Magazine Articles About Prem Rawat

Time magazine Magazine articles with their longer lead times and need for more indepth information lagged behind newspaper articles in the early push to publicise Prem Rawat as the "greatest incarnation of God that ever trod the face of this planet".

  • 1972 Magazine Articles: In late November, 1972 an article appeared in Time magazine. It is a combination of biography that appears to be lifted directly from the pages of the newly published "Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji?" and an upbeat success story about the Mission's chartered jumbo jets of Western devotees and the smuggling of watches, jewellery and money into India. Naturally his gluttonous delight in Baskins-Robbins ice-cream was mentioned and his unreliability and poor work-ethic were high-lighted.

  • 1973 Magazine Articles: In 1973 stories began to increase rapidly especially due to the Millenium '73 Festival, "the most holy and significant event in the history of mankind" as Prem Rawat called it. Unfortunately for Prem and his devoted premies, they were highly critical of Him - understandably so.

  • 1974 Magazine Articles: The first half of 1974 there were still quite a few stories about Millenium '73 "festival" and strangely enough there was never one single positive thing written about Prem Rawat himself as far as I recall. Maybe one of his students could read through them and see if I am wrong about that.

  • 1975 and later Magazine Articles: The remaining articles were "I come to bury Maharaji not praise him" career obituaries. (Un)fortunately there has never been enough interest in Prem Rawat aka Guru Maharaj Ji aka Maharaj Ji to justify exposés.

  • There was one Time magazine snippet One Lord Too Many in 1978 about the new "Perfect Master", the eldest Rawat brother "Satyapal Maharaj" and his "Spiritual Life Society".

Newsweek magazine That's pretty well it. After this date Prem Rawat was never considered worth bothering with by any mainstream magazine except in "The Good Weekend" which is distributed as part of Australia's most respected and prestigious newspapers including The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.

From around the year 2000, as part of the "respectability project", Prem Rawat has been "interviewed" in some vanity publications and obscure magazines such as the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday and the Mauritius Times. In none of these articles is he ever asked any real questions about his claims to be able to reveal "inner peace", the methods involved or his public evolution from the Lord of the Universe to a self-funded investor of private means.

A series of articles in The Register outing Jossi Fresco and other Rawat devotees preventing a realistic picture of Rawat in Wikipedia is copied here