Prem Rawat's Holy Name or The Word, His 3rd Meditation Technique

Prem Rawat's Father Meditates On Holy Name The 3rd technique of the meditation methods Prem Rawat teaches is Holy Name, or the Word. This is the basis of Rawat's Knowledge. He claims that once he teaches you that concentrating on your breath is the method then through this technique you can experience the energy that is keeping you alive which is also the primordial vibration, the power that creates and sustains the universe. It is the source of every breath we take, it is the life that God breathes into man, and the spirit that all religions speak of. This Holy Name (shabd, satnam, Ram Nam) or Word (logos) was there before time began as recorded in the Gospel of John and it is the source of everything according to Prem Rawat. Rawat's father and previous Perfect Master preached about the Holy Name on innumerable occasions and claimed it has even more power (if such a thing is possible) than does his son.

It is of the utmost importance to know that Name by which we can realize the Absolute Truth, and by which the Supreme Power manifests itself in us. If we could realize God, and thus fulfil the aim of our life, simply by remembering any name at all, then it would not he necessary to find the True master and follow him. However, without the Master, progress on the path of devotion is well-nigh impossible.

As Rawat taught that he revealed God and that God (the Generator, Operator and Destroyer) was the Holy Name and that He, Himself, was the Incarnation of God it seems somewhat unnecessary to list so many of the other details the two Rawats revealed about this astonishing phenomenon but nevertheless …

Premie Meditates On Holy Name They both agree that the meditation technique itself is useless without the guidance of the Perfect Master or true Guru (Satguru) of which there is only one ever present on earth at one time and that a sincere seeker should dedicate his life to the guru. They both claim that the knowledge of Divine Light and Holy Name was taught by all the previous Masters even those like Jesus and Mohammed whose traditional teachings bear no resemblence to those of the Rawat's. Much selective quoting from scriptures was done to prove this, the most often used being the beginning of the Gospel of John "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the word was God" which even the young Rawat (no intellectual) could remember and regurgitate. He taught that anyone could continue waiting for Jesus' return but to realize Jesus, to really understand who Jesus is, requires his Knowledge as of course, Jesus was not his body but he himself, which is the Word. This Word or Holy Name was the primordial vibration, the underlying energy of creation and the the Divine Light seen through the closed eyes and the Celestial Harmonies heard in the ears blocked off with the thumbs and even the Nectar that was an actual fluid dripping down the back of the throat if you could start it flowing by forcing your tongue back and up high enough were simply other forms of that energy.

Meditating on This Knowledge, You Could Be Going a Hundred Niles an Hour in Rush Hour Without Hitting a Car

Prem Rawat Driving In His Aston Martin One of the most remarkable claims was that you could meditate on this Word 24 hours a day, sleeping, driving, walking and presumably doing anything as everyone had been in the womb before birth. Two days before he was acclaimed as the new Satguru, the young Rawat denounced Pandits as hypocrites, because they could not chant mantras while asleep as he claimed you could meditate on the Holy Name he revealed. He did teach that though Knowledge was free there was one group of people who couldn't meditate constantly but needed to be alone in a quiet place: mothers with young children. Maharaji loves cars so it is perfect for him that this meditation can be done driving as he explained in Denmark, "Because you can be eating, you can be driving, you can be sleeping - I mean, that sounds a little peculiar but you can be sleeping - and still meditate on this Name. It's so fantastic. I mean, people talk about concentration. And for reasons such as driving race cars their concentration should be completely straight. (I'll tell you one thing. There is one car that has been given to me by a premie in Boston. It's a real fast car. And it really needs good concentration.) But when you start meditating on this Knowledge, you could be going a hundred miles an hour in rush hour without hitting a car. It's so good. It's so beautiful. But then there's the crazy mind." It seems that only the crazy mind is preventing people driving 100mph in rush hour traffic, such a shame the problems the mind causes. It's a scary thought. That fat little toad who had the muscles of a blancmange sitting on a cushion behind the wheel of a very fast car and finally feeling the power flowing through him as he presses his flabby foot on the accelerator pedal.

Rawat Commanded His Followers To Stop Trying to Constantly Meditate & to Cut Back Formal Meditation to 1 Hour a Day

In her Ph.D. thesis, Lucy Dupertuis recorded that many 1970's premies worked in mundane repetitive jobs so that they could keep concentrating on their breath as much as possible. Belief in the possibility that this would have dramatic effects in expanding consciousness waned after some years and in the 1980's Rejoice meetings an older Rawat told his followers to stop trying to constantly meditate and to cut back their formal meditation to one hour a day from the two they were supposed to do but which they aspired to but which many never attained.

Prem Rawat Driving In A Car

A Young Faith Healy, 1976 Faith Harper née Healy, head of the New Zealand Mission in the 1970's and future wife and future ex-wife of Derek Harper, Australian DLM chief in the 1970's, was an inspiration to her fellow premies with her jolly personality, bubbly laughter and joking. She reiterated the need to constantly think about your breathing and stick your tongue back up your throat:

"And in whatever we're doing we have to try to remember to do nectar, to do Holy Name. Because the only way our consciousness is going to be effected is when we have consciousness of Holy Name. Not when we have consciousness of spiritual concepts or consciousness of this or that. We have to have God consciousness and this is what we have to understand more and more, that this is our purpose, to realize Knowledge, and to focus completely on Guru Maharaj Ji."

