Caracas Venezuela, 4th February 1981

In this chaotic speech in 1981 Rawat was exuberant but there was even less continuity and progression than usual. He mentions the famous story of Swami Vivekananda finding Paramhans Ramakrishna. He gives full credence to Ramakrishna's statements about seeing feeling and touching God and yet Ramakrishna does not fit into the parampara or lineage of Rawat's acknowledged predecessors. One of Rawat's bedrock doctrines is that there is only ever one Perfect Master on the planet at one time. Yet Ramakrishna was born in 1836 and died in 1886. This was a time when Param Hans Dayal Sri Adwetanand Ji (1840-1919) was the Perfect Master according to the lineage of Shri Swarupanand, Hans Rawat's Perfect Master and predecessor.

Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji Speechifying
Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji Speechifying

Caracas Venezuela, 4th February 1981

So (clears throat) this program brings us to the last and the second night of this program and even though (clears throat) in one sense it has been very short everything that really needs to be said in one way or the other has been said. The essence – even trying to explain the purpose of human life is not a joke. Trying to explain the reason why we are here is impossible and no one, I don't care who they are, can get up in front of a microphone and start talking and maybe they'll take one hour maybe they'll take t 20 minutes maybe they take a whole lifetime. You can't explain it and it b the reason is very simple why because

it reminds me of this little story that there was this thing and he'd like to have a lot of unique things in his kingdom and one day an ambassador from the neighbouring kingdom came and brought him a mango. He'd never seen a mango in his whole life and he asked everyone in his court "What is a mango?" And the first courtier got up and he said "Oh mango is you know it's about this big and it looks like this and it's sweet and it has a very distinct aroma." That didn't convince the King, that didn't convince them, that didn't make him understand what it was and so on everybody went trying to explain what a mango is still ultimately came to this one last wise old man who just took the mango, cut it up in slices and present it to the King and the King ate and when he did no explanations were necessary.

No theory was necessary because essence what happens the people come up and when you look at it every program I have done till now has been absolutely unique. No two programs are ever alike and I have done quite a few and what gets said is not exactly the same talking about the same exact thing but it's not always put out the same way and we all try because what are we talking about here we're not it's different and the reason is because we're not standing here with a book in our hands saying "This is it. Buy this and this will save your life." No and I don't come up on the stage and I say "And there is God and that's it, believe in him, that'll save you" cause every religion in the world says that. What's so new about this one? This is not a religion and this is not somebody's idea this isn't like let's teach the world a better way of life. As a matter of fact I'm not even trying to pursue a better way of life for anybody. It automatically comes. It automatically happens.

I'm not going out there and saying "Let's bring peace in this world by going and talking to the big politicians. Let's go bring peace in this world by changing Ronald Reagan you know and by changing Indira Gandhi and by changing Margaret Thatcher." That's not gonna bring peace in the world everybody knows that. What is?

Peace is a byproduct. Peace is in itself comes because of something like laughing. Why? What makes you laugh? What makes a human being laugh? When you hear something or see something that's funny so therefore it's very obvious that laughing is a byproduct of something funny. If nothings funny happens you are not going to laugh. What is crying? Crying, well there's many stages of crying. There is the crying where your bottom lip quivers, the second stage, a little more serious state of crying is when you start howling and the third absolute most stage of crying is when your bottom lip quivers and you start howling and tears start coming out of your eyes. That's absolutely the absolute state of emotion but it's, it's because something sad has happened or because you feel that emotion. Crying happens. Peace is the same thing. Peace is a byproduct that yes every human being is content, that every human being is happy will bring peace in this world automatically and so I'm here in a very simple sense to tell you that there is a Knowledge, that there is an experience of life much deeper and much greater than we can possibly anticipate. That there is a meaning and a purpose to this life that we do not know and simply by knowing it things will happen, beautiful things all happen. Things will happen which can teach us a meaning of love, teach us not that God exists because your mother wants you to know God exists so that she can blackmail you.

