The Giving PledgeThe Easiest Way For Prem to Get Respect $$$

Prem Rawat spent most of his early career stating that he is just a simple and humble servant of God who only wants the love and devotion of the people who receive his Knowledge and practice it. Of course he also promoted Himself as the lord of the Universe and the Incarnation of God on Earth who would a create a Millenium of Peace on Earth - sort of like a thousand year reich without the genocide. He lives a life of luxury and conspicuous consumption paid for by his followers' secret donations because he loves them and wants them to enjoy the bliss of giving … and they've been giving for 50 years … but not enough

What Prem Wants That His Worshippers Can't Give Him

Who would have thought that the he desired most of all was not worship from his followers but R-E-S-P-E-C-T respect - not from those who worshipped him but from everyone else. We can assume this is true because he's spent more time and energy and money on creating the appearance of being an internationally respected public figure through phony public relations spin doctoring than attempting to gain more followers to give him respect. Of course all he has to do is give away a lot of money to charitable causes and voilà: instant respect. Prem Rawat gives away a measly amount of money donated to his orgs and pretends this makes him a meaningful philanthropist. He gives away a fraction of what his brother gives.

Younger Prem Rawat the lord of the Universe
Older Prem Rawat the Bore of the Universe

Since the early 1990s when it became obvious that the emphasis on gaining new followers was wasted effort the goal was switched to gaining international respect as a world leader inspiring Peace. A devolution of titles from lord of the Universe to Ambassador For Peace and/or Inspirational Speaker was a start. This required a lot of sucking up to slightly respectable people and institutions and donating some of the donations his organisations had received to others and after 30 years he was able to get a phony interview shown on CNN.

Easiest Way to Get Respect is Conspicuous WEAlTH

However a sure fire method for getting people to respect you is conspicuous WEAlTH. Unfortunately during the 50 years that Prem has been plugging away at wealth accumulation the standard for gaining respect from wealth went from millionaire to billionaire. Whoops, too much spending and not enough saving … Billionaire is just a fence too high for the small time millionaire guru to attain. Ah well, there's always more bullshit.

The Quick Way to Get Respect is To Give lots of Your Money to Charity

Prem Rawat pretends to give a meaningful amount of money to projects that "advance dignity, peace, and prosperity by addressing fundamental human needs." Ah well, there's always more bullshit.