmony because it is like this that if you go in a funny suit okay, you think "Uh Oh I feel very funny" but when you go to the hall you see everybody's wearing the same suit so it doesn't even feel funny and that's how it is. You go to, you go to give somebody satsang, you go to let look at somebody, somebody looks at you and you feel funny because you are, you understand, you understand it and he doesn't understand it. That's the, that's the really cute part about the whole thing that it's like you know you know what he's talkin' about but he himself doesn't know what he's talkin' about you know. It comes to Knowledge, it comes to a point and you know it, you know it and he says, "Oh, I don't know what you're talking about." So, this is, this is the point and that, in that Millenium function you'll be able to look in everybody's eyes and feel the perfect and the same harmony, same vibration because we all know what we're talkin' about, we all know what we are involved in, we all know what's what's going on and that's really really me that's really really beautiful and even this times, this time we've had an opportunity to to be there and I think it's very important you see this is why I'm going to encourage people.

This is why, this is why I'm going right around the world. I'm in London, I'm here I'm going right round the world for this purpose so I can encourage premies to to for this Millenium more and more, there's a program tomorrow also you know and if if more premies can come then I can talk more about this Millenium because there are some beautiful plans about it, really really beautiful plans about it and I've wanna talk to you about Millenium and and the function itself you see and how important and what the importance of the festival is. What is the, it's like, all the prophecies you know you take a book of prophecies and start readin' it and it looks like just everything is focused right to that point, right to the point, it's just like, you read, you read, you read the magazine is going to be for Millenium then read the book of prophecies then you read the brochure of Millenium and you just say, "Right on" you know. That's it. That's how you go, "Right on" you know because because how the pieces coming together in this world now at this point how just materializing itself completely it's like almost like it's almost like something that from that part just materializes itself and materializes itself and it's really fantastic seeing it being materialized you know and some and it's exactly the feeling you get when you will be there and because you'll be able to see that really how beautiful it is when something like peace, when something like truth materializes itself into the form so you can feel it you can you can understand it, see it and it's really, really incredible the way everything is, everything is going.

Bal Bhagwan Ji is working on it and Bhole Ji is working with his own band and band recently they have put out a whole uh Santana coverage, really far out, it's really, it's really, it sounds really good. It's like uh they took all the top songs of Santana and they did it, did this album and they'll be doing um a Millenium um album for Millenium also and then recently uh we have come out with a new film that that's what I was working for about one week on I was really something to work on that film but that film "Who is Guru Maharaj Ji?" many premies might have seen that film "Who is Guru Maharaj Ji?" And that film just the very way you saw it here was taken to Atlanta film Festival and it has won, has won a Golden award, that film. They they they really liked it, it was like a jewel in all the films you know and, and now it has been worked upon now it's really beautiful it's like really really beautiful. There is a, there is a scene of Alexandra Palace and it's really beautiful because all these premies are coming for darshan and it's it's it's it's completely when somebody sees it you just get stoned, completely stoned (laughter). When he sees that film he says "Wow" I mean can it be like this which is the question he's asking himself of some, such a love and such beauty and such perfection. That's the question he asks himself is, "Whatever I am seeing is it is it a film trick or report?" But it's a real and he understands it's real it's like every, every song that was done by Blue Aquarius you know it was like perfectly synchs to the whole scene shot and satsang and it's completely and and and that uh procession part is really fantastic. It's really it really shows it really shows that how how this world is going to come together and the procession the first policeman in the procession is not a white man, he's the only policeman that is walking right in the front of the procession and that really looks far out because it's like all these premies from all this world walking and it doesn't matter to them whose walking in front of them it doesn't, it doesn't even matter, the idea of all binding themselves in creed, caste, creed, nationality, color has been stopped and everything is just beautiful and smooth in front of them and then the Trafalgar Square part of it is really fantastic because the whole Trafalgar Square is packed up and all these people watchin' and all these people having these different expressions on their face and premies are giving them back a little smile, you know, all these ???? "What's going on?" And premies just smiling back at them because they know what's going on and then really it's it's it's it's and then really everybody can't relate to it because it's it's it's it's right there nobody can refuse the point of saying it's not there, it's right there you can see it, you know, but but but that film and maybe that film might be here by Monday.