No, so many times I see that first of all there's no point in telling children, little children there is God because they listened out of one ear you know and out the other. They don't care, they're too little and then they grow up and they, they can comprehend, they can you tell 'em there is God, they'll say okay there is God and you try to explain them the, the various different things about God. God can see you where ever you are and it's an automatic programming which we go through that there is this God, nn nobody knows what God looks like. I have seen so many pictures that little children try to paint of God and you can see that it's really their mother (pause) 's impression of God because they'll put 'em on a chair, and a big chair with big big white beard and and you know because even maybe some children ask how old is God and you say he's been he's really old cause you know he's been there for a long long time even before time and we are taught this thing God and we're supposed to believe in it and we're supposed to believe in it because somebody tells us that and yet for a chi you can tell a child that a turtle walks slow, right? What difference would it make to the child? Nothing but if the child just simply all by himself sees that the turtle walks slow it's a big b powow in his life, it's like "Mama mama do you know? A turtle walks really slow!" You can tell a child "Snails are slimy and messy." Doesn't make any difference for the child. Child discovers the slaim (sic) to be slimy and messy "Oh mama mama, did you know that the snail' s slimy and messy?" It becomes an adventure, it becomes a true realization, it's there and the child has perceived something because it has experienced it.

In the same way that there's so many philosophies about the Creator, there's not one but there's millions I'm suppose that there's so many religions, one after another. You can pick your choice, how you wanna be. What kind of lifestyle you wanna be. There is a religion for every one of those you know. If you wanna live in India you can either choose to be a Hindu or you can choose to be a Muslim. You can choose to be a Buddhist, you can choose to be an atheist, you can anything you want because in a 10 mile drive you will at least encounter 10 different religious temples, it's filled with religion and yet

Swami Vivekanand asked a question to his teacher, asked a question to his guru and the question was "Have you ever seen God?"

That's a good one. We don't even dare ask that one to our mother, she'll say "Now come on, you know, there is your chocolate, now go play outside." Very tough, very it can be very tough on the mother, it can be very tough on the father, it's much worse than asking about the birds and the bees. That you can say I'll tell you when you get old enough. This one you can't even answer the child got 100 years old and if you were still around. Have you seen God?

And yet a very simple straightforward question is asked "Have you seen God?" And the answer comes as though as a miracle "Yes I have seen God face to face more clearer than you are sitting in front of me. I have experienced God more than I can experience you. I have felt God more than I can feel you. I have seen God, I have felt God and I have touched God." That's what it did it for him you know it's like "Alright I'm on the right track here, this is it" and it changed his whole life. No it's simple and it's very sophisticated because when it really boils down to it, when it really boils down to it then what is God? Where do you go to find out?

God is one, God is the Creator, God is the Sustainer, God is the Destroyer, it's methodically in all the religions. Muslims believe that. Hindus believe that. Christians believe that. Everybody believes that just about and then there are the atheists. What are atheists? Atheists, I'm not quoting a dictionary, are people who do not believe in God. They don't think God exists therefore they don't even follow any religion. You'll never find an atheist Christian or an atheist Hindu or an atheist Muslim. Very unheard of but how does that religion convince even an atheist that there is a Creator that everything that person sees, believes and thinks, knows is pure luck for him. That everything that person notices and and and and everything that surrounds him is pure circumstantial luck. How do you convince that person that there is a Creator?

If, now imagine this, on the other hand if there was a Creator and he did come down to earth and he wa was over walk over to a human being who was an atheist, what would he say? "Ta ta, here I am, I am God." That only happens in Hollywood like that not in real life. No, the simple and profound experience, a simple and a real experience can convince anybody that that Creator that that energy which is supreme, which is above all, which is within every particle of this creation exists. And there's a big difference in that you are believing in that Creator, the power, the absolute, the truth not because somebody told you to. You do it because you've seen it just like Vivekanand. He believed, he was ready to accept and yet how profoundly was it put to him that it wasn't all joke, it wasn't all theory, it wasn't all ideas but it was very straightforward "I have seen God face to face." This is, this is this is what we need to experience. Who can who can argue that?

For that Creator which is motionless, the Creator is formless, the Creator that's timeless, the energy which drives everything and yet nothing drives it. An absolute, an absolute because you see something absolute doesn't exist in our day and age and yet there is something that's completely absolute away and above and beyond the concepts, the ideas of all the great scientists put together the cause for many of them maybe there is other planets because for maybe many of them there is this and there is time and they're caught in their little game of maybe there is this and maybe there is that and and this is more like it and this is the essence and this is not the essence and yet they see and they break down part by part by part the creation and maybe it becomes very difficult for them to understand that there is something more infinite than they can ever discover by their own eyes. There is something more infinite than they can ever understand by their finite brain and thus comes the necessity for that teacher in our life.

