The Path To Nowhere
Prem Rawat's New Improved Keys to the Possibility of Knowledge

  • In the year 2000 Prem Rawat assured his followers that his "Knowledge" cannot be presented as a course despite many requesting that this be done.

    "I don't know if you can present Knowledge as a course. Here watch 15 videos, it'll take 5 months and then you will be ready. This is much more of a personal journey. We can not start abdicating that responsibility by making it a course."

  • In the year 2004 Prem Rawat presented a course of 29 videos of 70 hours taking around 6 months to finish correctly. He demanded his followers make voluntary contributions to pay for the creation of this course and also to make the DVDs available to interested persons for free. He also "requested" that all of his current students do the course no matter how many decades (up to 35 years by then) they had been assiduously following his instructions and meditating, staying in touch by attending his public meetings and listening to all his speeches and donating money and free labour in promoting him as a Master of Peace.

Prem Rawat introduced "The Keys"

Prem Rawat on the Roundabout
Prem Rawat on the Roundabout
Prem Rawat on the Roundabout

The whole idea was that there is an incredible possibility to prepare people for this gift of Knowledge by letting them recognize something very very simple and that their preparation needed to be in a way where it was the same for everyone. The way I have made them is that I'm taking one person, just one person and preparing them for Knowledge. There are some days it was 5 o'clock in the morning till 10 o'clock at night working there for hours, a lot of people, a lot of people putting an incredible amount of effort in getting this done. Working on the keys I can tell you one thing they have driven me towards so much clarity that I can't even begin to explain. It's like anything even the tiniest little dot that was black is showing up. No compromises, no compromises whatsoever.

Prem Rawat on the Roundabout
Prem Rawat on the Roundabout
Prem Rawat on the Roundabout

The keys do talk about participation. A lot of people haven't been told about participation lately, they've been just told "Here's knowledge, have it and go enjoy it." But they haven't been told that there is a natural thing that happens, when you love somebody, there needs to be a connection. The connection cannot be just an arbitrary connection. The connection needs to be real. Participation is a beautiful expression of that connection. To participate in a way that is going to help the propagation take place throughout the world.

  • The Keys on 2 Gig Memory Stick

    In the year 2014 he accepted that the numbers just weren't adding up. His promises just weren't attractive enough to encourage people to take on this lengthy journey into the infinite ocean of boredom and he stripped the course down to less than 7 hours which could now be purchased reasonably cheaply on a 2 gigabyte memory stick. I was revealed Rawat's techniques of meditation in 1973 and have watched friends go down this path to the possibility of peace but never actually arrived there. That would be wonderful if the journey was one of blissful gratitude for each breath and refreshing dips in the ocean of dancing joy or whatever but actually, overall, apart from a very few unusual people it's been a trek through a dry and dreary desert of possibility with short sojourns in an oasis of belief and occasional terrible sand storms of doubt. I was interest in how musch he had dropped off so I bought one.

The Memory stick contains 6 mpeg4 movies:

  • A Possibility
  • Key 1: 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Key 2:1 hour 23 minutes
  • Key 3: 1 hour 43 minutes
  • Key 4: 1 hour 4 minutes
  • Key 5: 1 hour 20 minutes

With the Memory Stick I received 2 sheets of paper containing some information:

The Keys

Welcome to
'The Path to Knowledge'

There are six Keys. The first five are video presentations on a particular topic that will help you prepare for Knowledge.

The sixth Key is shown during a special session in which Prem Rawat teaches the techniques of Knowledge via a video presentation. You must be at least 18 years old and of legal age in your country before you ask to attend a Key 6 session.

After you have watched the 5 Keys and when you feel ready to ask for Knowledge, please fill in and return the 'Asking for Knowledge' form included with this DVD set or USB to:

Key 6, PO Box 78, Mullumbimby, NSW 2482

Please call our info line on 1300 303 169 if you need a form mailed to you

In this brochure you will find a review of the promises Prem Rawat will ask of you before the session in which the techniques of Knowledge are taught; a page where you can ask for Knowledge in your own words, and a form to provide your details.

After you have watched all five Keys and when you feel ready to ask for Knowledge, send this brochure with your request and information to:

Key 6
PO Box 78
NSW 2482

In compliance with data protection regulations, your personal data will be kept on a secure database owned by the Words Of Peace Global Foundation (WOPG), in order to process the request contained in this brochure and schedule a knowledge session. Your data may also be used to keep you informed about events in which Prem Rawat will be speaking, as well as to provide follow up and further information which could be of interest to you in learning more about Prem Rawat's message. You will always be able to amend, rectify or cancel your data. To do so, please see the Privacy Policy page at

  • Prem Needs Trump's Hairdo By the year 2020 Prem was losing his hair (literally) and with his eternal peace getting closer every yer the decision was made to cut "the Keys" requirements back once again. It only required you to watch 5 one hour streaming videos which "provide the foundation for four practical techniques that enable a person to turn their attention inside in order to experience the peace that resides there. These techniques are called Knowledge.

2020 Keys Intro Video

"Each Key video is a presentation on a particular topic that will help you prepare for Knowledge. Once you have watched the five Keys, you can attend a session where you will be taught the techniques of Knowledge." It's all downhill from here. In a few more years as Rawat approaches the End of the Breath, the Dance of Death, the Passage of Peace, the Expiration of Inspiration, etc they'll be letting walk-ins into a Knowledge session. After all the Knowedge Machine has no feelings.

From a minimu of 60 hours watching videos of Prem Rawat's speeches down to 5 hours. The thing I don't understand is whether you actually ever needed to watch the 60 hours of was it just an error of judgement or whether he's really getting it wrong or desperate come 2020.

Before the Knowledge Machine is cranked up and ready for the presentation to start, the people are asked for:

Three promises

The first one is to give Knowledge a fair chance. It's important for me to know that you are going to give Knowledge a fair chance, not just say, "Now I have it." Some people receive it, and they have certain expectations. Get rid of the expectations, and you'll have something better. If you are going to give Knowledge a fair chance, you have to approach it with determination to let the seed grow.

  • The second promise that I ask for is to keep in touch. Keep in touch with me through my message, through the practice of Knowledge. Come to my events. Come and hear what I am saying. Let me help you remove your doubts. Let me help to inspire you, clarify and remind you again and again what is important, so you can continue to grow.
  • The third promise I ask for is not to reveal these techniques to anyone. Let other people go through their own journey, and when they are ready, like you, they can get it. There are no shortcuts to it. There are shortcuts to many things in life, but there is no shortcut when the heart is going to be the judge. The heart cannot be talked into anything. The mind can be convinced, but the heart has to feel the real thing. Let people prepare. Then they, too, can have the techniques when they are ready.

Prem Rawat