Prem Rawat has often boasted that he has never actually read a scripture but was certain that the Holy Name has been written about in the Bible, has been written about in the Koran, has been written about in the Gita, has been written about in all the scriptures. He was also certain that if a person did not attain the bliss and realization he said was available and didn't seem to make progress with this Knowledge then it was their fault, he was not to blame!!. Everyone has the power to conquer the egos and doubts in the mind. All we need is a third eye, this divine Word and this divine Knowledge. We are all children of God, all have been made by God, and it's not good if a brother fights with a brother. He cautioned that a person who is sincerely seeking Knowledge of God, of Truth will certainly be confused if they happen to pick up a scripture and start reading it. That may be why he never reads any of the scriptures he sometimes extolls, such as the Bhagavad Gita, the Bible, the Koran, the Ramayana or the poetry of Kabir or Brahmanand. He considers the authors pretty inconsiderate for not describing the Word where they were supposed to. These scriptures are strictly for people who only enjoy story books.

Rawat Teaches That The Perfect Master Is Always Wwith Us And The Perfect Master Is God

Rawat teaches that the Perfect Master is always with us and the Perfect Master is God, the Word that always had existed and so Jesus did not come and go. He was there with his disciples before, and he is with us now. He is perfect, he is with us, now, in our hearts. Because he's the Word. God is everywhere at all times. He is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, and with us every moment, every second, of our life. Even though God is One He pervades everywhere. So what is His real form? If you want to know His true Name and want to see His true form, then take refuge in Guru Maharaj Ji (Prem Rawat called himself Guru Maharaj Ji until the early 1980's when he changed his title to Maharaji the "Ultimate Ruler"

Prem Rawat claimed his Knowledge was beyond words and while "the whole world wants peace maybe we don't call it peace, maybe we call it peace of mind. Maybe we don't call it peace of mind, we call it Knowledge. Maybe if we don't call it meet er peace, we call it God. Maybe we don't call it God, we call it the Word. If we don't call it the Word, maybe we call it the primordial vibration." Though this is the Kaliyuga which is supposed to be a very bad age, the Lord will incarnate with full power and he is the Lord so he'd know. He says Kaliyuga is based on the Holy Name and by remembering the Holy Name, a man can cross the ocean of suffering and misery.

Rawat taught that everything is illusion except what is really real in this world and that is that Holy Name, which is Guru Maharaj Ji and that you're alive for only one purpose, and it's to serve your Guru Maharaj Ji, and it's just to meditate on that Holy Name, and this is what life is all about and without him nobody is going to find the path.

The young Prem Rawat sitting on stage Hans Rawat taught that realization of Holy Name gives a person complete understanding of the source of life itself and as the entire universe emanates from this source, then by knowing that, all is known. It results in constant and unchanging peace and happiness and is the only way to achieve peace and happiness and simran (constant remembrance of God) through good times would prevent future misery. He was so confident of this that he contacted world political and intellectual leaders to try to spread this Knowledge in contrast to his son who has tried to avoid publicity since 1975. Unfortunately as Rawat told his wife, and she stated publicly in 1979, he could only spread the Knowledge if he had a handful of devotees who where really dedicated and who really had faith in him. Thirty years later, he has still not got that handful of real followers but as he announced in 1969 before a million people he will spread this Knowledge around the world, every single child will be revealed the Holy Name on which the universe is based and which is so Holy, so Perfect that one spark that comes out of it is so perfect, so, so absolutely perfect, wherever it goes it hits, it makes it perfect. Within a few hours of meeting the Satguru they got God, it was perfect in only a few hours. No matter how sinful a person was the Satguru was so kind that he removed all the sin and brought them to God, he revealed what God is if they could leave their arrogance and indignation behind.

5 commandments The Five Commandment's of Guru Maharaj Ji aka Prem Rawat (see also Satguru Maharaj Ji booklet)

  • 1. Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today
  • 2. Constantly meditate and remember Holy Name
  • 3. Leave no room for doubt in your mind
  • 4. Always have faith in God
  • 5. Never delay in attending Satsang

The Holy Name (Satnam, Shabd Brahm, Ram-nam) or Word (logos) is mentioned in Arti.

Guru's boat is the Holy Name
Guru's ship is the Holy Word
In seconds he has set us free
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev

Guru gives Holy Name and Light
Guru gives Holy Name and Sight
Cross the ocean by His Love and Light
Jai Dev, Jai Satgurudev

One of the most popular songs in Divine Light Mission in the early 1980's was:

Downpour of the Holy Name adapted from a poem attributed to Kabir

With the downpour of the Holy Name
The Divine Colors began to rain;
Began to rain, began to rain,
Began to rain, began to rain,
With the downpour of the Holy Name
The Divine Colors began to rain.

The problems of birth and death disappear
When the longing for Holy Name appears;
My Satguru gave me the sign,
I have found my true home again.
True home again, true home again,
True home again, true home again.

Downpour Of The Holy Name

Downpour on Youtube

All the outrageous, incredible information published here about Prem Rawat's Holy Name or 3rd technique of meditation is public statements made by the Rawats in official magazines published by their organisations. But the reality of Prem Rawat's Holy Name can be easily shown.

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