Divine Times - Volume 4, Issue 8, September 30 1975

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Hans Jayanti '75

Guru Maharaj Ji is our Perfect Master; his Knowledge is infinite and there's no limit to the height our experiences can take us. Hans Jayanti is Maharaj Ji's gift to us to sit with him, play with him, listen to his satsang and do pranam. Let's grab our chance and leave all our expectations and pre-conceptions behind. Maharaj Ji's here to take us home.

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Guru Puja Essen '75

It was after 11 pm when Maharaj Ji, Durga Ji and Premlata arrived. Guru Maharaj Ji was wearing his red and gold Krishna outfit and Premlata was in a coat to match. As Durga Ji took the microphone to speak, Maharaj Ji took Premlata in his arms. Premlata gave a wave to the premies and then reached across to Maharaj Ji's mike and pulled it down to her mouth. She seemed to know all about microphones, and blew into it like a professional. Maharaj Ji's satsang was very different from the previous night. He was completely regal, instructing his devotees to beware of their mind. He said it was the mind's service to cause confusion, to distract us from Knowledge. And that was why, even after we have Knowledge, we still need Guru Maharaj Ji.

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National News

"On Wednesday, Mahatma Ji gave Knowledge to sixteen people (I don't know how it grew to that from the two possibilities), and on Wednesday night, he had the fourth public program of his visit. The hall was absolutely packed. People in the seats, in the aisles, in the wings. In Mahatma Ji's satsang, he gave an example of the mind's craziness from his childhood: 'When I was six, I watched a lot of television … and then one day, a horrible thing happened to me. The Wrigley's Spearmint Gum commercial started playing over and over in my imagination." He told us of the sad saga of having the jingle go through his head and only get louder and louder until he learned to use that same TV to blot it out - that is, he would get up early, turn on the television, 'and at that time of the morning, all that was on was this pattern and one blaring note, kind of a I 'whoooo'.' He would turn the TV up really loud, get close to the speaker and concentrate all of his attention on the screen. It quieted the Wrigley's Spearmint Gum commercial in his mind. 'It really relieved my pain,' he said, '… until the National Anthem came on.'

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Keep Hangin' On Satsang Given by Guru Maharaj Ji at the Guru Puja Festival in Essen, Germany August 31, 1975

So premies, that is the reason for mind. What mind does is it puts us into so much illusion, so much delusion, that it really makes us appreciate Knowledge. It puts us into so much misery, so much pain within inside of our heart, that we really, really experience what that Truth is. Let me tell you what mind can do sometimes. I think you should know this, and it's only fair that I tell you, because I have experienced this, and this is what is happening. This is phase two that mind is now using. Since mind's service is to distract you, to put you into confusion, to confuse you more and more, what happens is, when you receive Knowledge, and then listen to satsang, do service, and do meditation, mind sees this giant army coming up to it - with tanks, bazookas, machine guns, cavalries, airplanes - and that's Knowledge, that's darshan, satsang, service, meditation, and everything

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A Diamond, Shining Forever Satsang Given by Durga Ji at the Guru Puja Festival in Essen, Germany August 31, 1975

And it's something that must spread, because this world is in a situation now that it has to spread. There's really nothing else. We look at this world, and all the things that are going on in this world, and they're really going nowhere. This Knowledge is the thing that we must put our everything into, because it is our everything. It's our everything, premies. It's not just another trip; it's not just another thing. It's our everything. When we realize that, we must put our everything into it, because that's why we're here. It's by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace that we're here and it's so beautiful that he's given us the Grace to be here with him now. This is such a precious time.

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Guru Puja 1975 Essen, Germany

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Life With Knowledge

"When we become conscious of that superior power within us, directing and guiding us, then we are beginning to understand the Knowledge which Guru Maharaj Ji has revealed. And by being in tune with this power and allowing it to direct our lives, we will have what we always wanted - love, peace, harmony, and a sense of purpose in our lives …"

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Mahatma Letters

It's so obvious that it's only Maharaj Ji's grace that flows through the fingers of a mahatma and touches whom it wills, how it wills. I don't have to add anything or change anything or make the experience somehow more cosmic or more profound. I only have to get out of the way and let him do what he wants how he wants. There have been Knowledge sessions here where the aspirants were asking, "If this is just the seed, how come it's so overwhelmingly powerful?" So incredible. I figure it's all just for me, so I can realize that in this life I exist only to die into Guru Maharaj Ji. The drop of water falls into the ocean and just merges.


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Last month, Vijay abruptly came to the microphone at a Denver community meeting and announced that he was leaving Divine Light Mission. He said that he had been struggling with his confusion for several months: that he could see the Knowledge as a glorious thing, but he did not understand who Guru Maharaj Ji is or what part Maharaj Ji played in his life. He said that he had come to America to be a "holy man … to be a mahatma, not to work in a grocery." And then he walked out of the meeting. The next day, Vijay slanderously denounced his relationship to Guru Maharaj Ji and the Mission in newspapers and on television. It was subsequently discovered that he had married an American a few weeks before, and he is now attempting to become his own, self-styled guru.