Prem Rawat in Malibu 1979Prem Rawat's (Maharaji) Malibu 1979 Ashram Satsang

This video records a speech made by Prem Rawat or Guru Maharaj Ji as he then called himself in Malibu on the 7th January 1979 to ashram premies and premies wishing to move into an ashram. Most of it is devoted to reinforcing the importance of living in the ashram but some of the central dogmas of his teachings are restated. A full transcript which demonstrates his poor public speaking is available.


"Well, it's very fortunate to be be able to be an ashram premie. That's what I think. One of the, I mean you look at this world, you know, and it's really not coming to any better end. You look at this world and it's really not coming to any place that's even worth talking about. And yet and and and and at every step, of course, there's all these traps built in for man to just come over and eat it, eat it you know and get trapped in it. And it happens so much, you know, you just look, you just look at this world and it's just like,"Wow" it's really amazing because people don't have any goal, people don't have any motivation, people don't have any real understanding of what is the purpose of this life or what you can do with this life."

You breathe every day, you know, unlike the dolphins uh which their breathing action is not voluntary they have to purposely breathe, we don't, we can just breathe, we don't even think about it, you know and unlike a dolphin, when it always sleeps a dolphin keeps an eye open so highly strung it has to constantly think about that power, has to constantly stay in the tone of life."

One of Rawat's central teachings is that the "Holy Name" revealed in his third technique of meditation is "the energy that is keeping you alive." Here he is saying that dolphins have to continually remember that power to remain alive, ie they must constantly meditate which was one of his commandments until 1979 when he changed the rules about meditation.

Ashram is not a mystic, mysterious thing. Ashram is not the place designated as an ashram. Ashram is an environment created by the brother and sisters to harmoniously live, in with synch, in satsang, service and meditation. To be in constant synch with Guru Maharaj Ji. Maybe that's a little too far-fetched "constant synch with Guru Maharaj Ji" but anyway close enough, some way. And that to me is the purpose of an ashram"

I know that a lot of people have dreams that someday they're going to be realised souls. Someday it's all gonna happen where you can be then certified as a realised soul and when that happens, when you can be certified as a realised soul then there would be no necessity no more any necessity for an ashram and therefore you can move out. You have now synched yourself to the experience, okay, of satsang, service and meditation. Well that's just like taking a rock that's been at the bottom of the ocean for zillions of years, I don't know if there have already been zillions of years, but time immemorial and you bring that rock up and you put it in front of the sun and it dries up and you go 'My God, what happened?'"

"And you just look at it and there are all these scriptures and these scriptures are merely indicators that look something existed just like your history book. Just like you history book, now it could have happened, might not have happened, might be imaginatory, it might not be imaginatory. That's all that is, it's a history book of religion. It's a history book of a, of a Perfect Master, you know, you look at Bible, you look at Koran, you look at Gita or you look at Ramayana. That is a history of a Perfect Master and what He did, you know and that's, that's the limit, that's where we go till but if the God, if God Himself was to appear in front of us, there are no chambers, blocks or system in our system to accept Him as God. And this system has not been invented by 1978 or the people of the 20th century. This system has been present since a long, long, long, long time."

that it is our own experience of Knowledge and it our own experience of truth that we have to look upon and that should never be justified. There is nothing in this world that can actually justify your experience. Just cannot, because Knowledge is not like raspberry, Knowledge is not like an apple … Knowledge is not like that because Knowledge is within you, it is you, it is a part of you and synching up to Guru Maharaj Ji, synching up to that Knowledge, synching up to that realisation that Guru Maharajj Ji bestows upon us is the greatest thing that we can do."

And, here we are in this earth, in this world, that's the craziness that we synch up to. "This is mine, this is meen (sic), this is, this is my profession, this is my outlook." And we have, we build such a, such a barrier, such a, you know, such a thing around us, everyone of us, you know, that there is such an individuality, there is such an identity, there is such an fake always around us. And to me it is quite simple that to be in an environment which is made by Guru Maharaj Ji's premies, who have this Knowledge, their effort to come and try together, you know, all of, all of those people, to come together and synch up to Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge, well what can be greater than that?

"Why? Why do we always lose a battle? And it's not even a battle. Why do we recognise mind so much? Why is there such a recognition for mind that we lose to it every time? Why is there such a, why not? Why isn't there uh the same kind of power that we understand and we recognise even greater than mind itself and tow into that, believe in that than our minds? Why, why is it that mind is us and Guru Maharaj Ji is the third party? You know, me, my mind and then Guru Maharaj Ji, why is it not, you know, me and Guru Maharaj Ji? Why is this mind there making a party third which is Guru Maharaj Ji? I mean why is it, "My mind came in and I freaked out and I did this and I did that." Why is there such a stupid recognition towards this mind? Okay, yes there is an existence of mind, but why do you give in to it? Why do you constantly think that mind is more powerful than you are? Why do you have so much trust in the mind that it is more powerful than you are? Why do you have so much trust in that mind that mind is more powerful than Guru Maharaj Ji is? You see there seems to be some kind of a confusion as to that. But in fact mind is a negativity, mind is negative, and Guru Maharaj Ji is present positive. And we want to experience in our life, not negativity, we want to experience and synch in our life with, not with negativity but with positivity. Be positive and which is Guru Maharaj Ji.