Thus comes the absolute necessity for a teacher who can teach us that, who can guide us there but I know that, especially in the West 'guru', the word guru is like you know really strange. People really accept it and and I mean obviously in America when you say to somebody you know guru it's like "Whoa, you know, stay 2 feet away from me it's like he's got a virus or something. Don't give me that you know" and you will find it, it's amazing, I found it amazing that the American dictionary of American language accepts the word guru and obviously the professor who wrote the book needs to be told the proper meaning of the word 'guru' but they do accept the word and they wrote it down in the the maya, which is the illusion, they write that down in there and yet what does 'guru' mean?

Guru is a human being, yes? Can he do things? Should he should he have the power to do things? No, it is not necessary. He's not the one who's gonna make your oranges grow better. If that's what you're pursuing go contact the Agricultural Ministry, they know. You know if you want a child, go contact your doctor. They'll tell you exactly what's wrong with you and how to get about it and if you still can't have one go to an adoption home. They have plenty of them lying around. So what?

What is the sickness, what is the sickness that's got everybody? The ones that are sick, it has them too and the ones that are perfectly healthy, it has them too. The sickness, the trauma that we caught in between of hate and love, just that, that we have that hate in us or express in more preaching type words, the devil, the devil that gets us. A sickness, we are plagued by it, we are all plagued by it and yet what is the answer and what is the solution to it all? That that presence of that Creator can remove it, the knowing of that Creator can remove it and yet do we conceivably communicate, see and understand.

What would happen if you got up in the morning, grabbed your newspaper, grabbed your cup of coffee, drank it, grabbed your newspaper and just as you're just about unready ready getting' ready to unlock your car a big thunderbolt strikes that door lock, one about this big around you know in your hand the keys fly off there it is and all of a sudden the car just disappears and this gigantic light takes it's shape making everything it touches infinite because it's infinite. Every finite thing it touches just boom it's gone because it becomes timeless, motionless, shapeless, ageless, it just disappears and there are and it's comin' towards you. What are you gonna do? And there's this incredible sound being generated by this incredible just just just like so powerful incredible there is just moving moving slowly towards you and everything you know the little garbage truck in front of you is just gone, the road disappears you know, the part that it touches and and every you can just just see behind it there is nothing. What are you gonna do when it starts coming close to you? You gonna run and run as fast as you can, even faster if you can. Why? Why? Simply because you don't know what it is. It hasn't explained itself, it's consuming everything. And I mean isn't it true that I know that in just about every religion the last prayer goes in you know "We you know commence (sic) this soul to you oh Lord you know, receive him well, forgive him for all of his sins." That's the one you never hear, that's the one for you but you never hear it. What would happen? Because it's its unexplained, you could never relate to it. You could never sit down in front of that light and say "I feel devotion for You" when you're really trembling and jittering and can't even look at it. "I feel devotion for You. I feel love for You. Teach me everything. Give me salvation. Give me liberation." Light is saying "I'll do it right now, just let me touch you, I'll consume you." And then the prayer changes you know "Give me salvation, give me liberation and a few more hours in this world."

But then a very beautiful thing happens because that's not the way it happens. It never has manifested. That perfectness has never manifex manifested itself in that way but on the contrary on a very basic human level, human level right down to earth and as the words put it right down to earth on a human level that Christ came as a human being and so many believe that he was the son of God. With somebody with that powerful of a connection he could have requested anything "Send me down as a thunderbolt lighting. Send me down as a thing that consumes everything." But as a simple human being and crucified, not understood, rejected to an ultimate level because for what he had to say and yet what did he have to say that I have something to offer a very beautifully said "Knock and it shall be opened unto you." Knock. Ask for that experience and that experience will be bestowed upon you. Knock on that door, the door isn't gonna knock on you. Knock on the door. Ask and the for the ones who ask, for the ones who did receive that experience, it was incredible, they had no problem, no problem believing in a simple carpenter, they had no problem believing what he had to say.

Something happens you see that whatever he has to say becomes Scriptures, every word, every experience associated with him brings that Knowledge closer and closer and I mean incredible experience that even to today we look at it and we give this example of that incredible devotion that there is this woman taking oil, massaging it on the feet of this human being quote unquote and wiping that oil with her hairs and everybody's going "Wow what's going on here?" Would it be any different in this day and age but what caused the devotion? What all of a sudden transformed the words that seemed so negligible to those standing by, to those passing by. To his followers they were absolute Scriptures that to hear those words was there goal and wherever he travelled they had to follow him to what? To be with him, to to hear him and for some of these they weren't crippled, they didn't have hay fever, no miracle happened to them seemingly. They weren't crippled and then they didn't have you know their they it wasn't like they didn't couldn't see. In normal terms they were as human you know perfect human beings. They could see, they could hear, they could walk and yet still coming and finding the biggest miracle because what Jesus showed them, what Jesus showed them was that form, that manifestation of that Creator that one received by a human being the doubts go away, the questions disappear.

