PMT014 PMT 014 Guru Maharaj Ji (aka Prem Rawat) Phipps Auditorium, Denver Colorado, 2nd May 1974

An interesting speech, certainly one of his best delivered speeches in which there is far less ranting, volume changing, shouting, long pauses and non sequiturs than usual. He makes some delusional claims:

We have all assembled here, to listen to satsang and really there are many people who come to satsang but there are very few who can really, really take the privilege of satsang. We have to understand that how beautiful thing the satsang is. First, of all that we have to understand is that first whom is this coming from, the source of satsang and then we have to be entrusted in Knowledge otherwise it's a lecture, otherwise it's a phony talk, otherwise it doesn't even mean anything. But if we really have love in our hearts and we really, really want to realise this Knowledge, we really want to, then satsang means something to us but not only something, as a matter of fact, it means a lot to us.

Because it's something that we always need, need a correction in our whole lifetime, we always are flying off the course. We do not know where we are going, we have no idea where we will end up but when we come under the supervision of Guru Maharaj Ji and of this Knowledge then everything is taken care of, everything becomes really beautiful.

People talk about love and they, and they think they're feeling love but really when everything is OK, when this Knowledge is there then everything becomes so beautiful, that's when the love comes in otherwise there will be no love and to do that we have to listen to satsang because that kind of brings us all together and this is actually the way we set up our stage and all the premies come, we have auditorium, everything but most important of it all is the satsang part of it when everybody can really relate to each other, really find out and really understand that this person has this most important Knowledge inside of them too and inside of us too and inside of everybody here and that's when the love starts growing. Because there is some perfection and that perfection once we have realised, once we have reached to the level of realising that perfection then we really our scope becomes really, really open and actually I have really nothing to say and I have so much to say.

Because, as we are now, we should get together all of us and we can really shake down this world. We can. As a matter of fact, we only need four people. One on the North Pole, one on the South, one on the East, and one on the West. Shake it down and I'll tell you something if you are able to shake it down good, all the evil in this world will completely fall apart, just completely get down and all there is, is the misunderstanding of people. They cannot see, they cannot understand. And that's why there is one reason why some premies do not want to co-operate, they, they do meditation, they, they want everything, but sometimes they just don't want to co-operate. And it's like my idea, see that's, that's a little difference, to some people it becomes a little problem for some people to understand this. But see, I am a person of my own. I do not lean on concepts that are fed into me. By Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, I want to go out and do satsang and do things for which I am Graced, for which I feel like I am Graced with and I just want to do that and I'm not, I just don't want to be, I never wanted to be when I was little, I never wanted to be completely tied down in the ropes of concepts, of ideas told to me, taught to me, and come up as straight as sugarcane. I never wanted to do that.

Because really, in this world there is something to realise which is more beautiful, which is more fantastic than we think. In this, in this Knowledge you can get to a point where you open up your eyes, and you see nothing except Light. Like, you look, I mean if you even look at bright lights, they don't even exist. All you see is a Light. All you hear is Music, all you can feel is the Word vibrating.

All you can, all you can really drink is the Nectar at that time. And it's so beautiful. Because all what is in our body, that whole energy just comes together completely, just fills us up and there we are, just so beautiful and this is what we all want to achieve, this is all what we want to get and I'll tell you something, it's not very difficult at all. As a matter of fact, it's one of the most easiest things you can do. It's easier than to drive a car, it's easier than to pick up a flower, it's easier to tie a tie, it's easier to wear a glass, it's easier than any of these things. It's the easiest thing.

But to get to the point, we need one thing, really bad, and that's the Grace. And once the Grace is with us, we can be doing anything and have this experience with us. And this is all what we are trying to reach and really you will understand because many premies have, and many premies haven't, the importance of service because how important it is to us, how beautiful it is to us. This is what we have to understand, you know that how, how it can really change our life, how it can really ???, take away, all that is, all that mind that is inside of us and put us into a point which is so beautiful, so mellow and, and just beautiful, everlasting. And this is by service we can definitely get. And today I want to tell you something that really in this world there will be a thousand things coming and a thousand things going but really what we have to understand is Grace, this Knowledge and do our service. And really we shouldn't even be bothered about any of other things because you know how mousetrap is, more you go into it, more you get trapped and this whole world is a mousetrap. More you walk into it, more you get trapped, more you get trapped, harder it becomes to get out of it.

