Divine Light Magazine No 2

Who Created God?

I Created God said Guru Maharaj Ji aka Prem Rawat

16 July 1971

Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji's Life and Career

This was Maharaj Ji's last satsang before He left for the United States. It was held in the same small church hall that had seen the joyous Guru Puja meeting a week before but this time there was a little sadness. Maharaj Ji had asked all premies to attend and they hadn't.

When great luck favours a man, then is the holy Knowledge attained and with good fortune every man is able to receive satsang. But it is said that Guru Maharaj Ji, the one who will come at the end of Kaliyuga with His full power, will remove luck and fortune. He will open His Kingdom for everyone to enter and no one will need luck or fortune to get a ticket. Anyone who really wants a ticket will be able to get one.

Guru Maharaj Ji is so kind to humanity. First of all he created God, the God who has given us this human form. And then He comes into this world. What is the nature of this kindness He gives? It is such that He gives us the most precious thing in the world. The most precious thing of all He gives us, free. Without any charge He gives us the priceless jewel, the priceless diamond. It is worth more than the Koh–i–nor or any other diamond. It is the Koh–i–nor of all the Koh–i–nors. And if someone does not want this gift, it is not the fault of Guru Maharaj Ji.

Whenever He comes as a man into this world, everybody criticizes Him except those people who are His devotees. Why is this? On the television the police lady said "Whether He is the Lord or not I will still give Him a ticket". The Jews criticized Jesus. Do you think St John also criticized Jesus? Jesus was the Lord only to His disciples to whom He had given Knowledge, and not to those people who criticized Him. He was the Lord for those women who believed in His Word and who came to His grave. Even when He told them He would come again on a certain day, even then they believed.

So remember this; whatever order Guru Maharaj Ji gives us we must obey. Till now we have been obeying the orders of all the materialistic gurus, and the main one of these is the mind. We have been led into terrible ways, into the crooked ways of materialism and the mind. But now we have to obey Satguru Maharaj Ji so that He can lead us to the right and perfect path.

Excerpted from a specch of Prem Rawat's on 16th July 1971. Published in the Divine Light Magazine Volume 1 Number 2

  • Guru Maharaj Ji is the name of the formless Supreme Creator
  • Guru Maharaj Ji is also the name of the incarnation of this Supreme Creator in a human form that reincarnates thoughout human hisotry to save Mankind
  • God is the energy that sustains the universe and individual humans

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