Divine Times - Volume 4, Issue 3, April 30 1975


Everyone was talking about making it to California, packing up their cars, getting vacations from their jobs and heading off for the fun. … But the fact was Maharaj Ji had other plans: Holi this year was to be at the exact same location it had been last year - on the beach on the East coast of Florida. Guru Maharaj Ji had asked the premies organizing the festival to keep the location very quiet; he wanted the event to be very small, and if hordes of people came he would have called the whole thing off.


"For further information, call Joe Anctil"
The guru said he planned to return to the United States soon without going to see his mother. The Divine Light Mission, which has its U.S. headquarters at Denver, Colo., claims 50,000 American followers and eight million in India.

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International News

Maharaj Ji's announcement came as a total surprise to the premies there; especially Francisco Arce, the DUO Director for Latin America, who had been in the middle of a cross continental tour telling everyone the sad news that Guru Maharaj Ji wouldn't be coming to Latin America for a very long time, and certainly not this year. A week passed and the news broke: Guru Maharaj Ji and Durga Ji had decided that this year's Guru Puja Festival would be held in Latin America; most likely in Venezuela or Peru.

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Maharaji's Proverb

"If a feeling comes like, 'wow! I gotta do this!' Be careful. Beware"

It's Your Paper

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It's A Game Of Hearts November 24, 1974 Los ANgeles
Maybe people say, "Come on. You are saying, 'Knowledge, Knowledge, Knowledge, Knowledge, Knowledge.' How do you expect us to feed the stomachs of these people? Knowledge is not gonna fill their stomachs up." Well, believe me, Knowledge is not going to fill their stomachs up. But Shri Maharaj Ji used to say that you can give a hungry person food today - what will he do tomorrow? I mean, if you give him food for one day, will he have food for all his lifetime? One chapati and one subji? And that's it? You give him food today, he is happy: "Oh boy, I'm fine; I'm glad." And the next day: "Aaah, I need food."


Knowledge In Action
And to receive Knowledge himself within a few weeks. "It wasn't a chic or fashionable thing to do." He wrote in his column a few months later. "It wasn't even cynical. It meant subjecting oneself to all those jokes about 'guru freaks.' It meant … discomfort. It meant … smiling faces and a community of loving brothers and sisters who didn't judge me …"


For Further Information Call Joe Anctil
He'll be there three weeks or three months, whatever it takes to get the situation cleared up. I think it'll take about three weeks. The idea is to straighten out the confusion that Mata Ji and Bal Bhagwan Ji have created in a few hundred Indian devotees - if that many. In any case, he'll definitely come back for the Guru Puja festival in Venezuela in July.

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A Perfectly Natural Childbirth
If you have faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, you realize what having this human life means. It means that you've been given a part to play, and you've got to play that part.
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Maharaj Ji then asked her if she couldn't remember similar unhappy periods which had, in time, brought her to clearer realization. He explained that while sadness is sometimes part of the spiritual path - and a difficult part because we so often cannot understand it at the time we must trust and we must meditate, for when that sadness passes we will understand so much more, and we will be glad.

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Viruses For Peace by Marshall Massey

Blind faith, cynicism, philosophy, travel, drugs, mantras nothing will give these new seekers peace … until they find their Lord, and receive the Knowledge, and begin to meditate.


Liberty, premie band from Aspen, Colorado on a national tour with John Denver - playing 42 concerts in 40 cities in six weeks.


… from Maharaji's Pantry

Dahlia may be served cold, but Maharaj Ji prefers it warm. A very healthful dessert or breakfast dish, Maharaj Ji eats it twice a day when he is sick.