PMT 026: Guru Maharaj Ji (aka Prem Rawat) Hans Jayanti, Toronto, 9th November 1974

The December 1974 issue of And It Is Divine magazine contains speeches and photos of this festival. PMT 026 contains music and a speech by Rawat's wife on Side A and this really awful speech by the 18 year old Perfect Master and Lord of the Universe. In the speech which lasts only half an hour the young Rawat says 'like' 118 times, "you know" 76 times, "it's like" 70 times, 'beautiful' 40 times, 'really' 37 times, 'Knowledge' 22 times, 'understand' 20 times, 'point' 12 times, but 'perfect' only 6 times and 'realize' only 5 times and naturally every speech must include those things he really loves, cars and aeroplanes.

His story of the driver on the freeway mistaking the sign for Los Angeles and people mistaking a finger pointing at (in this case his brother) Raja Rawat for the actual person were repeated many times though rarely this poorly, with practice he was able to improve on his delivery. I have not seen another version of the well in the middle of the village story though how this village, in the middle of the desert, that relied on a distant well also had refrigerators and bottled water deliveries is a mystery only explained by Maharaji's muddled mind. He refers to his Superman comic story but this inexplicably becomes a story about removing a battery from a tape recorder built to run on non-U.S. voltage. He explains his failure to be recognised as the current Perfect Master as human delusion increasing over the ages to the point where humanity is now just completely lost and accepts comfort and family as true happiness.


PMT 026: Guru Maharaj Ji (aka Prem Rawat) Hans Jayanti, Toronto, 9th November 1974

Dear premies, we had all assembled here on this beautiful day for this very beautiful occasion which is the birthday of our Lord Shri Maharaj Ji who sowed the plant, who sowed the tree under which now we are, who sowed the tree now which provides the shadow in which we can go when it's a very, very hot, the sun shines very strong and we can't bear it and the darkness of this world comes and then we can go under this tree and it's very beautiful it's just like, like you know we have been making this celebration, this festival for such a long time now and no matter what circumstances they are it's always so blissful, so beautiful this function because everybody can come and it's like so much love. It's hard to understand sometimes why, why it's so blissful but it is you know just turns out to be the most blissful thing for all of us premies and it's like premies maybe sometimes the world doesn't understand, maybe sometimes it's very difficult for them and don't blame them, we can't blame this world for that and it's like you know I have an opportunity to take a small tour of the Pacific and it was a little tour and you know just seeing how it's like in the Pacific and its like we went to all these places and went to these islands too.

We went to Fiji and its like it's so beautiful there you know this nature has really graced us with a lot, it's really beautiful, very clear water and its like we took a boat out on the lagoon and it was really beautiful and it's like everybody who was with us you know jumped out and started scuba diving and, and like it was so strange because I said "No, I can ??? there, I'll sit here, I'll look around" and finally I said "No, maybe I should go snorkelling" so I went in and it was so beautiful, it was just, it was just really, really beautiful and I could see the small fishes, the coral and it was just beautiful and so premies it's like we have this most beautiful flower, we have this most beautiful thing with us and we want the world to know that we have it so that the world can take benefit of it.

The only way to explain it is that there is some big desert, really, really huge desert and there is this small, small village in the middle of this desert and for miles there isn't another town or drop of water and one day this person comes and this is like how this whole thing is and, and like there is no water and the only well they have just dried up. Now everybody is really suffering and they have a little bit of water left in their pots or in their, somewhere and its like they're just like they're living out of drops and they really, really want, they really want water because it's so hot there and it's like at this time somebody approaches, somebody comes and he says "Look, I don't have any water with me but I can dig up some water very, very fast but I need everybody's cooperation" so a few people say "Okay you know we'll cooperate and it's a, it's a truck that he has, he has just droven (sic) up to the village and it has all the things for drilling a hole and everything and its like this person goes in the truck, starts it up, presses the buttons and this hole starts drilling and it's like so beautiful, so fantastic it is because before they had to go to the well and it was say like a mile out but now it's right in the centre of their village, very beautiful and it's like everybody's looking at it and lo and behold there is a big huge fountain and these people are just like so blissed out, so, so bliss, so blissed out because of nothing better could have happened to them and it's just like they're going and they just stand under the shower and it's a big fountain and it's so beautiful. I mean can you imagine it? And there is this person, there is this bunch of people and they go and they think "Argh, I don't bother him, I got a big thing, I got a whole thing of, a whole refrigerator full of water bottles and I can always call for sparkless water, any water whenever I want, I got no problem, I don't have to go to that dumb well over there" and it's like then a point reaches that nobody wants to come there because it's too far and everybody knows, all the companies now know there's no point getting water to them, they're not gonna buy our water, they got better water than what we have so everybody stops and what happens is like finally even those people who had their refrigerators and had those chilled bottle they come out and this man who had built the whole stage said "Now is the time that you people who have had the bliss of being able to be in that shower and be able to drink from that beautiful fountain of water it is your duty to go out and tell all the people of this village that there is something like this" and it's like, it's so amazing that these people go out and at the same time as they're going to knock the person opens the door and says "What's the matter? You got any water?" And this person says "Yeah, you know that there was a big well, big fountain driven and it's beautiful, it flows so much water out and it is so pure and so cold and really so beautiful" and you know what this person's reaction to that is? "Deh, I didn't know that" (uses stupid voice, audience laughs) and look, you know the guy says "Look you don't have to much, go in the water, it's right in the middle of the village, not far, five or six steps" and he says "Deh, no know I'm not gonna do it" (uses stupid voice, audience laughs again) and he sits out his life long there until a point comes when he talks about his friend and goes down the drain and there is nothing left for him but premies this is how it is. In the middle of this desert where there is nobody you know, nobody really knows if there is life on Moon or not but if there is that's, that's the only place and we are in there in the middle of this huge desert of this universe.