I'm gonna try it because when I was working on it, it was on the editing table, now they wanna take it to the processing, two cards have to be added on it, it's like each time we were going to that editing table and start working on it, we used to work it all night out, it was like it was getting more and more perfect it was just like more and then little bit more and then more and more and more it was like hitting itself onto more and more perfectness and then there is one point I said, "Jack I guess that's it ha that's all we're gonna go to film is concerned otherwise we'll have to scrape the whole film off to something else to it" but it's really fantastic because, because is because, you know but but you see it and you'll find out how fantastic it is. Well it just grows itself from from the point of creation, from the point of creation right to the ??? to the last point where it's at Alexandra Palace the last po, the last, last part of it in the premies are coming for darshan and that song is going "Ah at the feet of the master we can really let it go" and the and then when they come out it means when when when somebody watches the that seem it's like everybody who's coming out is just like slow-motion gliding of a 747 is just like wow they've been flying out and now they're just slowing down and leveling off really because that's what, that's how premies are coming and it's not been done in slow motion it's been done on the regular film speed but it's like they're completely spaced out, everybody's just weeping and and and and and and it's just completely fantastic, embracing each other, and there's really so much love it's like it's it's a movie you know but you can still feel that love comin' back at you because because there is that love, that's what's been filmed of and and there is a real lot more going on you know there is just going to take me a heck of a lot of time to explain you maybe two days more but in the first, there's two parts that we are connected to, is one that we have to realize what the purpose of our life is you know that's that's the maist the most important thing because you can keep on realizing these things, you know it doesn't matter maybe see there is a next movie coming on which is going to be, I don't know what it's going to be named but this this other movie is coming out which is much more fantastic than even "Who is Guru Maharaj Ji?"

Because ha one day ha one day I was, when I went from here I was in New York and I was like on my bed and uh we was talkin' about this campaign "Who is Guru Maharaj Ji?" and then "Who is Guru Maharaj Ji?" I I'd heard of this campaign before, (laughter) I said "Who is Guru Maharaj Ji?" what kind of question is that, who's going to answer that question? So I asked Bob Mishler who was the starter of this whole thing, I said, "Bob, you have received Knowledge and you are, you have been with me, who do you think is Guru Maharaj Ji anyway? You know, who do you think he is?" And he says it's it's just impossible to explain. I said, "How do you think anybody's gonna investigate think it was Guru Maharaj Ji?" Anyway so it's like it was we found out it was a crazy campaign, wasn't supposed to be that way, it wasn't supposed to be more connected to Knowledge so that people couldn't because if there is no Knowledge there is no Guru Maharaj Ji, you know, Knowledge is Knowledge is a thing he comes for in this world and Knowledge is the thing he, he is, he is qualified by. Knowledge is the thing that he's qualified, Knowledge is his qualification and I said what what kind of a kind of a question is who is Guru Maharaj Ji?

Nobody was able to answer, Lord Kabir, Kabir says and Kabir says that, "If I take all of the woods all the trees in the jungle and make a pen out of them and take all the ocean, all the water in the ocean and make ink out of it, take all the earth and make paper out of it and start writing who is Guru Maharaj Ji I will never be able to, I'll run out of the pen, I'll run out of the ink, I'll run out of the paper and still there will be a lot more to go."

And I said Mr. "You're never gonna get that answer out of there." So like right now then the whole mood of the whole "Who is Guru Maharaj Ji" is being changed to "What is Knowledge?" Which is, which is even much more explosive in people's heart this what is Knowledge you know. What is that what is that thing that we do not know about that is worth knowing? Even the more worth than knowing, that men's words, that is within inside of us which is sustaining the whole world at every second, which is vibrating in the whole world at every second, which is in ant, which is in elephant which is in us which is everywhere, a quality that is same, undescribable, it's a quality of without adjective. It's a action without a verb, it's a sentence without a word, it's a it's a name without a noun it's it's beyond all these, all these things that we can think of, all these understandings that we have of this world, it's just completely beyond it is perfect. It's just beautiful and perfect and then that's the part of it that we are coming on to rights now right now and then we have this after after Millenium we have this plan and this is like a plan to bring about the world the whole world together and right now see, you might have ex you might you might be seeing this position right now with Divine Light Mission in America has really grown fast and London has really grown fast and India has grown fast but what about Hong Kong, what about Japan, what about Australia, what about Austria, what about Frankfurt, what about Paris? You name it and all those countries.