And really this is how this world is and to keep out of it and even if we want to be in there doing things, the Grace should be with us, the Knowledge should be with us and then everything is fantastic, everything is beautiful, everything is so open and really premies all what I'm trying to tell you is come along, let's do something in this world, it's just about time we start doing something because it's been too too too late already and if we delay it more we are gonna miss the last train and if we mith that, miss that last train, to tell you the truth, you got no chance, no chance and this is the chance right now. We should really understand because whatever I'm telling you right now about this strange story and about this and about that, everything is gonna baloney us but really I'm not because once you start going on that, once you start realising it then you say "Wow, well I guess Maharaji was right about that wasn't he?" and then premies start now is the time that we really come along and understand this Knowledge, understand this perfection, now.

Because this Knowledge is something that we have to understand by Grace. We always need Grace. Like I was talking to a couple of premies and I was giving this example that really how many premies there are who are thinking, not even thinking, who know that the reason of our presence right now is the Grace. How many premies? I bet there are very, very few. But it's the truth. Believe it or not, it's the truth. That's the reason why we are existing right now because of the Grace.

If there wouldn't be Grace, man, forget it. You'll be out of the whole business right now. But there is Grace. And Grace is so beautiful. It's like we are these little children and we are playing or we are little babies and we are crawling and our father is standing right there. We walk and walk and walk, we are crawling and crawling and crawling and crawling and then we come to a point where we are gonna fall and once we fall, we are out, we are dead and he comes and picks us up gently and puts us on such a place where it's all carpeted, beautifully, it doesn't hurt us to crawl and everything is so beautiful. And that's all Grace, all Guru Maharaj Ji and all Grace. This is what we have to understand.

Because whatever I am saying might be too impractical for you, might be something that, "Wow, man. We have received Knowledge, that's it, you know, why should we believe in Guru Maharaj Ji?" I'll tell you one thing, you might have a new set of tires on your car but if you can't trust that engine, you might as well forget it, those tires are not going to run your car all the way through. That's that engine that's gona run it. And this is, this is how it is.

Many people think that, "Oh, now we have Knowledge now we don't need Guru Maharaj Ji." That's when we need him the most. Because what I, I'll try to tell you is my experience to Guru Maharaj Ji to my Guru Maharaj Ji. It, it, it was just so beautiful, it was just so's fantastic that now I look back on it, and I say "Man, it was such a thing that all these things were going on and like why didn't I receive Knowledge when I came out right from my mother's womb? It is such a fantastic thing, such a beautiful experience. Why didn't I receive it right then and there? And it's like so many things went but I'm going to tell you that experience so that you can also understand in this whole life there has been nobody of me, nobody whatsoever. I cannot give anybody no credit except my Guru Maharaj Ji.

Because he has taken me away from all the junk that I, that I was put into, that I was put into by you name it. He took me away from all that, only one person, he took me away from all that junk and put me into such a beautiful spot, that right now I'm doing this service and man I'll tell you the truth, I feel, I feel just that I'm not even doing it right. Because this is so minimum of the service, you know, in comparison to what that Knowledge He gave it me. And that's the reason I want to spread it to people. Because it's so beautiful and Guru Maharaj Ji is so beautiful because He has completely taken me out, I mean out, and put me into the most beautiful spot. And if I had displeased Him right there and then, saying, "I have Knowledge, now why do I need Guru Maharaj Ji for?" If I cannot believe in the source of Knowledge, how am I going to believe in Knowledge? I have to trust the source and all the time and only then and then can I really trust in Knowledge, can I really believe in Knowledge, can I really see in Knowledge.

