Prem Rawat's Gift of Knowledge

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker teaching about PropagationEarly in his international career Prem Rawat aka Maharaji was adamant that he wasn't giving people anything when they received Knowledge. He was merely revealing something that was already within inside of them. He wasn't even the one actually doing the revealing, this was done by certain of his followers called 'mahatmas' or "great souls" who were appointed to handle that chore but without his "Grace" the meditation techniques were supposedly useless. His relationship to this initiation and the results (or not) of meditation had to be taken totally on faith.

Maharaji's Teachings About The Knowledge of God This is not something that I can take out of my pocket and pin on you like a medal. It is already within you. If you want it, you can have it. If you do not want, do not take it, and that is all right, too. Perhaps at this time you do not see a necessity for it. Perhaps at another time you will. It will still be there, within you, the Knowledge of God, waiting. - People from all walks of life pursue Happiness

"I, I'm doing this prachar. I, I'm giving this Knowledge to people and people are responding to it fantastic. I don't know what's happened to people but they are just responding to it fantastic because one thing I tell them first of all that listen I don't give you anything from my pocket, understand, it's within inside you … - Satguru Has Come film

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teachings About Holy BreathGod is only subject to the Knowledge and to realize Him we need to know this Knowledge, we need to know this divine Word. I am not talking about a word that I take out of my pocket and I am not talking about something which is unique and new, but I am talking about that thing that has been written about in the Bible, that has been written about in the Koran, and that has been written about in the Gita. - Light Reading

"Maharaji is the Giver of the Gift."
Contact video, 1988

After Rawat shut down Divine Light Mission and attempted to hide his Indian roots and the crazed claims he'd made for himself in 1983/84 he began to say that Knowledge was a gift from Himself. There was no longer any coherent conceptual rational given for this ownership - it just was. He was giving it and if it could change your life to one of dancing in the internal, infinite ocean of joy then obviously you should feel infinite gratitude to him. After all, this is not a gift any other person can give you. Wow! He must be really incredibly super-special. Think about it.

"There is nothing more auspicious for a human being than to accept and welcome the master and welcome the gift of Knowledge, to welcome and accept the gift of service." - Kuala Lumpur March 25, 1998

All I'm saying is please enjoy this gift of Knowledge. Practice one hour, a minimum. Nowadays when people come to receive the gift of Knowledge they are asked "Could you make the time one hour at least every day to practice. If you can't, let us know." … When? It's up to you. Most importantly, enjoy the gift of Knowledge that's what's gonna count. - Alexandria, Virginia Participation Event, June 17, 2000

Welcome the Gift of Knowledge

Gratitude to Prem Rawat Maharaji also stresses that life, itself, is a gift, and we should be grateful for it and as we're already supposed to be grateful to Maharaji for the Knowledge and it's dancing ocean of joy then probably he also deserves some credit for life and breath as well. Well, all the credit if what he is saying is true.

Peace is possible. That's a catchy little phrase, but it has incredible significance. For me, for you, for everyone to even begin to have the hope that peace is possible is tremendous. I've been talking about peace since I was very, very young. For me, every human being - not societies or countries, but every human being alive - has been given a gift, a possibility. - Inspire v2 i67, 7 July 2005

If you want to love, love this beautiful breath that comes into you. If you do this, you will be given a gift of peace, joy, love - not in thoughts, not in words, but in feeling. And that is no ordinary gift. - Inspire v5 i161, 5 December 2008

Sarupanand Ji Students of Maharaji all realize how truly fortunate they are to have received the Gift of Knowledge from Maharaji:

Shri Maharaj Ji was really inspired by Sarupanand Ji, and he humbly asked for Knowledge, but the teacher suggested that he come again and listen to more satsang. On hearing this, Shri Maharaj Ji at first became upset and disappointed. After travelling so far to see the Master, still he could not get the Knowledge. He was afraid that if he demanded the Knowledge, the Master might never give it to him. realizing that Knowledge was truly the gift of the Master, he accepted his advice and returned home. Shri Maharaj Ji later attended another programme and received the Knowledge that was to become the total focus of his life. - Charnanand, Rememberance and Thankfulness