Why? We have so many questions. Why this and why that? Why is there suffering in this world? Why is there pain in this world? Why is there happiness in this world? Why there is a day? Why there is a night? Why do we have to die? What happens after we die? (End of aside A)

Right? It's a little rebellion but when you see the Super Boss it's like "It's all right" (applause for the super boss) you know whatever that super boss is doing, it's cool, it's okay and you realize that you don't even exist in the presence of that super thing. Who are you to sit here and go "Why is there suffering and why is there pain?" So if it's cool, it's all right is it you know that super one wants to - you don't want to be in His way you know cause it can be all a matter of seconds you may be disappeared in that eternity of nowhere that all those doubts take are taken away and if you were to just look at it from an open perspective not from a perspective of being a Christian, Hindu or a Muslim or a Sikh or a anybody just an open perspective, it just from a very simple perspective and as simple as Jesus did something for human beings that he in fact took those souls that were in darkness and he brought them into the light.

He was the Perfect Master because what he taught, what he had to give, what he had to offer was the perfect thing. He was the guru because he brought what 'guru' means, straight by the book on the table 'guru' is a Sanskrit word in a language created a long long long time ago and many words in Sanskrit are the same in Latin and in that language the one you know who and what and where simply the one who can take you from darkness and bring you into the light is certified to be called the guru. No it doesn't mean anymore, it doesn't mean any less. Does that surprise you? It doesn't surprise me that this is it.

What is darkness? Ignorance? Well maybe one form - that I need to know something in this life. First of all we have a very hard time accepting that that we need to know something in this life. Our our preliminary reaction really is "I really don't need to know anything. I know everything after all man I haven't blown 70 years or 10 years or 12 years of my life in a college for nothing. But did Jesus go to a college? Why? Well is it in the carpentry that you learn an incredible experience? Obviously not. It's something beyond all that. It's something more incredible than that.

It's the true experience that no book in the world can teach you, that no college can teach you, no University can teach you cause they don't have any. It cannot be sold, it cannot be bought, it cannot be destroyed and you cannot be separated from it even if you'd like to be and because you cannot be separated because it is what's keeping you alive right now. If you want to separate from it you can't. It's within you, it's you! It's not an external experience of a you know pow this is it. There's no magic powders involved, no big flames involved a simple understanding experience of your own self.

Who needs this Knowledge in this world? Well let me put it this way, dogs don't need it and cats don't need it and gorillas don't need it and alligators don't need. All this vast animal world except for one animal, the rest of the animals don't need it. Insects don't need it, the birds don't need it you know fishes don't need it, micro organisms don't need it. One animal needs it to human being because he is the crown of creation. He is the one - look at a dog. Dog cannot cook for himself. Look at us, we can cook and we can eat. We can conquer whatever we feel a we a human being. The first they probably saw the birds, they wanted to be up there. So much you know for him fantastic enthusiasm and I don't know since when man has uh always wanted to fly but that quest has been there for a long long time. Have you ever seen a dog fly? No. I've seen 'em fly in an airplane but they're not really flying, to them, usually you drug the dog, they don't know what's going on anyway and you never get a male dog in an airplane you know makes a big mess all over the place and it becomes like can a cat fly? No, but a human being has conquered the art of flying. They made these gizmos you know and you get inside these gizmos and you do a little switching here and a little switching there and off you go. Man you know has obviously it's taken him a long time but he can definitely fly at speeds which no birds can fly. If the birds start flying at that speed they'd get cooked and you look at the whole situation that look at the man's level of achievement. That's what makes him different. That's why we don't call each other animals, we call each other human beings.

That we're not in the state of gorillaism, maybe one day we were gorilla but look at this humanity. I mean we're no better off than a gorilla because a gorilla's life is pretty peaceful, basically. Only once in a while he has to fight an other gorilla and even for that it's not for death. It's really beautiful isn't it, I gorilla doesn't really want to kill and other gorilla and the g the main honcho who gorilla takes the whole pack, takes them to the luscious green grass, that's what they eat and they come home where ever their home is and they go to sleep and they wake up the next morning and they go out and find some more lush grass some trees and some bark whatever they like to eat that day, that's it.