Because if I don't care, if I don't concern myself, if I don't see, if I don't have any faith, if I don't love the source of Knowledge, who has given me this Knowledge, if I don't believe in Him, how am I going to believe in Knowledge? There just be no way, you know, it's just, that's the way it works. Really, there is no explanation to it but that's the way it works and now, it's like, it's like I can see, I walk, I'm doing meditation, I'm giving satsang, I'm breathing but all this is because of the Grace. That if there would be no Grace. Out. I would have been just like you. In every sense, in the mind trip, in everything but this Knowledge, this Grace, has taken me out of that whole scene and put into, put me into the most beautiful spot and just realising that there is something so beautiful existing in this whole world I want you to be also in that most beautiful thing, because really all the saints that came into this world, all they ever described of was Guru Maharaj Ji. Because today the word "Guru Maharaj Ji" is pretty common. As a matter of fact it was on the bumpers of every car, "Who is Guru Maharaj Ji?" But do you know what Guru Maharaj Ji really means? Everybody talks about it. I tell you, if anybody came to me and tried to get a state, statement out of me, who is Guru Maharaj Ji, well, verbally I can say who is Guru Maharaj Ji by defining him the meaning of 'Guru'. But if you, if somebody came to me and say, "Can you please really really really describe Guru Maharaj Ji?" all I would say is, "I'm sorry, can't." Because even if I sit all my life long and even if I sit all life longs that I'll be getting, all, all the way, day and night writing about Him, talking to people about Him, it just wouldn't be sufficient.

And we cannot realise that point, so how much He can do for us until we really get out of that situation that we are into right now and get into the most beautiful spot. Realise that what He has done for us, understand that what He has done for us. Until then, it doesn't mean anything because what does it mean, Guru Maharaj Ji? What does Guru Maharaj Ji mean? You know, it's like uh there was this uh Jeopardy game they have on television, and the answer was "15 year old uh Perfect Master". And the question was, "Who is Guru Maharaj Ji?" To tell you the truth, if people say that I am 15 years old and if anybody said to anybody that Guru Maharaj Ji is fifty years old, sixty years old, I'd say, "Man, you are out of your head. I mean you're really, really out of your head." That means there was a time where Guru Maharaj Ji didn't, wasn't even born. But Guru Maharaj Ji, that Word, see that's why we are making all these mistakes and we do not know.

This is why I come to the stage each time and try to explain to you something or the other, in some way or the other to try to get this in your head! (2 or 3 people clap) Because the day you will understand, I'll tell you the truth, the day you'll understand, I wouldn't uh I won't give you satsang but it'll be just like so casual, I'll still come, I'll probably be more with you than any time else. But the dee, day you will understand who Guru Maharaj Ji is and I'll tell you right now, you won't understand it, never in your life. Only if you do meditation, you will, at least a part of it. Suffish, sufficient enough.

Because really in this life, nothing means to me, nothing nor my brothers, nor Mata Ji. I'm telling you this. I might as be, I might as well be frank with you. Nothing means nothing to me. Because there is Grace. And if there wouldn't have been Grace, I tell you, I wouldn't even, even be born. And then, what does it matter?And I respect them all, because they should be respected. They are respectable, they should be respected. They have a, they are the way they are, the point, the place they are, they should be respected. I love Mata Ji and I respect her. Because it has, she has been the source. But so far that particular love is concerned, I can't. Because I can only give it to one person, and that's Guru Maharaj Ji. Because I could have been born and been confused all my lifetime and there are so many people born who can be confused all their lifetime and they are confused all their lifetime but then there is somebody because getting born, having brothers or sisters or none of them, eating, drinking, walking, sleeping, all this is a very natural thing, this happens but there is one thing which is most important in a being's life, which is most most most most utmost important, is Guru Maharaj Ji because He can do, He can take him, can give him a new birth, take, He can take him out and put him into a place which is the most beautiful and we have to re understand. First, we have to understand Knowledge to understand who is Guru Maharaj Ji. And to understand Knowledge, you have to do meditation, you have to do satsang, you have to do service.

