Lineage of Prem Rawat's Prior Perfect Masters

This is not a Perfect Master!
Professor Ron Geaves, student of Prem Rawat - He is not a Perfect Master

Some of the research that "confirmed" this lineage or parampara was done by the academic and devotee of Prem Rawat, Ron Geaves BA, MA, PhD, CertEd of Liverpool Hope University. Some of this information was originally published on Maharaji Net ( and though that site is no longer available, the lineage has the authorization of Prem Rawat himself as shown in this information from the Elan Vital video: 'Passages'. The lineage is mostly fantasy and includes any reasonably famous religious figure of the past right back to "the "Creation" of the first human being. The actual historical parampara begins in the 19th century. The Rawat family began their claims to be Satgurus in 1936 on the death of Shri Swarupanand, the Satguru of the Advait Mat, and guru of Hans Rawat.

Hans with Crown and FluteUnfortunately there is nearly always controversy over the succession of a "Perfect Master" and Rawat's father Shri Hans was not accepted as the successor to Shri Swarupanand Ji as Hans had only been initiated for 5 years and the mahatmas believed he could not be the Perfect Master as he was a married man. Swarupanand had publicly appointed a designated successor who had long been his senior disciple. Ron has personally tracked down an eyewitness and recorded the unlikely truth of Hans' succession from a 101 year old Advait Mat mahatma only one day before he died! Truly a great, modern miracle!

The Rawat mens' claims to guruship are no more fraudulent than any others and they are based in the North Indian tradition of Sant Mat, the Path of the Sants. Ron Geaves has pointed out that there are virtually no defining characteristics of a Sant Master (see Prem Rawat and Counterculture: Glastonbury and New Spiritualities © 2019 by Ron Geaves). With that caveat, even Prem Rawat would fit the bill.

In Hollywood California, the spiritual capital of the world, on August 11 1971, Prem Rawat declared "This is the Knowledge that Jesus Christ gave, that Guru Nanak gave, that Krishna gave, that Ram gave, that Mohammed gave. And I am giving it. Supreme Knowledge. It is sacred. Top sacred! And it dwells within all of us. All human beings. And we are unable to know it without the help of the true Master. That is what I am teaching. Yes?

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Prem Rawat current Perfect Master (Satguru) Satgurudev Balyogeshwar Paramhans Sant Ji Maharaj. (1957 - )

Prem Rawat, known also by the self-chosen title 'Maharaji' (Ultimate Ruler) and formerly known as "Guru Maharaj Ji"), is the present "Perfect Master" and succeeded shortly after the death of his father, Shri Hans Ji Maharaj in 1966. He has a wife and four adult children, is a man of independent means all of which he received from contributions by his devotees and lives in an astonishing mansion in Malibu, California.

Born in India, he gave his first published (by his father's organisation) address when he was only four. At eight, he started presenting his message of his Divinity reincarnated with more power than ever before and his unique role as the only Giver of True Peace to humanity throughout the Indian subcontinent. In 1971, at thirteen, his small group of Western followers sent him an airline ticket to England and he began his career in the West in London and Los Angeles.

The dissemination of his message, which though unpublicised and unknown to most people is made available in more than 88 countries and 70 languages, is entirely supported by voluntary contributions and the sale of related materials to his remaining Western followers. He has never done anything but be the Perfect Master, since he inherited the title at the age at the age of 8. He was deposed and disinherited by his mother in 1975 because of his drug and alcohol abuse and lost the Indian followers, infrastructure and assets his father had amassed.

In 2002 "The Prem Rawat Foundation", which attempts to promote an image of him as a respected and renowned teacher of peace and endlessly publicises his minor charitable donations, was founded. His followers have lobbied for countless, meaningless, minor civic honours to be presented to him..

Hans Rawat prior Perfect Master (Satguru) HRH Yogiraj Param Hans Sadgurudev Sri Hans Ji Maharaj (1900-1966) - Hans Rawat

Hans Ram Singh Rawat, known by the title HRH Yogiraj Param Hans Sadgurudev Sri Hans ji Maharaj, born (November 8, 1900 - July 19, 1966) in Gadh-ki-Sedhia, north-east of Hardwar, Uttarakhand, India. His parents were Ranjit Singh Rawat and Kalindi Devi. He was considered a satguru by his students who called him affectionally "Sri Maharaji" or just "Guru Maharaj Ji".

He had a daughter from his first wife Sinduri Devi, and four sons from his second wife Rajeshwari Devi, later known as "Mata ji".

Swarupanand  past Perfect Master (Satguru) Sri Swarupanand Ji Maharaj (1884-1936)

Beli Ram, Sri Swami Swarupanand ji Maharaj (1884-1936) Born in Kohat, India was a guru of the Advait Mat lineage. He was also known as "Second Master" and as Sri Nangli Sahib.

