Prem Rawat's Scam Charity PR Campaigns Prem Rawat Is An Indian Giver note *

Compare the Prem Rawat's Foundation philanthropy to the Hans Foundation Philanthropy
Bhole Maharaj's Hans Foundation Donates 35 times more than Prem Rawat's Foundation

Prem Rawat has come a long way from the 6 year old boy who was proclaimed to be the Lord of the Universe in 1966 in Dehra Dun in India. Along the way he alienated his family and was deposed and disinherited. Financed by a dwindling core of prosperous ex-hippie Westerners he now lives in opulent luxury in Malibu, California and using phony claims to be an inspirational speaker and philanthropist spends his declining years grasping for respect. Prem uses a new twist on Indian Giving. He requests donations for good works and does very well spending most of the money on promoting himself through phony Peace PR spin.

Prem's alienated family returned to India and continued in the family business of Godmanship. Prem Rawat has tried to regain his position in India as a popular guru (where he is still known as Guru Maharaj Ji) using his Western devotees' financial resources but has missed that boat so to speak and is a very minor Godman in India. He can pull a crowd if he bankrolls a get-together during a Hindu religious fetival. While the eldest brother, Bal Bhagwan Ji aka Satpal Maharaj, has used his spiritual prestige to be a leading political power the other brother, Bhole Ji Maharaj, is concentrating on philanthropy. So how do the brothers compare?

Prem Rawat's Elder Brother's Hans Foundation Donates 50 Times As Much As TPRF To Humanitarian Causes

HANS Logo In the 5 years for which we have audited figures the Hans Foundation created and administered by the family of Bhole Ji Rawat has provided funding of over $US60 million to Indian NGOs involved in Disabilities, Health, Women's Empowerment and Education. In the same 5 years the Prem Rawat Foundation has provided funding of $US1.4 million in similar fields. The Prem Rawat Foundation has been operating since 2002, the Hans Foundation since 2009. The Prem Rawat Foundation is named in honour of Himself. The Hans Foundation is named in honour of their father - that says a lot. The Hans Foundation, India's largest social investor helps over 250 NGOs change the game in rural India.

Mrs Indu RawatPrem's Humanitarian Contributions as a Percentage of Bhole Ji's


Mr Shweta RawatThese figures do not include the substantial philanthropy provided by the Rural India Supporting Trust which averages $US24 million per annum about another 50 times that of Prem Rawat's Foundation. The founder of RIST is Mrs Indu Rawat, Prem Rawat's sister-in-law and the Managing Director is Ms Shweta Rawat, Prem Rawat's niece.

Most Of The Funds Of The Prem Rawat Foundation Support Prem Rawat's Luxurious Lifestyle

In the years in which the Prem Rawat Foundation has released it's annual financial report less than ¼ of the money the foundation has spent has gone on charitable donations. The rest:

  • is splurged on Rawat's expenses. ie Rawat's travels in his private jet, stays in the most expensive hotels and self-indulgence. This is classified as "Peace Initiatives" or "Peace Event Support" in the TPRF Annual Reports.
  • his Message of Peace is the lure to attract the imprisoned, depressed and lost and provide respectability
  • Peace Education Program has two aims:
    • gain respect - make it appear his teachings have some value as lessons in a "self-improvement" course
    • attract people to "the Knowledge" with the promise of the possibility of peace (PEAK program)

Bhole Ji Likes to Share the Stage With Family and Mahatmas

Bhole Ji On Stage

But Prem Rawat is Always Alone on Stage - He Has No realized Followers

Despite 50 years of meditation not a single follower of Rawat's is worthy to talk about His Knowledge publicly - they AREN'T TRUSTED

Prem Rawat - Alone On Stage

Bhole Ji On Stage

Prem Rawat has three major objectives:

  • to increase his following thereby receiving more money and personal adoration and maintaining his opulent lifestyle
  • to avoid publicity and media attention which would bring his history to the attention of the public and make him the butt of ridicule and contempt.
  • to gain respectability and respect as an International Ambassador of Peace or at least the appearance therof

These objectives are difficult to balance together as there are inherent conflicts between them. Judging by the resources and subterfuges that have been used to try to gain him public respect and respectability over the years since that time he must feel the desire for public respect very strongly. It must hurt knowing that his eldest brother stole his birthright and has gone on to publicly succeed in politics and as a guru/Godman and having their father's legacy and wordly goods while he has been hampered and harassed by immeasurable concepts.

The Prem Rawat Foundation's donations to worthy causes are relatively small but Rawat glories in being mock humble while not stating that the amounts are really piffling. MJ: thank you very much and I didn't do anything for the tsunami. What could I do for the tsunami? Tsunami's over. I did do something for the victims of the tsunami. (Applause)

Prem Rawat on the Roundabout

TPRF is making an effort to make sure that these people have at least food. Clean water and food are very very important. "Thank you very much. Thank you very very much." It is happening and I hope that uh it continues to happen. TPRF is doing some good stuff and trying to take care of people who need the help even though you know the greatest gift you can give anyone is a gift of joy. That is the tops, that is the greatest greatest gift. The gift of peace is the greatest gift you can give anybody. Hungry or not hungry, believe me. Peace rules. (Applause)

* Prem Rawat has created a new method of Indian Giving. He calls for donations for humanitarian puposes and then spends the money on a single human, promoting himself through phony Peace PR spin.
Of course even the relatively small amount Rawat's organisations donate to charitable causes is of value but his claims to philanthropy are bogus because the donations are mainly used to create publicity that overstates its value and is minor compared to the money spent on promoting himself as a meaningful teacher and his religion as a method to achieve transcendent peace.

I am not saying the Prem Rawat Foundation is acting illegally. Their expenditure on Prem Rawat is accepted by the Charity Commissioners to be "educational" and a public good. That is nonsense, it is good only for Prem Rawat