Today um this is I think it's really funny. I don't know if it's that funny or not. But um somebody called, one sister called, and I happened to pick the phone up and uh she was talking, I didn't get the few parts of it but uh she said that, "Why can't we all be a family?" I said, "Look, we already are." The day we received Knowledge, and the day we started meditating on it, we all become a family. A giant, giant family, a big huge family and we are all a family. And it's the Grace that brings us there, the Knowledge which brings us there and I can tell you one thing right now, that in Guru Puja I really, really intend to get this mind straightened out, out of almost everybody who comes to Guru Puja. Because (Bhole Shri Satguru Dev Maharaji Ki Jai from crowd) because it's getting pretty heavy each day and the way, the way we will set up Guru Puja will be better than Montrose, the one we had in Montrose, will be a lot more beautiful and it's like there'll be Arti two times, and everybody will receive Holy Breath, everybody will receive Darshan, who hasn't and there will be Arti two times, one in the morning and one just before satsang program and it's like if this Guru Puja goes the way I have planned it in my head, by the time it's over, the mind should be out, I mean out (enthusiastic Bhole Shri Satguru Dev Maharaji Ki Jai and Hooray from crowd) and so I want, that's all I want you to do is to get the word around that ah how important it is, how fantastic it is, really.

You know, it's so strange. I come here and I figure I am going to give satsang, you know so I come here, I sit down, I look at you people, and really there is nothing to say. But anyway I end up giving satsang probably 25 minutes or half an hour, because there is always a little bit to say and this, this thing is up to you, completely up to you to realise. All I can do is I can tell you and it's for you to grasp it and use it. Because, you know, this whole world needs something real bad. They don't know the name of it, we can't blame 'em, they don't know what they are doing. But at least if we know something so beautiful, we should go and tell 'em. At least finish our duty, try to bring 'em to this Knowledge.

But I think the premies who are not meditating, you know what they are doing? Is getting three tons of vegetables in their house and not eating it. You know what that means? When it'll start rottening, phew, it's gonna rot like a hell. I mean if it was one vegetable, one teeny weeny vegetable, it would dry out somewhere in the closet, doesn't even matter or in. But if you had three truckloads of 'em and they start rotting, man, you are looking for some real trouble. And that's the way this Knowledge is. If it was a mantra or something, and you forgot it, doesn't matter. You can get it. But this Knowledge, it's like you've got the vegetables of the whole universe with you and if you don't meditate, can you imagine how it's gonna rot? So you better start meditating and really get into it because I'll tell you, it's no sweat, it's beautiful. It's no burden, it's beautiful.

Maybe for a little while it's a burden. But you know, this is, this is really something I must tell you. Sometimes premies are meditating, and they're fine. They really have beautiful experiences. And then suddenly it just starts fading away. They're getting confused, they're getting more confused. That's the most important time you get in your life, you know that? Because that's where Knowledge is busy fighting the mind. That's, that's the point. And some premies just kinda get freaked out and they leave it. Man, you just, if you leave it right then and there, you're gone. It's no good then. Just meditate, keep on meditating because that's the point! It's like, almost like the Exorcist, see, that's the point where you need it the most and you keep fighting it, fighting it, fighting it, after that it's gone but that time, where you get more, most confused, that means more confused you get, the harder Knowledge is fighting your mind and then even if you are not very confused, you are going to start getting confused and then it's all out and it's all gets beautiful. Because everything gets really clear after that.

It's like uh, you know, if you have really dirty windshield and somebody comes with a spray and sprays it, you know what happens? It gets more dirty. And then somebody takes a rag and starts cleaning it, and it gets even more dirty. But then when somebody takes a hose, hoses it down, wipes it off, then it's beautiful. That's all clean and that's the way it is right here. You are getting confused, don't bother. Keep on doing meditation. It'll get out of you, the mind will get out of you, it's really beautiful, everything will be fantastic and just, just do meditation. Don't even try to think about, "Oh what's gonna happen tomorrow? What's gonna happen tomorrow? What's gonna happen?" People, that's very impractical. I'll tell you, people who think it's very impractical, very practical, they end up with ulcers. Really they do.