What we are doing is instead of focusing all that energy at one place we are splitting it open and we are just sending out people for prachar and and and and making making people realize and more and more Knowledge and spreading this Knowledge into all the countries and making every country like America has really grown fast, growing all the countries and then not focusing one attention to one country but focusing the whole attention to the whole world and uplift the whole world instead of just two places in the world and three places in the world this right from you name it and every country and there's going to be prachar going out and then and right now you see it's it was like this that, it was like a takeoff we had to do you know we had to take off we couldn't be on the ground it was like a it was like a emergency takeoff procedure we had to do because we were on the runway, we couldn't back off at our planes if we were if we were supposed to go in the front slowly then we wouldn't have made it because a plane coming right behind us you know there is that and we had to really take off because there was so much so much love and vibration and and and really people were really coming right into the airport and there we were they were sitting and trying to struggle with the Divine Light Mission that's because that's where all ashram's were hooked up and everything. And it was like really emergency take off so what we could just think it is slamming our hands into all of those six things you know, throttles, props, mixtures and go whoops and just took off you know and that's why everybody was freakin' out, "So what's going on in Divine Light Mission anyway?" You know holding onto their seats and "What's going on, what's going on? Everybody's getting' confused what's going on?" (Laughter) and after some time you know it's like it's the whole I can see the whole situation just happened and it's like I was a captain who did it ha ha (laughter) and then come back on on on the intercom system says, "Welcome aboard leading gentlemen we are sorry for the short takeoff we had today but it was because of that, because of that emergency takeoff that we better have done and we did it and now we are safe and now we are leveling off at the highest level possible and everything is fine." And then that's let go, that's a great relief and that's exactly as I I see it it is you know the situation that's that's that's why people were freaked out about it that's why many many many people were freaked out about Divine Light Mission. They says "What kind of organization is this anyway?" And what could the organization do? What could the plane do climbing all these throttles at one time? And it's like a ram ram throttle we have got, a ram engine, a ram engine is the simplest engine but the best engine in the world, there is no better engine than the ram engine, it works off itself it's just a automatic engine but it looks so simple it's got nothing to do with it and when that that plan when people really see that engine going really fast they say "Uh oh, what's going on?"

You know, what's going on, it's fine, it's it's just just a short takeoff and we better have done that to to to make a pattern, to make everybody fly a pattern and now like everything is okay, everything is cooling off and Millenium is coming near and that's our interception turn and we intercept that and we know that where we are and we'll just turn off and take our final course and in 1974 we must, there should be somewhere from 40 to 50,000,000 premies you know it's like, it's nothing now but it should be that much growing that fast because what we are doing is taking prem, premies really there are some premies who really want to do satsang and so we are giving them the opportunity and saying "You want to do satsang? Go ahead and do satsang." Premies who are involved with their life, like they can't do service, they really want to do service but they have involv they are involved with their life so much and they understand they just can't leave it, they just can't ignore it and they're right about it so we are also making places for them to serve when they have time to serve, you know and it's like giving the same opportunity to everybody which was not possible to give before it just was not because we did not have any facilities and it was a short takeoff and I've got a pretty good explanation for that you know and right now we do, we do have everything and it's like making opportunity for everybody to serve more and more or you have to understand of this Knowledge it's just not like a little joke for us, it's more than that, it's it's it's beyond fun it's beyond its beyond any any sentence, it's beyond anything we can even imagine of.