We are alone and like in ages to come and the delusions that were formed in front of us, each age and each century more and more we have lost, we have just completely got lost and it's like even just a bunch of scriptures, just a few scriptures which, which really had like the real information about this Knowledge, which truly had something to say about this Knowledge even they were like mixed with other things and now it's like even that was no good for us.

We are even punished with that and now premies it's like exactly that's the same situation when somebody comes along and says "Listen, I can give you that water, I can drill a hole for you right here at this water is like, it's gonna be beautiful and the people say "You don't have to bother about tha-a-a-at. You know we got all this water and we got this and we got this" (ignorant voice) but premies it comes to a point where even that stops working so this real Holy Name, this real truth, you know that we are going to give to this world, that we intend to give to this world is like to, to people that think about it, you know it's like thinking about 1975 models and sometimes they quite don't understand why not, you know why isn't that particular model that they thought would be the most streamlined and so beautiful and will have a compact V-8 engine in it and this and that doesn't live up to their expectations but because this they have it they just keep dreaming and keep dreaming and keep dreaming and keep dreaming and then things don't live up to their expectations and they think how this world is right now.

They think "I don't know what this Knowledge is, maybe it just will do something to me, maybe it will take me away from what I think is right." This Knowledge is already within inside of you. I mean I can understand that if I gave you not a Knowledge which weighs 900 pounds and it's, it's very, very big, as big as this stage I can understand why you wouldn't want it because you wouldn't have any space, maybe that's how big your house is and I can understand that you will have to have a very big truck to carry that big load of 900 pounds as big as this stage. I can understand that but look this Knowledge is not like that. It is within inside of us and it's always been there and it's not something that will be put onto us, we and it's like, we are here you know and that Knowledge is right now with us and no matter what we do still that Knowledge is with us and the only thing that's left is that that Knowledge be revealed to us and that we understand this Knowledge and now premies it's so beautiful that finally you know it's, it's, it's took a long time almost like evolution it takes a very long time but it starts happening and what reaches to a point where we can notice a little bit this world that's finally starting to change a little because they want, everybody wants, it's like everybody is so desperate and it's like everybody is trying to run to this, to this, to this, to this, to this. Not that they were running, you know, not that they weren't running before. It's like it's just getting more desperate every day.

Every day they want something which is this Knowledge you know and it's, it's just the perfect time for it too that we are goin' out you know planting because it's such a beautiful tree that Shri Maharaj Ji planted that we can take a piece of that tree and plant it in the whole world and that tree will start growing every place, every place it will start growing and so now that opportunity, that, that real thing that we have been all looking for, all our lives has now come and there is no point to be such a big stupe, to just say "Look, I got a refrigerator, I don't have to go for that dumb old water in the middle of the town."