No nuclear buttons, no missiles and no sh fuel shortage, and no burning of the gas stations and know nothing. Very simple and yet look at man. Man is so much at war with himself that he has literally made everyone's life around him miserable too and yet what can we achieve? What is possible? To be at this level what is possible for us to achieve? What is the next logical thing to achieve? What is the ultimate? The ultimate that'll bring us all together. The ultimase (sic) that'll that'll give us our own experience. The experience of this life - why we are here, why we need to live. What is life? And then what sustains my life? That to go beyond those realms and to be ignorant, one who knows everything is still so ignorant because if you do not know who you are - what we think we are we're really not cause we look at our own identity, we are somebody because I mean if you were look at it in in that sense.

You know I guess that that everybody's guilty even I am because if this suit is hanging somewhere and somebody was to say "Whose suit is that?" I'm gonna say "That's my suit. That's my watch. Those are my shoes. That's my socks." And I am not going to come here you know wearing a blue suit with a brown Hawaiian shirt and a white tie and purple socks and hairs that are three colored. The purple, the green and the gold white why? Cause there's a certain way I have grown up to be. Certain things that I like, certain things that I don't like and I don't like three colored hairs you know and so when you look at it okay here I am, is this me? Which part of the life that I live is really me? The one that likes all the suits or the when they one wears them a certain way or the hairs a certain way or the what which which which what am I? Really is this body me? The flesh, is that me?

Because what it basically boils down to it, this body consists of little cells and there are these little things, little electrically charged particles in our body that have coded information exactly what they're supposed to do and they go about every day in their business tripping this coded information into the body and they're doing their function. It's when it boils down to it what are we? Really a little cell cause that little cell is the one that doesn't have any eyes and you don't give a name to yourself. I mean what is this?? of life. Microscopically we are fffilled with these absolutely most ugly looking creatures on our skin and these are only visible through a microscope and when you see them they are absolutely gory. Our eyelashes are covered with them, our nails covered everywhere and every time we take a shower they multiply. Really and in every different part of our body there is these different little bugs, microscopic bugs living all over the place so what am I? Do I give little names to my little bugs? There is Harry, that there is Joe, there is you know so-and-so, that's me, that's my little bug right there. Our eyebrows are filled with them too or the skin, the skin that keeps peeling off every day. You never have the same skin, skin just peels off and new one comes and peels off and and the event of a human being's life so many times you shed your skin. It happens little by little and it just peels right off, that's it. So what am I? The only thing is bones and flesh, even the blood that's all little little little little little little particles and the rest is all water. These little cells that run around and do their thing. One's cleaning department, one's antiseptic department , one's this department, one's that I mean every little thing is going on automatically. And my air? The air that I breathe, am I that? No. Then what am I? This human being, this Harry, this Joe, this Smith you know Joan, Jill, Jack, you know Jack and Jill went up the hill. Wha which is this Jack and what is this Jill? What is this Harry? What is this Joe? What what are all these people? What makes them Joe? What makes them Harry? What makes them Dick? We don't know. When it really comes down to it where do you put the finger? Really if somebody was to stand in front of you and say "Can you please point out the Jack in me?" Where would you point to? Here here here here here here here. Where?

And yet we live our lives in the dream in this idea in this fashion in this concept. I mean I'm not saying concepts are bad but here is one that's eluding us from a very true reality cause what we are we're beautiful. Absolutely uncontaminated. A part of that infinite power. That's what we are. We are beautiful. We are in fact love. We are in fact truth. We are in fact infinite wisdom. Do we know it? No. This kinda ignorance doesn't help anyone. To know how beautiful we are, there's a life, there's a miracle inside of us. We want to see miracles, don't we? We all wanna see miracles. Miracles are great. What is a, what is a miracle?

A miracle well is like a magician can come in front of you and make a balloon disappear. That's not really a miracle because the balloon is somewhere but if someone was to come and really, really make that balloon disappear, really did it where you couldn't find it anywhere and did it right in front of your eyes, no handwaving and this and that and pulling out the balloon from here and deflating it in there. Now you know why magicians don't perform in bathing suits. They can't. They need their nice suit and pull this out and pull that out and this and that. A little fashion, a little trick of the hand. Somebody who can really really really really take you know and do something outrageous, like make this whole hall disappear. Poof. I don't think the management would like that and I can understand why but really make it disappear. That's a miracle right? That's too much. I'm uncomprehendible (sic) stuff. No tricks involved here. What do you where do you hide a hall like this? He'd have to have a really big arm.

