Prem Rawat's 1970s and Later Rites and Rituals

In 1974 to 1976 Divine Light Mission administrators attempted to remove Indian concepts and practices but Rawat stopped this in 1977, returned to the Full Monty Indianness with constant festivals Guru Puja, Hans Jayanti and Holi and the administrators were fired and only yes-men allowed.

In 1982/83 Prem Rawat closed the ashrams and secretly requested his followers destroy all the material his organisations had published through the 1970s and material from the 1980s is very sparse as there was a severe shortfall in income after the ashrams were closed and Prem cut back his public activites and there was very little publication. For 1979 there are still a lot of Indian Teachings and Rituals on display in film and magazines. In 1980 he cut his hair and dieted and cut back on the malas and Krishna Crowns. In 1981 he held a Hans Jayanti in Rome at which bhajans were sung, arti was sung and he danced on stage albeit in a suit. Rawat held a Holi Festival In Miami in 1983. In India he continued on as before with no obvious change of practice or teaching.

During and after the late 1980s "Rejoice Events" the Élan Vital and all other organisations dedicated to Prem Rawat or Maharaji as he allowed himself to be called by his followers begn to use an ambiguous and euphemistic NewSpeak type language. Festivals with their religious and joyful associations became conventions, conferences, programs and events except in India and Indian diaspora communities where Rawat kept his Hindu religious language. One thing we can foretell is that these events in the West will continue to get smaller and smaller as the cohort of Prem Rawat's 70 year old true believers (2020) dies out.