Satpal Maharaji: Satguru, Politician, Godman, Grey Eminence

Satpal Maharaj aka Bal Bhagwan JiThe young Guru Maharaj Ji had taken the opportunity of getting out from his mother's thumb and living high (boozing) on the hog (meat-eating) with sex (Playboy magazine masturbation) drugs (marijuana), rock 'n roll (very loud on expensive hi-fis) and fast cars and his very own Pinball machine. He had distanced himself from his family and tried to diminish their status in the eyes of his followers but was probably taken by surprise when he was stabbed in the back by his mother and elder brothers who were supposed to be worshipping Him. After all, they had been publicising the need to worship Him since he was 6 years old. His money-burning lifestyle kept on as it was bankrolled by his Western premies but his Indian houses and ashrams and land and mahatmas and hundreds of thousands of followers was gone. Poof. Blip. As their father had predicted:

In December 1954 a procession for Shri Satpal Maharaj was held, starting from the Red Fort in Delhi. Hari Ram, Behari Lal and the Delhi premies organized it. A magnificent float had been constructed. Shri Maharaj Ji, Shri Mata Ji and Shri Bhole Ji were, to follow in the car. Because of the crowd, the car had difficulty reaching the float. Shri Mata Ji was uneasy at first, but Shri Maharaj Ji only said, "He was born for this. Thousands upon thousands will follow him." He lifted Shri Satpal Ji out of the car and placed him on the float. He blessed him and with his own hands placed a crown on his head. - The Light Of Wisdom, Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, Life And Teachings

Satpal Maharaj

Well that was at least one prediction that came true. Satpal is currently a Minister of State in Uttarakhand and (in the photo above) with family friend Prime Minister Modi of India. Since 1974 Satpal (formerly Bal Bhagwan Ji) has enjoyed a successful career as a politician, a family man with two sons, the Godman head of a large spiritual organisation with millions of devotees. He has continued and expanded the work of his father and mother and is a powerful figure in Uttarhakand. He has publicly listed assets worth $US20 million. According to Prem Rawat and his followers there is only one true Satguru or Perfect Master but that doesn't stop Satpal celebrating Holi with a few close friends. The family business is in safe hands.

Compare these 2006 photos of the brothers. They both appear to be living off the fat of the land and Satpal and his family are certainly enjoying a wealthy lifestyle (see Divine Enterprise) as is Prem Rawat. Satpal is more traditional.

Satpal Maharaj aka Bal Bhagwan Ji
Satpal Maharaj aka Bal Bhagwan Ji

Satpal Ji has numerous followers in England of Indian descent and an informative web site with much hagiographic information about himself. Brief biographies of their mother and their father are kept on though no mention is made of the disinherited son in any of Satpal's or Bhole Ji's websites. As the photo demonstrates, Satpal can really pull a crowd and his premies get sheltered while they get satsang-ed.

Satsang of Satpal Maharaj