No, that's not a miracle. Look around us, taking nothing, nothing and making a human being out of it. A living walking talking seeing believing understanding hearing little thing. Make it function, make it work and then take that walking talking thinking everything little thing and in seconds just make it disappear that is all there but it's really not there. That's the grand miracle. The miracle is already happening around us. We have to open our eyes and look at it. This isn't an illusion, this is the reality and reality is much different than an illusion. We are not illusion, we're not part of an illusion, we are part of a reality. The Creator who created this earth so magnificently wasn't out to create an illusion but to create a reality. Am I an illusion? No, I'm real. Are you an illusion? No, you are real.

Then what is an illusion? Your ignorance is an illusion but you do not know it is an illusion. You think you know but you don't really know. That's an illusion. To be able to just go beyond that idea or thought of somebody and say "No this is a human being. This is something real." That is to get out of the illusion and this is why again and again that human being comes to teach us what human beings really are. To teach us, to take our ignorance away, to take our miseries away, take that sickness that plagues us and heal us, heal us from that infinite sickness. Sickness that plagues everyone, take it away. The doctor, that that that human being has been described as a laundry man, one who takes the dirty clothes and washes them clean. Takes the stains away, takes the dirt away, takes the filth away because here I am, maybe I'm wearing a white shirt and I may have a big stain on it. Is that stain a part of my shirt? No. It's an illusion, it's just there, take it to the laundry man and he'll take the black spot away and the shiny shirt will come through.

That, that's what that Master does. He teaches us what perfectness is. He doesn't make us perfect, he teaches us what perfectness is. He shows us that perfectness within inside of us and he makes everything real and makes everything blissful. So when it basically comes down to here I am I mean I've already said a lot and I you know ??? don't need to say all that one but one thing is true that here I am, I'm not just saying all these things to make you feel good that "Oh yeah this happens and that happens and this can happen to you." No. All this that I have said can come true for you that that Knowledge, that knowing, taking away of that ignorance, being taken away from the darkness and brought into the light can also become a reality for you now in this lifetime. You don't have to wait. This is just as this is the beautiful part of it.

Every religion says do all the good deeds in this lifetime, when you die you'll go to heaven to enjoy yourself." I say you don't have to die to enjoy yourself. You can enjoy yourself right now. Why do you have to die? That here we are, we can enjoy ourself right now, that it can all become real for us right now, that that heaven I mean that's the prayer you know "Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come, come where?" We've already said "Our father who art in heaven" who are who is in heaven but thy Kingdom come, thine will be done. Your kingdom will come, it's no dream and when is thy Kingdom come? When we accept that Creator as our King.

Whatta you think his Kingdom come means? That he's gonna shuffle all his court down here? You know have his throne dragged out and his golden pillars and all his little angels are gonna come down and all his courtyards are gonna come down and the pearly gates will have to be transferred. The space shuttle enterprise would be a good tool in case any of the pearly gates have to be transferred. Any special personnel they'll have to make a really big one for the pearly gates. Those are big.

No but when that Creator comes and we are there to accept and to understand then that automatically becomes that Kingdom of Heaven. That Creator is always with us. When he creates us, when he makes us, when he puts us on this planet earth he doesn't say "Ciao kids. I'm goin' away now. You work it all out." He knows, we can never work it out, doesn't he? If it always will get finally our foot caught in our mouth and another way to put it we are bound to step on the bear trap and that always happens. That very simply that Creator always is with us. There never is a time when that Creator isn't with us. We have to just open our eyes and look, that's all. Accept with that open heart. Believe because He is showing us something. He is giving us something not because He - there is a philosophy not because your mother told you, not because your daddy told you, not because your uncle told you, not because a smart kid on your class told you that because you know because you have seen because you have believed. There are no more doubts to be remain when somebody can come to you and say "I have seen God face to face closer than I am seeing you. I have felt God closer than I can feel you and I have touched God more than I can touch you."

Super good stuff and that's where it is because that in that we can have a beautiful beautiful experience. In that it can all become real for us then there's no theory it's the real thing. To believe in that, to aspire, to believe, to trust, to know, to have that faith becomes all very simple. So I mean ultimately the choice is always going to be yours. Whether you open your heart, whether you open your heart and accept all when you close your heart and reject and uh believe me there are people sitting here who have already received Knowledge, I'm talking to everybody in this hall that that process of rejection and acceptance is always turned on and that I have to keep my heart, I have to see and believe not only believe and believe but see and believe see and believe see and believe. The experience is there, the experiences is real, the experience is so true and so with that thank you very much and good night. (halfhearted applause)