No you have to understand and it's like so many scriptures have explained this and we read scriptures and it's like we really don't understand because they have said again and again and again that, that perfect Knowledge is within inside of us and really like I used to give this example and uh I again gave that example when I was in Australia and I, I think you, you know that it, it matches the situation of this world more now than it did at that time when I used to give this example and it's like premies say I have to go to Los Angeles and I start driving a car towards Los Angeles and I go and I go and I keep goin', keep goin' and I finally come to California and I enter California and I'm driving and there is a sign right in the middle of this 3 Lane Highway, says Los Angeles and there is a big arrow and it says Los Angeles on top and I'm, I'm driving in the left lane so I take my car, move it in the middle of the highway and say "Yeah Los Angeles" and stop it right in the middle of the highway and it's like it wouldn't even take more than a second and all these cars would start moving up and you know the cops pull up "Pull over that car" you know take you to the side of the highway and say "What's the matter with you? Why were you? Where were you stopped in the middle of the highway?" And you say "Look, you know, there is no sense to go to Los Angeles. I was. I just wanted to go to Los Angeles and the sign said Los Angeles and I stopped right under the arrow" and premies it's like you can't even imagine what that cop will think about you and the same situation is here that the Scriptures say

It's like saying "Where's Raja Ji?" and I say "Oh, there he is" and you come up to my finger and say "Oh Raja Ji, pranam, how are you Raja Ji?" (not much laughter) But this is not Raja Ji, Raja Ji is there that this is what this world has done today that all these Scriptures and all these things always say, they say "Look God is within yourself" and the way to God there is you know and they try to point that look "God is there" and you say "Oh this is God huh oh great man. That wasn't much" and they stick, and they stick right to the point and it's like then when you hear the story it sounds like a broken record and it just goes on in one, in one circle, it just goes crick, crick, crick, crick, crick, crick and the same thing plays again and again and again and again and this is how it sounds like because whenever the Scriptures were made until then now it's like same old record has been played again and again and again and again and what that Knowledge is, what that truth is lies far beyond, lies far, far away than where we think it is and see premies it is like there is nothing to say and never has been much to say because that thing that we want to talk about, we can't talk about and it's so really you know to get to that point where we can't see and we have to see and it's like this is the point that we have come to right now.

We can't speak because we cannot, we cannot speak this Knowledge but we still have to speak, to make the people understand who have not received this Knowledge that there is something like this Knowledge in this world. So it's like again and again there is really not much to say and that Knowledge, that most beautiful plant, that most beautiful seed, that most beautiful love that we all want to experience you know it's like now, here and we have to just jump in you know and it's, it's really amazing and now that the time has come and now that the opportunity has come premies you know I even feel like when I, when I'm talking you know like giving satsang sometimes I feel like now wait a minute is so blissful and it's like it just keeps going on and then it just because there is not much more to say and it's like you're going, going, going, going, going and then suddenly you hit a place where after that nothing exists where even that, that what you think is what is you doesn't even exist you know and this is the point that where that what we don't realise lies and premies it's like this that we have always prized the value of one and value of two and value of three and value of four and value of five but we have never tried the value of zero and if we ever try to understand that what is that value of zero, what is behind that zero, what lies behind that what we don't think, what is that nothingness that even exists because that zero is an indication of ??? That what makes the whole numerical exist and so premies it's like that zero, that nothingness is where we would like to find it.

You know it's like this that if I, if I'm searching for my pen and I know this is where I keep it but I haven't looked yet and I'm searching for it in this pocket and this pocket in this pocket and this pocket and underneath covers and I'm just looking that the whole place and I can't find it and I know it has not been stolen so there is only one place to look and that is right here and it's like more than to be sure we do find it there and it's like premies that we have tried in this world everything that could be. We have, we have, people have tried like from small cars to big cars and back to small cars. They have tried some slow aeroplanes to fast aeroplanes and back to slower ones. I mean they have tried everything in this world, everything in this world and it's like they're imagining, they're expecting this to happen, they're imagining that to happen. They're just going on and on and on and on trying they've never been able to find it.

It's like that when you take one, divide it by zero, you know what happens to those little calculators? If they have a blinking thing in 'em, they start blinking, you know then they are, if they have a little square sometimes at the end of 'em and that square mark comes on or sometimes they have a error and the 'E' comes on because they cannot give the answer to it because it's infinite and it's like right there is the answer that what we are looking and what we think is infinite and what we have been trying to now search is where we think there is nothing is where that infinity lies and then now it's like how to reach there, how to be there and it's like so easy (damaged section of tape, 15 seconds)

And it's so beautiful and this is the whole story first and it's so beautiful because we have the queue up all you have to do is come and sign and we pick you up and puts you in the bus and we take you to the place where you want to go, where the tour ends and it's, it's, it's so, it's so beautiful and all you have to do is just sign in and that's it you know and it's like for some people it's like "Now wait a minute, he makes it sound too easy, it can't be all that easy" but you know believe it or not, it is. It's very, very easy, very, very good and because it is within inside of us and it's like there are so many conceptions a person can build and so many, so many, so many constructions that a man can build but look have they till now been able to come true?

