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2   International - On Tour

After satsang, everyone received darshan. Moving into the waiting area afterwards, spontaneous premie ecstasy was quickly focused inside, as each person who came through the line sat down and meditated throughout the rest of the program.
Guru Maharaj Ji spoke to the group about the importance of realising the opportunity that this human life presents. He gave examples of how the people of this world often waste their life in patterns which prevent them from penetrating to the essence of their existence. He called upon premies to see the importance of using the Knowledge which has been revealed to them as a means of being conscious and warned them of the dangers of sleeping this life away - dreaming we're awake.

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3   National

On New Year's Day, Ira Woods, Guru Maharaj Ji's first western Initiator to visit Australia, arrived in Sydney For two weeks we experienced the clarity and power of his satsang. With amazement turning to delight we watched as he showed us the limits our minds had been placing in our experience of Knowledge, and turned us back towards the understanding we need and want constantly - that the love we're seeking lies within our own hearts, and that one hundred percent surrender to our Guru Maharaj Ji's guidance is the only means to reach that goal.

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5   Together we can do it

"See when that efficiency's gone, it becomes very, very hard. Okay, let's take this consideration. This is a fact. I am not about to go into this world and go "Kaboom" and let this whole world have Knowledge. I'm not about to go like this and say, "Okay, everybody has Knowledge". I'm not doing that. And you know that. Otherwise, I would have done it a long time ago. No Perfect Master in this world did that, though they had the capacity to. If Jesus had the capacity to come back after He was dead, it wouldn't have been very hard for Him to go like this, and everybody would have Knowledge. But He did not do that. Nobody has done that. And neither am I about to go and do it."

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8   National Headquarters

"The advantage of this is that information doesn't get lost along the line. So what Guru Maharaj Ji tells premies in IHQ in Denver he wants done, gets done - it just gets relayed down a clear channel from the relevant department at IHQ to its counterpart at NHQ and then on to regional and out to the premies or the public.

"That Guru Maharaj Ji's agya is able to come through much more smoothly now, makes a big difference to the Mission.

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14   Here We Go Again

Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang at the Hans Jayanti Festival in Orlando, Florida on November 7, 1975

"It's so beautiful because we have waited for such a long time for this to happen.

We have waited for years; we have waited for centuries. Who knows how many people there are right now who have reincarnated into this world for the very purpose of realising this Knowledge? And who knows why the Lord has to come into the darkest of all times? But something sure happens. And the Lord comes, and we realise the Knowledge. We feel that experience and we realise that experience. Premies, this is what all our festivals are all about. "

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20   The Rainbird

Kabir sees with a sadness and a sudden wisdom. He sees purity and devotion float by, helpless yet untouched, alone but above loneliness. He sees something beautiful out of reach and longs for it. Kabir leaves the river, leaves the fields, the dusty path, the blue sky, the bright sun, the glorious day. He returns to a dark room in a small house. He leads his mind into the country of the heart where his Master walks the mountains of light, and merges with God.

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22   State News

"When I received Knowledge in 1972, you just had to put up your hand or stay in the room long enough and that was the requisite. I didn't have a lot of understanding and a lot of the people from my Knowledge session just disappeared. Those people tend to stop other people coming to Knowledge. If a premie says, "I've got Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge", and he's not practising it and doesn't have any understanding, he'll just confuse anyone he talks to. It doesn't help at all. "

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30   Nothing But The Truth

A human being receives this Knowledge but he still needs satsang to keep him inspired, and the reason being for it is this mind, this crazy, crazy, crazy mind.
You can never say "I've had enough of this satsang" or "I've had enough of this meditation, because you never can! And, it's like you have to understand that you are proceeding on an infinite path, and you have to just keep on going, going, going, going.

- Guru Maharaj Ji