The Greatest GiftPrem Rawat: The Thirst

Prem Rawat has only used one form of teaching throughout his career in the West. He speaks. He makes mainly impromptu speeches or at least it's the same basic speech that he has repeated as the spirit moves him but has gradually changed over time. Only in the early 1980s has there ever been a major change in his speeches and the things he says. At times he will add a new concept or even update his vocabulary. I first noticed how "the Thirst" had become important in his teachings when I heard the Thank You 2003 CD because even though English had been his main language for 30 years he still couldn't pronounce some English sounds. In this case "th"

Thank You 2003 CD, Track 3: "I'm looking for the tirsty (Prem Rawat could not pronounce the English "th" correctly), I'm not looking for the good-looking ones, I'm not looking for the placards, I'm looking for the tirsty and where will I find them? Anywhere! And will they be all thirsty? All I can do is offer them water, I cannot create the thirst. They have to get in touch with the thirst themselves."

Of course Rawat had used forms of the word 'thirst' many times before this and even in the 1970s when he when calling himself Guru Maharaj Ji but usually only in passing so to speak. He had often used the need to drink water to quench your thirst as an analogy for the need to meditate.

When you are very, very thirsty. I mean, it's really hot outside, and you are really thirsty, your mouth is dry, really dry, then take a glass of water and put it on the table, then sit on the chair right beside it, and just look at it. That water has all the power to quench your thirst. I mean, that's what quenches the thirst - the water. And the water is right there, on the table. Then why do you need to drink it? The water is right there, you are right there, water has the power to quench your thirst - so why do you need to drink it?

From this inauspicious beginning the thirst became a standard part of his teachings:

  • life which depends upon your
  • breath continuing its repetition and then you must hear
  • the Master speak and he convinces you that you have a
  • "thirst" for more and only
  • Knowledge can quench it through
  • The Thirst

Its not really all that hard to experience The Thirst

All you have to keep doing is:

Hear and Believe