The young Beli Ram was initiated into the sanyasas by Advaitanand Ji, who named him Swarupanand Ji, in the early 1900's in Teri. During Advaitanand's life, Swarupanand created an order of sannyasins (or renunciates) in northern India and founded several centers with the purpose of disseminating his master's teachings. [1]

In 1935 he moved from Punjab to Delhi. He died a year later on 9th April 1936 in the village of Nagli, near Meerut[2]. At the time of his death Swarupanand had ten thousand followers and more than three hundred ashrams in northern India. There were reported indications made by Swarupanand about Hans Ji Maharaj being his successor that were later contested by a group of mahatmas that did not appreciate the fact that Hans ji was married , making him a "householder", a status that in their views as renunciates was not acceptable[3]. According to another account, Swarupanand was succeeded by Shri Swami Vairag Anand Ji Maharaj, also known as the "third master" [4].

Part Lineage of Prem Rawat's Prior Perfect Masters

Advaitanand  past Perfect Master (Satguru)Param Hans Dayal Sri Adwetanand Ji (1840-1919)

Shri Paramhansa Dayal Ji, known also as Advaitanand Ji (other spelling Adwetanand), or Shri Swami Advait Anand Ji Maharaj (born Ram Yaad)[1] (c.1846-1919), son of Tulsi Das Ji, was born in Pukh, Nakshatra in the province of Bihar, India.

Dayal Ji, is also known as the "first master" and is considered part of the Advait Mat lineage or parampara. He is said to have initiated the "second master", Swarupanand Ji in the early 1900's.[2]

Sri Anandpuri Ji Maharaj (1782-1872)

Sri Swami Anandpuri ji Maharaj (1782-1872) is known as the founder of the Advait Mat tradition. He was initiated by Totapuri [1].

When he was 90 years of age, he reportedly wrote in Urdu on a paper: "Accept Paramhansa Ram Yaad" referring to Dayal Ji, the one that went to become the "first master" of Advait Mat[2].

Totapuri  past Perfect Master (Satguru)Sri Totapuri Ji Maharaj (1780-1866)

Ishwar Totapuri (also Tota Puri) (1780-1866), born likely in Punjab, India, was a parivrajaka (wandering monk) who followed the path of the Advaita Vedanta. He regarded the gods and goddesses of dualistic worship as fantasies of the mind and reportedly spent forty years practicing austerity and other disciplines of self-exertion.

By the time he arrived at Dakshineswar Temple in 1864, he was a wandering monk of the Dasnami order of Adi_Shankara, and head of a monastery in the Punjab claiming the leadership of seven hundred sannyasins. He initiated Ramakrishna into Advaita Vedanta [1], as well as Anandpuri Ji from the Advait Mat tradition [2].

Totapuri was "a teacher of masculine strength, a sterner mien, a gnarled physique, and a virile voice". Ramakrishna affectionately addressed him as Nangta, the "Naked One", because as a renunciate he did not wear any clothing[3].

Prem Rawat's Purported ParamparaThe preceding information has been confirmed by the present Perfect Master, Prem Rawat aka Maharaji aka Guru Maharaj Ji and so we can be sure that these were the living Perfect Masters of their time and they were the only Perfect Masters of their time if Prem Rawat actually is the Perfect Master of the current age. While we cannot be absolutely certain about earlier Perfect Masters we can be reasonably sure these people following were Perfect Masters as both Prem Rawat and his predecessor and father have often quoted them in their satsangs. Prem Rawat has confirmed that Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed, Ram, Kabir, Nanak and Tulsi Das were Perfect Masters. Much that has been recorded about them may be mythical.

Jesus Christ, Perfect Master Jesus Christ (6BC-32AD)

Jesus Christ (6BC-32AD), was born in Nazareth, Palestine and was a Jewish carpenter who was crucified in AD32 by the Roman authorities. He was the founder of a small Jewish apocalyptic sect which evolved into the Christian religion which has had such a chequered history of crusades, inquisitions and genocidal wars.

However, there need be no controversy about his status as the Perfect Master of his time as Prem Rawat has confirmed that Jesus was, indeed, the Perfect Master of his time and that Jesus taught the same Knowledge to his disciples that Maharaji reveals today though Maharaji has now come with far more power than when he incarnated 2,000 years ago or ever before.

Maharaji is not much of a reader and while he has never read a scripture is sure they are beautiful when they are not confusing but he did see the "Gospel of John" during his early schooling at St Joseph's Academy and has repeated "In the beginning was the Word" countless times in his public speaking.

Kabir  past Perfect Master (Satguru) Sant Kabir Das Ji Maharaj (1398 - 1448)

Kabir is the seminal figure in the 'Sant Mat' religious tradition of Northern India from which Hans Rawat's teaching was based and the evolution of the Hindi language. The poetry attributed to him is still revered and has begun to reach a world-wide audience. His life has become mythical and actual details are uncertain. Though a Hindu by tradition, he was a Muslim by upbringing. He was a weaver by profession. He died at Magahar and both Hindus and Muslims claimed the body. He is associated with Ramanand and he mentions Jaidev and Namdev among lineage of his Gurus. He is revered even today by Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs alike. His verses are included in the 'Aadi Granth' of the Sikhs.