Don't, don't really try to think. You've got your service, you got what to do, do your service, be blissed out, be there where you want to be all the time and it's very, very easy to be there and I'll tell you, I can really see this world is really, really getting close, really, really getting close to the point where everybody will receive Knowledge. And it's really getting close and I can also see my obstructions coming in the way. It's like it always happened. When Guru Nanak left His body, it's like He gave His wisdom, His Knowledge, His agya to His disciple, instead of His two sons and they started messing around with this Knowledge and finally till now, it has ended up too crazy that there's a big split and there's nobody is preaching Knowledge anymore, there is no Knowledge there and I can really see my obstructions coming like that and it's like, really, Tulsidas said the same thing and it's the same thing in the Bible.

Tulsidas said: "Don't go where you were born! All you are going to get is a big baloney out of that, that, Oh, you were so cute, you know, when you were little, and you used to break all the glasses in the house." Nobody's going to say, "Wow, that's really beautiful, you know, you are preaching this Knowledge to this world." Nobody is going to say that. Because this is what happens with me. I know one day, you know, really I was taking this ??? and I was, I really do this, it's really fun. I take it and I leave it alone and one page comes up. The first time, you know it's like uh, I think I was in ???? in Los Angeles, the first time I did it this thing comes up (quotes Hindi). It's like they don't recognise. They don't want to recognise, they don't want to know, they don't want to understand what good job you are doing. All they want to say is, "Oh, you were really cute when you were little, you know." And they'll bring all these cute pictures in front of you, "Look. You were so little that time," and "Remember you went bicycle riding and you broke your hand? And you were doing this and you fell off the balcony at that time?" This is what they are gonna do to you. And that's the same, same exact thing.

But really premies, we should all get together. I am, I am ready to get together and with you and so you should be ready to get together with me and let's shake down this world, really shake down this world. (applause, Bhole Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai.) So that everybody can understand what we have understood and how beautiful it is. So really it's about time we do it, too. So do meditation, satsang and service. Look, it might, it might seem quite odd to you because I shouted that too many times but I am going to shout it again if I come to the program, "Do satsang, do service and do meditation." So, realise, understand, be blissful, that's where we want to be and really, because you know why I am trying so hard? Because I know that one day you are also gonna be like me, you are gonna have the same realisation as I have because that's the way this Knowledge works. Knowledge doesn't limit somebody to an experience, it keeps on growing and I know. That's why I'm trying so hard, that one day you will be also there, where I am. And that's why I want to tell you that you can be there, you will be there, try doing meditation. Meditate, meditate, meditate.

That's why I am trying so hard to tell you that you can be also there. Well if not a Perfect Master, then at least you can be the same realised soul, at least you can have the same realisation, as much as I have, same experience of this Knowledge, as much as I have.

So, there it is. And really we should get together because you won't believe the way the obstructions are gonna come in our path. Because if they don't and really we should even count on them coming because if they really don't come, then I guess there won't be a judgment left for people between good and bad. It seems like always it comes and that distinguishes between good and the bad and it's like, that it's gonna come, it's gonna come from some people that you don't expect it to come from. I'll tell you that, it'll come from them but it'll certainly come and it's started to come and its coming and it's gonna get very, very heavy.

You know, you might even take this as a prophecy. And take it, I, I, I don't care, because it's true. It's gonna get so heavy, that it's gonna knock the air out of you but then, if we are all together, we might end up knocking their air out of 'em (cheers) and it can be really, really beautiful and really this obstruction which is coming up, man, it's heavy all right. It's gonna be really, really heavy.

So premies, do meditation, realise this Knowledge, everything will be beautiful. Blessings to you all.

(Thank you, Bolie Shri Satguru Dev Maharaj Ki Jai)