Prem Rawat who is also known as Maharaji, Guru Maharaj Ji, the Perfect Master and Satguru has always preached against doubt. He means any doubts about himself and his Knowledge and his teaching and his opulent lifestyle and his adoration by his devotees are unacceptable. Of course you are meant to not only doubt any criticism of him but to absolutely reject it and refuse to accept any such criticism.

  • Doubts about Prem Rawat: VERY, VERY BAD
  • Doubts and rejection of Criticism of Prem Rawat: VERY, VERY GOOD
  • Doubts about other topics: IRRELEVANT
Maharaji's Teachings About being All-Powerful

Hans Rawat (father of Prem Rawat), June 1966, at Dehra Dun, India
Today marks the celebration of Krishna's birthday. Many people say that God doesn't take birth. Why should God take birth? Why should He do that? Devotion. God cares about his devotees. God is the object of devotion and He takes birth for the pleasures of devotion. People who say that God doesn't take birth, say as a challenge that God's all-powerful. But for the same reason, people leave all doubts behind to worship that all-powerful God. When God can do everything, then why can't He take birth? If there's even one work He can't perform, then how is He all-powerful?
The Golden Age Number 24, November 1975

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teachings About Constant Meditation 1971 / 1972?
The Five Commandments
  • 1. Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today
  • 2. Constantly meditate and remember Holy Name
  • 3. Leave no room for doubt in your mind
  • 4. Always … have faith in God
  • 5. Never delay… in attending Satsang
Satguru Maharaj Ji booklet
Prem Rawat's Teachings About Agya

South High School, Denver Coloradao, May 4 1974
Because I know one thing, it's gonna be a fantastic, fantastic program. It's just gonna be such a beautiful program that it's gonna be completely unbelieveable because it's like Guru Puja is a point where I want all the premies to come, you know, and bring their friends who want to receive Knowledge and worship Guru Maharaj Ji, worship and meditate and realise more of it. … This would be different to Hans Jayanti but where everybody can receive Holy Breath, can receive Darshan, can receive Knowledge Review, can get rid of the doubts, do a lot of meditation and I mean just a very cool, beautiful, lovely - as they say in English - program. Just a beautiful, just like a premie program and of course Guru Puja is a function where, you know, it's like a really premie's function it's like really a devotee's function so that they can go and worship Guru Maharaj Ji and really I also want to clear you on this point, that's about time, now all the premies start following agya.
The Golden Age, Number 22, July-August, 1975

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teaching About Coming Into The World

Guru Puja Festival, Rose Bowl, Miami, Florida, July full moon (or thereabouts), 1979
Guru Maharaj Ji comes again and again and says? "Wait, there's nothing here! Let's go. Let's go my place. Let's go to my world. Where you can live, you can really live, where you can really experience, where you can be away from doubt."
Picture captured from video showing Mahatmas Jagdeo (discredited padeophile) and Gurucharanand dancing at front of crowd
Guru Puja 1979 DLM video

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teaching About Coming Into The World

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 10, 1979 -- Evening
Guru Maharaj Ji comes in this world. First of all, why does Guru Maharaj come into this world? There is absolutely no reason why Guru Maharaj Ji should ever come into this world. In scriptures it's very clearly said that Guru Maharaj Ji is the Creator, is the Sustainer, and is the Destroyer and is that One who will take us away from the darkness and bring us to Light -- controls all the elements in this universe. Now for a power, for an energy, that controls all the elements in this universe, well there is absolutely no question that -- in our rationalization -- that would be absolutely stupid for a person like that to ever come on this Earth. Because this is the stupidest place you can get to.
… And yet Guru Maharaj Ji is above and beyond all that, above and beyond all our questions, all our reasonings, all our doubts, all our confusions. Because we get confused, does Guru Maharaj Ji get confused? When we say a "Why?" does the reality of Guru Maharaj Ji get questioned? No.
Affinity, February 1980

Applause For God In the Bod

Caracas, Venezuela, 4th February 1981
It's a little rebellion but when you see the Super Boss it's like "It's all right" (applause for the super boss) you know whatever that super boss is doing, it's cool, it's okay and you realize that you don't even exist in the presence of that super thing. Who are you to sit here and go "Why is there suffering and why is there pain?" So if it's cool, it's all right is it you know that super one wants to - you don't want to be in His way you know cause it can be all a matter of seconds you may be disappeared in that eternity of nowhere that all those doubts take are taken away
PMT 173

