Prem Rawat's (Maharaji) Legitimacy Project - 2014

Prem Rawat's career seems to become more vulgar and demeaning as he ages. In 1971 his actions could be excused due to his youth and inexperience. Having his followers finance a long-term, phony public relations campaign to try and give him an aura of respectability and legitimacy is something else altogether. For a fuller, more coherent exposition on Rawat's deceitful campaign to gain respectability and legitimacy see the Prem Rawat Critique Website.

Connect North America was a .pdf newsletter that was part of the ever changing Rawatism information network which is large, complexand everchanging but gives Rawat's more dedicated followers the illusion that Rawat's " Knowledge" continues to propagate and attract new followers and provide meaningful "service" they can do for their Master. The October 2004 issue contained a story announcing a new "project" to "both present his message to new audiences and to receive public recognition for his efforts." Ordinarily public recognition and respect is gained by actually doing meaningful public work. This is the path his eldest brother Satpal Maharaj took by combining his position as Godman and successor to their father with political and social work in the area in which they were born and raised and so Satpal's public recognition, while controversial, is not spurious.

Prem Rawat has spoken at various universities including Oxford, Harvard and UC Berkeley. However he was not invited to speak by the University Administrations nor the student body but some of his followers rented a hall at the university and organised a private meeting. The same occurred at the United Nations, the Australian and New Zealand parliament buildings and he purchased the chance to speak at the London Guildhall by making a £25,000 donation. He has spoken in Italy under the auspices of various political figures especially in Sicily. It may only be a coincidence that Italian politics is the most corrupt in Europe and his buddy ex-President Colombo the most corrupt cocaine-addled of them all.

Fortunately for Rawat there are some public figures who'll take any photo opportunity.

Rawat in a Tutu