You know it's like, it was like when I got married. You know no premie thought I was ever gonna you know forget it man nobody was even imagining it neither they were expecting it and the next thing you know it's like "Yeah, I'm married" you know and it's like whatever we do and whatever imagination and whatever expectations we build up to never comes true because it's like our way, the way we are supposed to go is thisaway and thataway we are going is thataway and it's like it's just a big difference you know it's the difference between positive and negative you know and it's like we are trying to go with negative and negative and negative and negative and negative and negative.

Where that thing lies is completely positive and it's like most of 'em all see what, what there is, what this Knowledge is and what that truth is within inside of us and when that is revealed then we understand and then it's like we even laugh at ourselves that "Wait a minute, how come I was building on these conceptions of my own and how was I doing this? And it all becomes clear and all it takes, is this Knowledge and so you know I'm really happy to see all the premies because it's, it's just really beautiful you know it's like I said before you know you can never, can never sit down and say "How come it's so beautiful to see the premies you know?" Because it just is and then besides all the circumstance that are ??? like preparing and coming and I mean if it was like it's like almost like a big drag and it's made worth it by seeing all the premies. It really makes it worth it you know and so it's like premies now we have to really get together.

We have to work on something, we have a project ahead of us and tomorrow everybody will be given darshan and the premies who have not received Holy Breath yet, they will be given Holy Breath and so it's like again there is not much to say, there really isn't and there has never been much to say because understand, try, smile and it's like look you have reached it, you know, you have had it what you want and it's like more meditation brings you closer and faster towards that point more and more and it's like really you know what, what else except smile and understand because it's so, so beautiful and so glorious and you know you know it's like hallelujah you know for that, for that perfectness and what else is there and when we realize it, it, it, it (snaps fingers) takes one instant second and before that is like "Bah boo bing bong" and then (snaps fingers) after that, just after one second it's hallelujah you know and it's so beautiful, so perfect that, that you know we can't, we can't ever imagine and say and think and say "How was it? You know how could it have been? It's like these two parts, these two corners of our mouth just go "Whang" all the way over here you know and we just smile and you know sometimes premies don't uh like they haven't really involved in the function and everything and they haven't quite brushed their teeth yet and they smile and ??? say "How come he is smiling? He hasn't got all that pretty teeth" but he still smiles because he's got something to smile about in this world that what we always tried to look, what we always tried to search and what we always tried it to know.

You know it was like, like that Superman story, you know and it's like we are put into that place "Hey wait a minute you know it's like" he can't really, he can't even start speakin' about it. It's always like that because there's nothing to say about that and it's just so beautiful and that but only one thing to say that we have to be there, we had to be synchronized there and it's so beautiful premies so now just realize and just understand you know and that what this Knowledge is and why we are here and it'll be all-look you're only missing one little equation and it's like in the whole tape recorder, the whole thing was made and then it was manufactured and when it was purchased you took that fuse out, you put it in your uh actually I put it in my pocket and you came home and you plugged the unit and nothing happened "Whererere why doesn't this unit work, what's happening, you know I paid so much money for it" and it's, premies it's just really, really, really, really, really so beautiful because here it's like I'm screaming "Look, I've got the fuse. You know I took it out so that everyone blow up, you have to make it a small you know correction, you have to convert it to 110 V and that's good that I have the fuse and it's like it solves it you know all that that you have to really search for that Knowledge and really be able to understand the importance of that Knowledge and that here is the fuse and when the fuse is put (snaps fingers) bingo you know, the whole thing works and so you know it's like what can I say or what is there really to say?

You have read scriptures or if you haven't you know you can read 'em but it always comes to the same thing that what we are trying to realize is within inside of us so realize and just try to understand because there is nothing that's more beautiful. So tomorrow we'll have one more satsang and maybe after darshan I'll give satsang or maybe not, it depends, we'll see at that time and uh just you know it's just like function happening, it'll end then again there'll be one more function and it's just like so beautiful you know it's like we can't even sit and try to imagine or say to ourselves till when is it going to go on and on and on and on you know. We can, we can never sit down and say all start thinking and saying and asking people and saying "Do you know until when it's going to go on and on?"

You know it's like for always and it's like this, this river of this love and of this beauty and of this perfection, this river has been always flowing, it was always there. All we had to do was jump in and it's like now the people have jumped into it, really been able to realize and really been able to understand that love and that beauty and that perfection.

So premies it's just like taking it away you know and it's so beautiful so uh I hope all the premies understand that tomorrow will be the darshan. Please try to cooperate and go fast so that all the premies can be able uh to have darshan. Thank you very much.

(Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai! Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai! Bolie Shri Satgurudev Maharaj Ki Jai!)