Maharaji's Teachings About the Creator

Caracas, Venezuela, 4th February 1981
No but when that Creator comes and we are there to accept and to understand then that automatically becomes that Kingdom of Heaven. That Creator is always with us. When he creates us, when he makes us, when he puts us on this planet earth he doesn't say "Ciao kids. I'm goin' away now. You work it all out." He knows, we can never work it out, doesn't he? If it always will get finally our foot caught in our mouth and another way to put it we are bound to step on the bear trap and that always happens. That very simply that Creator always is with us. There never is a time when that Creator isn't with us. We have to just open our eyes and look, that's all. Accept with that open heart. Believe because He is showing us something. He is giving us something not because He - there is a philosophy not because your mother told you, not because your daddy told you, not because your uncle told you, not because a smart kid on your class told you that because you know because you have seen because you have believed. There are no more doubts to be remain when somebody can come to you and say "I have seen God face to face closer than I am seeing you. I have felt God closer than I can feel you and I have touched God more than I can touch you."
Perfect Master Tape #173

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teachings - Within Inside

April 13, 1992 Public program, Shri Sant Yogashram, New Delhi, (translated from Hindi)
But I have found that a human being is not in a position to save himself. His condition is constantly deteriorating in such a way that he cannot save himself. Only when he gets the grace of the Master, he can be able to save himself. But it is possible only when he is ready to listen to him. Because the guide will only show the way, how you can save yourself. He will reveal the techniques to go inside so that you can experience, enjoy and understand that thing inside. So, whatever it was and how it was done but I don't have the least doubt that my Master has showered his infinite grace upon me. He bestowed his grace when he gave me this Knowledge and my Master's ineffable grace is with me all the time - every day and night. And if I accept that infinite grace within my heart and be worthy of his grace every moment of my life, then I know fully well that I can pass my life in an everlasting joy and bliss wherever I am.
Lifeforce, Volume 8, Issue 3 July - September, 1992

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker teaching about Clarity

Like The Rain Video, 1996
Awaken the person to even the possibility that becomes a blessing, that, that. It is the blessing that you can accept in your life and if you accept that one more drop on the way to be the mighty river, one more drop, then the magic. The magic unfolds, that which is difficult is made simple, that which would take a lifetime to understand a person begins to understand in a very short period of time. Time begins to dance, understanding begins to come, darkness is replaced with light, doubt replaced with clarity, confusion replaced with understanding, sadness replaced with joy.
Like The Rain Video Video, 1998

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker teaching about Clarity

Nothing Celebrates life … like life, 1998
When every single breath becomes important, when every single moment means something to you, then there is no sorrow or regret. There is just a human being that has been dusted off, and all that exists is clarity.
I am talking about your life, about the possibility in this garden of having spring forever. I am not just talking about believing you are fulfilled, but knowing you are fulfilled. I am talking about being happy because you are happy -- having no doubt because you are saturated with clarity. Where there is consciousness, unconsciousness has no place.
Can I be afraid? Oh, yes. I can paint a frightful picture for myself. I already know that my physical performance level is not the same as it used to be. That aspect of life is changing because it must, but there is something that has not changed -- that still has the same stamina. It is that joy, that clarity, it feels the same to visit the place within. There, I have found my immortality, my reality
Nothing Celebrates life … like life, 1998

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker teaching about Clarity

Video Clip, Lisbon, Public Program excerpt, 2001. Rawat speaks about a personal promise:

Nature is incredibly beautiful but more beautiful is peace in this vessel, more beautiful is Knowledge, the little drops of Knowledge as they streak on this vessel. The beauty becomes amazing. That is beautiful, then there isn't the dust of questions, it's gone, it's washed away. It isn't the dust of doubts, it's washed away and there shines clarity and joy and that innocent smile and that innocent laughter that should dance on the lips of every human being. It's befitting. Tell me, have you not seen innocence dance on lips of a child? I have and it looks beautiful.
Thank You 2002 CD

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker teaching about Clarity

July, 2008
Can life really be filled with infinite joy? Is that possible? If you doubt this, you don't understand the nature of what resides within you, because what resides within you is complete joy, complete clarity. Think of life like this: It is your opportunity to spend time with the best friend you ever had. It is your chance to be with the ultimate clarity, the ultimate kindness, the ultimate joy. That's what a life is. It's not promised to be forever. But the possibility exists that you get to spend time with that which is the most beautiful. And that resides in your heart.
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