Divine Times - Volume 4, Issue 6, July 31 1975

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Beyond The Borders Of The Mind
At the end of last month, in Essen, Germany, the National DUO directors from all the European countries gathered for a conference. This was actually the second conference held for the European directors, the last one happening at the time of the Copenhagen Guru Puja last year. Things had changed a lot in a year though. While the first conference was to introduce the idea of DUO becoming an international organization, this year's conference was held to activate it.

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International News
Every month International Headquarters in Denver sends out a mailing to all the 67 countries where Divine Light Mission is represented. In the last one, Divine Times put out a call for international correspondents. The response has been wonderful. And the enlarged space of International News is the result of their efforts.

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National News & Ads
Trying to paint a picture of this year's Hans Jayanti festival is difficult, if not impossible. We could say it won't be like Millennium; or it will be something like Amherst Guru Puja - with a touch of Toronto '74, but none of these suffice. Coming at the end of 1975, on November 7, 8, 9, Hans Jayanti '75 promises to be a bigger and closer gathering of the family than any festival yet.

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International News: Arigato Maharaji
Maharaj Ji was so powerful and Durga Ji was so gentle with Premlata resting on her. I did not want to see them go. Now they are in Japan and miracles are happening in all of us in Hong Kong; totally full of his love and energy to do service satsang and meditation.

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Awake And Experience Satsang given by Durga Ji at the Hotel Okura in Tokyo, Japan, June 5th, 1975
And so now I think the most beautiful thing is to just have the darshan of Guru Maharaj Ji. I think we are going to have a darshan line, so everyone can receive darshan,

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What Can This Knowledge Be? Guru Maharaj Ji's satsang, Hong Kong, June 1, 1975.
This is so beautiful, because when many people listen to satsang, some of them really understand that this is not the apple pie they have been looking for. Like, we can hang a big poster outside the satsang hall, saying, "What you want you can get here." A person who wants an apple pie walks into the hall and he is waiting for somebody to come along with an apple pie to give him. But when he listens to satsang, he says, "This is not what I want."

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Come Up To My House
Then Saturday afternoon before Father's Day we were all sitting around and Maharaj Ji said, "How about if we have the premies come up here?" We all got into it immediately, saying, "Oh really Maharaj Ji, that would be incredible." And just as we got into it, Maharaj Ji sat down and said, "No, this is my residence." Of course we all sat down and agreed. It's funny you know, because Maharaj Ji knows what he wants to do, but he plays with us and even his seeming indecision is a beautiful part of the play between Lord and devotee. So we continued making dinner and tried to take our minds off the affair. Suddenly Maharaj Ji walked into the kitchen and said, "Call the ashram and tell the premies we are having a party up here tomorrow at 6 p.m." We exploded with joy..

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Life: Movie Review by Cliff Yudell


We know nothing about Mom except that she's a San Diego American who was once a stewardess and the Perfect Master's secretary: please tell us more about our Mother. To know her is to love her. Those pictures of Mom Durga Ji and our perfect sister Premlata were so beautiful! How about some more pictures of Mom and Sis in everyday life situations? What better way is there of helping us share in the life of our Divine Family?

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Editorial: INDIA IN RETROSPECT: The Lord Returns
Mata Ji and Bal Bhagwan Ji became worried as Western disciples followed Guru Maharaj Ji and didn't respond to the orders of the other "Holy Family" members. Still they propagated the myth of the Holy Family as "Five Perfect Masters" with such persistance that some premies began to wonder about their role in the service of Guru Maharaj Ji.