Divine Light Magazines

The British Divine Light magazine was the first magazine published in the West dealing with Prem Rawat then known as Guru Maharaj Ji and his career as a cult leader. The issues display the rise and fall of Britain's Divine Light Mission both literally and metaphorically. The first issue of June 1971 had 18 black and white pages and 4 images - 3 of the young guru Himself and one of his father. There was no funding to print another issue for 5 months. By July 1973 the British Divine Light Mission published a 255 page full colour issue with images on most pages that coincided with the July Guru Puja celebration in London that drew 15,000 people to its street marches and public speeches by the Guru and members of his Holy Family.

The failure of the Millenium '73 festival left the Mission in debt, that end of large scale recruitment and within a few months Divine Light magzinwe was no more and no high quality magazine for general distribution has ever been published in England by followers of Prem Rawat's again.