He is the first Perfect Master to have revealed the secrets of the entire creation to world at large (see his two verses, both entitled: "Kar Nainon Deedar"). He met with opposition from Pandits and Maulvis alike. His verses, though encompassing the highest secrets of Sant-Mat, clearly remain close to the common man's heart even today. He often uses strong language to denounce the prevalent ritualism. He had a galaxy of renowned disciples such as: Dharamdas Ji, Mir Taqi, Ganaka Ji, Pipa Ji, Dhanna Ji, Sadana Ji etc.

Rawat has spoken about Kabir and claims that modern translators do not understand his poetry as they have not "received the Knowledge." He has also given a very free translation of "Kabir, another fifteenth century saint, says, "We are like cloth that is washed with the soap of clarity again and again until it sparkles. You need to sparkle, to shine, because that is your potential." "A 14th century poet, Kabir, says, "No one is hungry and no one is poor. Everyone is rich beyond belief." Everyone has an incredible package with them, but they haven't opened it. That is why they have nothing. He is addressing human beings on this earth making the journey we have been on for so many centuries."

Guru Nanak  past Perfect Master (Satguru) Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj (1469 - 1539)

Nanak was born at Talwandi (Nankana Sahib) to Kalu and Mata Tripta, who were Bedi Kshatris. He married Bibi Sulakhani and had 2 sons, Srichand and Lakshmidas. He was taught Farsi and Accountancy. His father tried to involve him in family business, but he spent the money to feed holy men instead. He was then sent to his sister's at Sultanpur and was employed at Nawab Daulat Khan's grocery store.

He was given darshan and initiated by Sat Purush himself in the form of Kabir Sahib when he was aged 27 on a riverbank (whom he is said to have later met physically at Varanasi in 1542). He travelled 4 times to East: upto Assam and Burma, South: upto Sri Lanka where 'Pran Sangli' was written, North: upto Tibet and Mt. Sumeru in the Astral Plane where he met Siddhas and Naths and West: Baghdad, Iran, Mecca, Kabul. Hindus and Muslims alike loved him alike and holy men visited him from afar. He is said to have met Sheikh Ibrahim in the lineage of Baba Farid. Emperors Babar and Humayun came to him. Baba Budha, who "crowned" 5 of the Gurus was a prominent disciple of his. 'Jap Ji', 'Asa di Var', 'Rahi Ras', 'Sohila' and 'Sodar' are his prominent works, besides the verses in 'Granth Sahib'.

Towards the last part of his life, he settled at Kartarpur, which he founded on banks of river Ravi. During the last years he witnessed the brutal sacking of Saiyidpur by Emperor Babar. Upon his death, his body was also claimed by both Hindus and Muslims. Monuments raised at the spot were swept away by the river. It was here the city of Dera Baba Nanak came to be built.

Tulsi Das  past Perfect Master (Satguru)Tulsi Das (1532 - 1623)

Goswami Tulsidas (1532-1623) was an Awadhi poet and philosopher. He was born in Rajpur, India in the district of Banda in Uttar Pradesh, during the reign of Humayun. Tulsidas wrote twelve books and is considered the greatest and most famous of Hindi poets. He is regarded as an incarnation of Valmiki, the author of Ramayana written in Sanskrit. He wrote Ramacharitamanasa (The Lake that is the Story of Lord Rama), an epic devoted to Lord Rama. This Awadhi version of Ramayana, like many translations of the original Sanskrit Ramayana, is read and worshipped with great reverence in many Hindu homes in northern India. It is an inspiring book that contains sweet couplets in beautiful rhyme called 'chaupai'. Vinaya Patrika is another important book written by Tulsidas. He is considered one of the northern Indian Sants.

He is the first Perfect Master to have revealed the secrets of the entire creation to world at large (see his two verses, both entitled: "Kar Nainon Deedar"). He met with opposition from Pandits and Maulvis alike. Sultan Sikandar Lodi attempted to punish him by various means such as by drowning, by fire and by mauling under an elephant's feet. His verses, though encompassing the highest secrets of Sant-Mat, clearly remain close to the common man's heart even today. He often uses strong language to denounce the prevalent ritualism. Of his works are 'Bijak', 'Granthavali', 'Shabdavali' and 'Anurag Saagar'. The King of Benaras was among his disciples. He had a galaxy of renowned disciples such as: Dharamdas Ji, Mir Taqi, Ganaka Ji, Pipa Ji, Dhanna Ji, Sadana Ji etc.

Rawat has definitely claimed Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna and Ram as Perfect Masters. Other people generally accepted as Perfect Masters and great saints include:

Jesus  past Perfect Master (Satguru) Muhammed  past Perfect Master (Satguru) Krishna  past Perfect Master (Satguru)
Ramakrishna Mira Bai Ram(a) past Perfect Master (Satguru)