"Why not and this is how simple I'm thinking, why not close your parameters to everything else and only have two things existent in this world for you and that's you and Guru Maharaj Ji. Why have this mind always tagging along behind you and giving it recognition? "Oh yes my mind, I know you are there. Oh don't do this to me and don't do that to me" and instead of having this huge connections with the mind all over the place why isn't this as flat and simple and straight as "Guru Maharaj Ji this is it, you are my all and I believe and trust in you" instead of saying "Oh my mind, don't do this to me." You know, why isn't there a complete surrender, why isn't there a complete understanding of Guru Maharaj Ji, why isn't the understanding and the trust of Guru Maharaj Ji superseding in your life than mind? Why is the mind becoming more predominant thing constantly? Because we have such connections, I mean this life, this body, this existence was made so that when eventually we would have that recognition of Guru Maharaj Ji, when eventually we would have that understanding of Guru Maharaj Ji, when Guru Maharaj Ji would come into our life the hose would be connected so strongly that nothing in the world could ever jerk it. That's the, that's the way it was all designed and made and manufactured.

"And you know now is the time to really come together in that harmony, now is the time to really I mean here is 1979 and 1979, you know, great, this denotes the past of 1978, automatically 1979 means that it's not 1978 and it's not 1970, you know 1980 is 1979 you know in our in our but I mean just whatever 2 by 2's we have in our brains, you know, but the most important thing is that it is the time to come together and make this Knowledge a reality instead of something that you do under a blanket. Instead of living your life, I am a premie, I am a premie and that you are a premie's in a front, front of an altar, to a darshan line, to a hall, you know, and under a meditation blanket and inside the ashram you're a premie and otherwise it's all spaced out, it's all out there, it's like butter, you know, in some nooks and crannies are filled with it, some nooks and crannies aren't filled with it. But Guru Maharaj Ji has to manifest in your life constantly.

"synch up to Guru Maharaj Ji, there has to be a synch between us, you know, and Guru Maharaj Ji which is the manifestation of Knowledge. And we have to realise that. We have to make that alive, we have to make that present in our lives, not just in front of an altar and or or under a meditation blanket. But we have, we have to really, we have, we are premies, look there's nothing to be ashamed about, you know and the purpose and the goal and the and the everything that we have to do I mean what tell me one thing that we have to be ashamed of in this world? We, if we are premies, you know, then the world should be ashamed. Those people should be ashamed who are not premies, not us. We should be proud we are premies not ashamed that we are premies or be shy in any manner that we are premies. We premies of Guru Maharaj Ji and that's our realisation! You know, so we should be proud and what we have to do in this world to spread this Knowledge in this whole world is nothing to be ashamed about it is the greatest thing that that can ever happen and recognition of Guru Maharaj Ji is nothing to be ashamed about, it is the greatest thing that ever happened to this world. And you know that every time a Perfect Master comes that is the greatest thing that ever happens to this world. And every time a Knowledge is spread into this world that's the greatest thing ever happens to this world.

"But the main thing is, you know, that this life is for a purpose and it has to meet for what is was meant for. That has to happen otherwise there is no go. Otherwise there is no manifestation of an experience. And when that life becomes completely one with that Knowledge and when the Knowledge becomes the predominant thing in our life then the manifestation of experience starts happening. And what is your indicator and where is your indicator? The realm changes, everything changes in your life, not for bad, for good. What changes in your life? Well what? Illusions were thought to be realities diminish. Darkness goes away and the light is made present. It's a very simple thing that happens and yet is so beautiful and that has to happen in our lives, all of our lives. Life was made for that, that's why it has to happen.

And that's not the way I want it, that's not the way you want it, that's not, you know, you want to come to that point of realisation, we want to come to that point of surrender, we want to come to the point of making everything that Guru Maharaj Ji is saying a reality because look at it this way Guru Maharaj Ji in his power can make everything reality that he wants to make reality but look at us, where will be be? We'll be left dangling on the side of a cliff. But opportunity has been given to us as human beings to put our efforts together, you know, to really come together, to really experience Knowledge, to really make that ashram a beautiful place.

Because the idea is not for the Knowledge to get imperfect, the idea is for not the Knowledge to come into a finite world and become finite cause the purpose is for us, finite to become infinite. Us to become into that harmony, us to get into that synch, not for the perfectness to get out of synch for us. But we have to synch up to the perfectness but tell me does the perfectness have tolerances? Absolutely not. So all this game that we sometimes play with our mind has to go out the window

"For me it's always gonna be like that, 20 years from now you know, again maybe if I have the opportunity I'll come and tell you the same thing to the new premies maybe. You know, some of you are going to be, you know, that, that touch of white, you know and when they come but that's the way it is, that's the way it truly is, there's no ands and ifs and buts, there's just one thing Guru Maharaj Ji's grace is there if we can make up that channel for Guru Maharaj Ji's grace. You know the grace is there for us to, for us to enjoy, for us to, you know, use, but we have to make that channel. We can't go, you know, goof, goof, goof, goof, goof and once we finally realise "Oh my God, I've really goofed, Guru Maharaj Ji I need your grace, help me." (shakes his head) It's not the way it works. It just doesn't. You have to be surrendered from the beginning, then it happens, then it manifests.

there's a lot to be done, there's a lot that has to happen. To me, so far I'm concerned we're a year back. What should have happened in 1978, you know, it hasn't happened in terms of a lot of things. It all has to manifest, a lot has to happen. So I hope I'll um see you again, soon, not tomorrow. So you should you know try to make that effort to understand. What I said is for your benefit, it's gonna help you. So hope you keep doing satsang, service and meditation. Try, a lot, lot harder. Don't give to mind, give to Guru Majaraj Ji.