So in 1974 I bet you something is gonna be really beautiful because the the plans that are being made for that is that you'll be able to watch me in television. We are making this new system, propagating at this Knowledge in which premies can just send letters in all the all the questions they want to ask and we'll just answer them on the television and sometimes there like there'll be a special point where, where all four, the whole holy family would be sitting, Mata Ji, all four brothers and some Mahatmas answering the questions for people and then that would be like something really really people need. Questions sometimes they have and they want answer personally from the and just take their letters and answer them as much as we can and then the next point we are making this like it's going to be like one month of tour right round the world and we are getting this G2 which is going to make it completely flexible for us to do that because right now it's it's impossible because some there's like, there's like on 23rd there is no there is no flight from South Africa to Johannesburg er from Johannesburg to Australia which I want to go on. It's like completely impossible to go on that flight and that's the, that's the day I should be in Australia and there's a reception arranged for me, you know it's but then it'll be really flexible and there'll be one, one month where all the premies in right round the world will be able to have satsang in their own countries. In England, everywhere, right round the world and then, and then it's going to be like all these, all these things will have to be other things that have to be organized and is really going to be beautiful because then there is gonna be a pattern set up of regular clients, rate of climb and then we won't have to go through all those emergency procedures which makes everybody feel ill and it does make feel people ill and I know you know.

So that's about it and you you know it's like if you ku-if you can tell more premies to come it will be much better because I think we must also take the opportunity of me being here of understanding why I've come here all the way from there because it's like this is the time I probably should be in bed but I'm I'm standing out trying to work out, trying to work out a way for this world, for this Millenium to be successful and it should be a success you know this is because that's where the whole whole climax of Divine Light Mission till now comes, that's our intercepting course. Now we have, now we are going to turn from this point to something else and that's gonna be a definite rate of climb, a definite, a definite flying pattern, not, not just hanky-panky patterns but just one definite way which we are supposed to be there and that we couldn't do it because all that, all that, all the emergency procedures we had to do but this mission really grew you know and now the time that means how can I explain you? How can I make you believe that it's gonna be like that until you see it is like that, it's like, it's not much good talkin' about it anyway so you see it for yourself how beautiful is going to be but I want your help you know it's like I help you and you help me, I help you find truth and you help me establish truth and this is like the best way we both can work because then it's like some way I have a way to help you and you have a way to help me to which is beneficial to both of us and if we work together it's going to be like colleagues working together which makes a fantastic uh real good a fantastic pattern of a of our to be here that's the greatest service.

That's the greatest service, you know, what, what else service that somebody want to do? I don't, I don't understand but but except to help me establish this truth because I know I can do it but it's just like if I have this, this and this I can do it. I know I can do it. I have the, I have the, it's like, I just want, what I want is little, little piece of this this this thread which will burn really fast, that's all I want. I have the cannon, I have the gunpowder, it's all loaded, it's all ready to go. The only thing I want is that little thread so I'll be able to light it up and that's what I need that's and that's what you people really are, you know, and you can really get it going and once it's exploded, it's exploded. It's gone and that's that's that's where you really come in the and I think if you have, if you have to be ever in this world, supposevly, I were the person sitting here there and somebody was sitting in place of me and saying this to me, I would have considered it's the only purpose of my life even to be here. I wouldn't have considered because now that I have completed one purpose of my life and that is to understand Knowledge, that is to get receive Knowledge and that is to understand what's perfectness and I think that the second aim is, first of all the second aim I would concern or the greatest aim I would concern myself to be would be for agya because I do not know but that is what I did to to to be deserving to be sitting here you know because I don't, I don't deserve it but I'm sitting here because of his grace, because of Shri Maharaj Ji's grace that he has he has put me to this spot to help you people because that is the only purpose I saw of my life next was to help people. I think if I were, if I were to be sitting there and somebody was telling this to me that's what I've would have thought about was was there can be nothing more fantastic when see because what happiness is, is the smile of our Lord and everybody sharing that, there can be nothing more beautiful than that and that everybody smiling, really smiling and that's what, that's what happiness is just to one smile of our Lord and if everybody can share that smile on their faces, what more can be there for me to establish? If everybody shmay just sharing that beautiful smile amongst everybody which is what really should be there and again it is not possible until we first establish truth and and that's what we are going to do first. Thank you very much.

Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai!