Three Sons of Hans Rawat Unified in their Father's Path
Satpal's Manav Dharam and Bhole's Hanslok vs Prem's Raj Vidya Kender
Who Are Following Their Father? Why Doesn't Prem Rawat Unite With His Brothers?

When Hans Rawat's sons came to the West, Prem and Raja went off the rails with some of their counter-culture followers. Sex, drugs and Rock n Roll. They were disowned and disinherited by their family and Indian followers. After 50 years more meditation, Raja Rawat has seen the light and returned to the path in India and his brothers' bosoms. Raja Rawat, the 3rd brother, has reunited with his elder brothers to continue their father's legacy but Prem Rawat has yet to learn humility.

Manav Dharam, Hanslok and Raj Vidya Kender are the spiritual organisations presided over by the sons of Hans Rawat. Their raisons d'être are similar if not identical, their methods of meditation that they inherited from their father are similar, but not identical. They can all collect huge crowds enjoying their speeches at Hindu religious festivals and have India-wide infrastructure. But Prem Rawat is Still a Pariah. How Do They Compare?

Manav Dharam About Manav Dharam - from Official Website

Manav Utthan Sewa Samiti (M.U.S.S.) is an all-India registered voluntary social welfare and charitable organization. Its primary function is to organize spiritual gatherings all over India and Nepal, at which representatives of other religious and social organizations, as well as political leaders, are also invited to speak. In addition, through its network of Ashrams and centers and its volunteer division (Manav Sewa Dal), it attempts to serve society at both the spiritual and everyday levels in a variety of ways. It actively pursues worthwhile social goals in India.

Under Shri Maharaj Ji's patronage and guidance, MUSS has achieved major successes. It has received national awards in India and Nepal and Shri Maharaj Ji has received international recognition for his service to society. Its membership is drawn from all levels and communities of Indian society and it is totally opposed to casteism and untouchability. Anyone is welcome at any of its ashrams and centers

Satpal Maharaj

Prem Rawat's Raj Vidya KenderAbout Raj Vidya Kender - from Official Website

Raj VidyaKender is a non-profit registered charitable organization. Its objective is presenting the Message of Peace of PremRawat and undertaking humanitarian activities to bring harmony in life. It organizes live events with PremRawat and video events related to his message. His message is - Peace is Possible for everyone and that peace is a fundamental need of every human being. The organization is dedicated to helping people explore human potential, the enjoyment of being alive, and experiencing peace. Raj VidyaKender in its endeavor to improve the quality of human life offers many humanitarian services. It also supports other organizations having similar charitable, social and philanthropic goals.

Raj VidyaKender shares and supports the vision that peace is possible in everybody's life. This can happen only when each individual takes personal responsibility and discovers personal peace. Its activities are supported by voluntary contributions of individuals who appreciate this message. Helping you discover personal peace Raj VidyaKender invites Prem Rawat to address people interested in his message of Self-discovery and Self-knowledge. Prem Rawat offers and presents a practical way to focus within to enjoy the experience of peace inside.

Prem Rawat

Bhole Maharaj's HanslokAbout Hanslok - from Official Website

The idea was simple - to pay homage to the lives of Shri Hans Ji Maharaj and his wife Shri Rajeshwari Devi, spiritual leaders who preached a message of love and universal brotherhood. When we originally discussed how best we could credit Shri Hans's work and add to his gifts to society, it was decided that philanthropy would best serve those goals.

The Hans Foundation, established in 2009, is a Public Charitable Trust that provides funding support to Not-for-Profit organizations in India. The main areas of intervention for the organization are; Education, Health, Livelihoods and Disability. THF's Strategic planning focuses on key areas of its work with the aim of addressing the key issues of poverty alleviation, economic inequalities, and 360° impact on the quality of life through social development programs.

Bhole Ji Maharaj