Prem Rawat And The Divine United Organisation (DUO)

DUO - Prem Rawat's Swearing on the Bible

DUO - Prem Rawat's Divine United Organisation The young Prem Rawat enjoyed creating and naming organisations, making ridiculous public pontifications and proclaiming pompous proclamations to world leaders (as did his father) and DUO or Divine United Organization allowed him to enjoy them all together. Did even Rennie Davis really know how DUO and World Welfare Association (WWA) and Project Love were supposed to work together?

"Divine United Organization will feed and clothe the world. It will save humanity. Yet its success will not depend upon an external system of organization, but rather to the extent that it acts as a practical channel for that one thing which can save humanity: love."

Prem Rawat Claims He Will Feed The World (Literally)

He proclaimed the third day of the Millenium '73 festival or fiasco as it eventuated to be:

"The Founding Convention of Divine United Organization, the organization that will feed the world and provide clothing and shelter for all humanity. The dream of mankind to end suffering and bring peace will become a reality through DUO."

Prem Rawat Swears On The Bible That He Will Establish Peace In The World

He even went so far as to say "I swear on the Bible that I will establish peace in the world" and have this idle boast published in the official Divine Light Mission magazine, Divine Light Volume 2, Number 6 at the end of a transcript of his satsang titled We Must Find Reality.

As we are all well aware none of these well-meaning but absurdly impractical megalomaniac visions came true.


DUO Proclamation 1974
Whereas, the one universal belief of all people hold to be true, is the belief in life itself; and yet due to ignorance of the aim of human life, the world continues to be filled with misery; and Whereas, even with the advancements of the technologically expanding twentieth century, humanity has continually failed in all efforts to find a solution to misery and suffering; and Whereas, Knowledge of the aim of human life is being revealed to all people of the world by the living Perfect Master and spiritual head of Divine Light Mission, Paramhans Satgurudev Shri Sant Ji Maharaj thus eliminating the cause of ignorance and misery; Therefore, the people who have experienced the Knowledge of Shri Sant Ji Maharaj with full awareness of the difficulties of living without knowing the aim of human life, are compelled to reach out to the rest of the struggling humanity to spread the solution to strife and suffering by a commitment to work in all fields of endeavour for the elevation of humanity, manifesting an exemplary alternative to be known as the Divine United Organisation or D.U.O.  -- Guru Maharaj Ji
The Golden Age, No. 4, Thursday, April 24, 1974


DUO Proclamation 1974
This is the organisation which is going to help the whole world to get out of misery and suffering. And I challenge this to the whole world, that by Divine United Organisation, and by the grace of Almighty Lord, and the power of Knowledge, the bliss of the Knowledge, peace in the world can again be established, in the same way as people have dreamed of And the Kingdom of Heaven on this earth will be possible, and is possible if you work together, with cooperation and in the manner of Divine United Organisation that I have explained to you. Everyone will have shelter, even a small ant, and then lions and goats will drink water in the same pool and will be satisfied.
The sayings of Guru Maharaj Ji, © Divine Light Mission 1974

There was a noticable difference between the enthusiasm of a Rennie Davis preparing manifestos and making "plans" to feed and clothe the world and the ordinary premies who already had the extra burden of going to satsang every night, spending at least 2 hours a day in meditation and doing service in their local communities to actually put these dreams into practice. Many of the publications Divine LIght Mission produced were attempts to get the premies in line and in groupthink: