Prem Rawat Wannabe Military Man

If a person makes numerous, mostly impromptu speeches during which they reminiscence about their lives there are bound to be some recurring themes. Prem Rawat was often drawn to his childhood, understandably so as he was initiated into and 'realized' his father's "Knowledge" at age 6 and inherited the title of Guru Maharaj Ji and Lord of the Universe at the age of 7 when his father died. On the one hand he claimed and claims that just practising this Knowledge brings infinite bliss and joy and he had "realized it" when only 6 years old in about a month. His family was wealthy, he had 3 older brothers and a loving mother and he was surrounded by devoted servants who literally worshipped him. Sounds like a recipe for a happy childhood.

On the 10th November 1979 in the warm afternoon sunshine Rawat began to reminisce about his school days and they had not been happy days. There was the desperate fear and eternal boredom of his school days which he describes here. He could have avoided all that terror if he just done his homework on time, concentrated on his studies and not been involved in a schoolboy cheating ring so he deserves no sympathy. But you can understand why the poor little coddled fatso Lord of the Universe who had servants doing everything for him and who never did a scrap of work or exercise, was literally carried round a lot of the time would truly hate the shame and embarrassment of doing PT in front of the other school kids. Boys are so cruel to the weak so Rawat withdrew

I can see you know all the contraptions that there were and every, you know, twice a week we used to have these classes called PT, Physical Training, and you go out there and jump up and down and do your hand stands and do all these things and then there would be all these recreational activities in the in the I don't know what, what was so recreational about it but you know you run around this whole huge track a few times so by the time you get there you're breathless and you fall down I mean it happened to every kid and the sports activities is to enhance people in sports.
Rawat Recalls School Days Then they used to have this thing called NCC, you know, even Raja Ji was a part of it. He was, he was one of the cadets and it was National Cadet Corps. You might say like the Boy Scouts but these little Boy Scouts fiddling around with real guns, you know, the real thing you know cause the whole idea was you train here and then you go to the army and it's like I just couldn't get into it. I just couldn't understand it, I just couldn't get into it. I mean it's like to me the whole motive was not understood by any per, by any kid.

Rawat was not above lying about his childhood either. He poured scorn on his elder brother Raja, for playing soldiers in the National Cadet Corps and claims he "just couldn't get into it." But a picture tells a thousand words and its obvious from the photos of the young Guru Maharaj Ji that he adored dressing up in an army uniform, actually he loved dressing up in anything. Once he realized that his followers in the West were 99% ex-hippie love-and-peace brothers and sisters he quickly changed his tune from fife and drums to flutes and guitars.

supreme Commander Rawat

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