1   These Are Divine Times

If you think there are other means to world and personal peace, or other ways to attain spiritual Knowledge, please explore them. Keep Guru Maharaj Ji's Knowledge in reserve. Remember that it is not a religion, a theory or belief but practical proof of existence beyond mind, illusion and death. You are not asked to believe anything; first-hand evidence of inner peace is available.

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3   Tame That Mind

When I came to Australia, I thought about wild animals but now I can talk about wild minds also. Many, many hippies are in India. And they have a trademark; that trademark is bhang. You can smoke a pipe or a chillum, I think many people know about the chillum, and that a chillum is the trademark of Indian spirituality. That's nothing. It's just like getting lost.

Will You Please Listen To Me
4   Will You Please Listen To Me

And really, whenever a Perfect Master came on this earth, there was never a time when anything went smooth. Every time. See, look - the ocean is so huge, but being so huge, does it stay calm? There are always waves, there always are. I don't know why, but that's the way it works whenever a Perfect Master comes.
Golden Age Magazine About Prem Rawat aka Maharaji
8   Hatha Yoga

The Goraksha Samhita, one of the three classical texts of Hatha Yoga, declares, "The science of Hatha Yoga is the ladder up which those climb who wish to reach the higher regions of the Royal Path" (Raja Yoga).

The texts dating back to 5000 B.C. consistently proclaim Hatha Yoga as the means to reach the higher realms of Raja Yoga, by which the ultimate Union can be realised. The Siva Samhita says, "As by learning the alphabets, one can, through practice, master all the sciences, so by thoroughly practising first the (physical) training, one acquires Knowledge of Truth". Hatha Yoga prepares the soil of this body for the seed of true Knowledge.

Golden Age Magazine About Prem Rawat aka Maharaji

8   Divine Advertisements

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