Prem Rawat's 25th Anniversary Celebration - 1996

Prem Rawat's Like The Rain video

Prem Rawat's 25th Anniversary Celebration Dance
Prem Rawat's 25th Anniversary Celebration Dance

This video was not meant for pubic distribution and included video of a holi celebration, a darshan line and a long section of a speech ("satsang") of Prem Rawat's set to music extolling the importance, the source of and the Blessing of the Master and, after all, he is the Master so he'd know. This 'Blessing of the Master' multi-media work of art is the most important part of the video. Here Maharaji aka Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji gives one of "his deepest and most poetic" depictions of the importance of the Master, he, himself, why he manifests, and the incredible awakening and magic that he produces in the yearning hearts of his students. So deep! So Poetic!

The most  wonderful blessing and that blessing is the Master So what is the blessing for a human being. Of course we've talked about life, we've talked about that breath, we've talked about this existence and yes they're all blessings.

But there is another wonderful blessing and that blessing is the Master.

Master, to me, is that manifestation of the yearning of the heart. If there was no yearning of the heart, believe me, there would be no Master.

The fact that something within seeks, something within has created the need and the necessity of the Master. So the student is there and the Master is there and it is that the Master begins to show, to introduce that process.

The most  wonderful blessing and that blessing is the Master

Awaken the person to even the possibility that becomes a blessing, that, that. It is the blessing that you can accept in your life and if you accept that one more drop on the way to be the mighty river, one more drop, then the magic.

The magic unfolds, that which is difficult is made simple, that which would take a lifetime to underestand a person begins to understand in a very short period of time. Time begins to dance, understanding begins to come, darkness is replaced with light, doubt replaced with clarity, confusion replaced with understanding, sadness replaced with joy.

The Élan Vital administration designated their videos according to the desired target audience. Some were considered suitable for "People With Knowledge" (PWK), some for "People Aspiring for Knowldge" (Aspirants) and some for the general public. This system was akin to the guidelines for movies, the more devotional or where Rawat was speaking with megalomanical grandiosity were only for dedicated devotees, less intense ones for people who had shown keen interest and others were introductory in purpose. But this video could only be shown to "People With Knowledge" as they were once known or "People Who Have Been Shown the Techniques of Maharaji's Gift of Knowledge" as they later known and so it would not be complete without a Maharaji dancing section. He ends his "25th Anniversy of Coming to the West" celebrations dancing in a hand tailored suit. The 'premies' are now 'mature age students' but they can still get down and boogie or actually get up and boogie.

Here is the Holi section which shows that in 1996, despite all the so-called de-Indianisation, people were still having a Holi celebration with Prem Rawat ejaculating from his giant penis substitue and some premies were collecting Charanamrit or "Holy Water" though now it came from Rawat's patented holi water pistol and not from washing his feet. There is no display from a distance so while ie is obvious what is occurring it may just look like "arty" watery light show to an outsider.

The most  wonderful blessing and that blessing is the Master
The most  wonderful blessing and that blessing is the Master

Premies were still having darshan lines. Anyone who had been involved with Prem Rawat in the 1970s would recognise what was happening but no pranam (bowing down and kissing his feet) was filmed in case this was seen by outsiders.

The most  wonderful blessing and that blessing is the Master
The most  wonderful blessing and that blessing is the Master
The most  wonderful blessing and that blessing is the Master
The most  wonderful blessing and that blessing is the Master

The lyrics, like the 25th Anniversary Celebration video itself, is less direct that Maharaji music used to be. No more: "Guru Maharaj Ji, your are the Lord of the Universe" lyrics. Now you have to read between the lines but its not rocket science. The true meaning is obvious and worship of Prem Rawat is still the main, if not only, focus.

Soundtrack: like the rain
D. Marden

As the winter turned to spring, as a spell was broken
The rain fell tenderly my heart began to open
There with you walkin' in your garden
Gratitude stirring deep inside
Heaven knew, sent me all I needed
Love so true pourin' down from the skies

Chorus 1
Like the rain your love came callin'
Fallin' soft upon my window pane
You came to turn my desert green again
Changin' everything, your love is like the rain

A cloudburst on a summer breeze, in answer to the forest
Washing over you and me, a symphony played for us
When you spoke, something felt completed soul to soul it took some time
You alone brought the gift I needed
Love's a rose that is unfolding deep inside

Chorus 2
Like the rain you cooled my fire's raging
This heart's desire has always been the same
You came like spring to turn my desert green again
Changing everything, your love is like the rain

Time was sand sifting through my fingers that the wind blew away
When only thirst was there to guide me I prayed to hold on
one more day
Then I awoke in this oasis words will never say
How nothing that love touches stays the same

Chorus 1