The Whole World

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teaching About Coming Into The World

Alta Loma Terrace, Los Angeles, August 15, 1971
But now He has taken a form to refine this whole world, from one corner to other corner of the whole world. He has come. And what does He do? He gives people such a technique, such a method, which is perfect, and gets them away from sufferings, the causes of sufferings of this world. God made the mind, but He never made a stoplight. And when He saw that "There is no stop in this mind which I have made," He was very sorry. He had to take a form. The form of Guru is nobody but Himself, the whole that you want to see. The whole power is now in the form of a body. That is the body which is Supremest of all, and its duties, works are not like those of humanity. Humanity does everything for stomach -- selfish purpose. But He is not selfish. He does whatever He does for the good of public, good of people. He came, and He is curing people, giving that technique through which mind will be completely stopped.
Élan Vital, Spring 1978, Volume II, Issue 1

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker teaching about the Almighty

DUO Proclamation 1974
This is the organisation which is going to help the whole world to get out of misery and suffering. And I challenge this to the whole world, that by Divine United Organisation, and by the grace of Almighty Lord, and the power of Knowledge, the bliss of the Knowledge, peace in the world can again be established, in the same way as people have dreamed of And the Kingdom of Heaven on this earth will be possible, and is possible if you work together, with cooperation and in the manner of Divine United Organisation that I have explained to you. Everyone will have shelter, even a small ant, and then lions and goats will drink water in the same pool and will be satisfied.
The sayings of Guru Maharaj Ji, © Divine Light Mission 1974

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teachings - Crisis? What Crisis?

Questions & Answers, Phoenix, Arizona, January 21, 1974
Maharaj Ji, in Montrose you were saying that a very strange thing is going to happen, and the whole world will know who God is. And you said it would happen real soon.
I think it's happening right now. Don't you understand the energy crisis? What is it? Something for people to understand: that there is a personality like God. And without Him, we are just pieces of junk, nothing else. And it's like, somebody has to really look up to it, you know, it's like, God is there, all the time. But for a person to see Him and understand Him, anyway he has to look up to Him. But it's like, God is giving us all these indications of His presence. You know? If He does …
Élan Vital, August 1977, Volume 1, Issue 1

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker teaching about the Whole World

London England, Prior to May, 1975
But anyway, can you imagine the bliss that will be there when this whole world receives the Knowledge? I mean it's gonna be so fantastic, so beautiful. And Listen, the most beautiful thing about it is that it is very, very possible. It's very, very possible. This whole world can receive Knowledge and be in that ultimate bliss in this century. I mean if we try, if all the premies try hard, really, really hard, I don't see it as being impossible for everybody to receive Knowledge.
Brotherly Love, May 1975

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker teaching about the Almighty

Guru Puja Festival Caracas, Venezuela, July 23, 1975
And so premies, the Perfect Master comes, and he comes in the human body. I mean, he doesn't have to. All he has to do is have a body that's as huge as the world -- and even bigger, as the universe -- and then pick up the whole world on his little finger and say, "You guys want to live, or should I blow you away?" He could do that, because we call him Almighty. And if we call him Almighty, it's a jazz for him to do this. It wouldn't take him anything. Because he's perfect. And he could just very well do that and say, "Look. If you don't realize this Knowledge, all I am going to do is -- boomp! -- and you are never going to know what hit you." But he doesn't do that. Why? He bears up with everything in this world. Look at us humans; look at the people of this world. Every time he comes, they say, "Forget it, he is not the one; he can't be the one. He doesn't have Knowledge. This is some crazy thing." And I mean, if really this ever happened, that the Almighty, the All Perfect, just picked up the whole world in his hand and said, "Should I kick your …
And it's a prayer you pray. It's Guru Puja festival, when you worship your Guru Maharaj Ji, when you understand, when you get to be … and it's one more thing, one more occasion, where premies can be close to Guru Maharaj Ji. Because how can you worship the Almighty?
Élan Vital, Volume II, Issue 2, Summer 1978

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker teaching about Becoming One

Holi Festival, Florida, March 20, 1977
I'm talking about birth into that eternal eternity, where there is complete harmony, where there is complete satisfaction.
And the only method that is most successful, and the only method there is, is satsang, service, and meditation. And to give it all a super dose, there is darshan, and these programs, the way they're happening. So premies, let us all really come together, let's really become one in that bond, one in that tie, one in that love, and go ahead. There's no power in this whole world that can stop us from experiencing what we want to experience. Not even mind, if you're strong enough. There's nothing. No power in this world, that can stop us. Just - all we have to do is have faith in Guru Maharaj Ji. Have faith in me. I'm here to help you, and I will help you. But sincerely have faith in me. Not in some, not in some way, not in some manner, or particular manner, but just have faith in Guru Maharaj Ji, period. And let it all happen, let it all begin.
The Golden Age, May / June 1977, Number 38

Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teaching About The Apocalypse

Holi Festival, Florida, March 20, 1977
There's a lot of people who have described Truth. There's a lot of people who have prescribed Truth, but there is only one person in this whole world that has revealed Truth to us. And there is where the difference lies. That is what makes a day and night, and that is what we all have to plug into, premies.
Premies, listen. You know, it's so beautiful. In the scriptures they have described a lot of things. In a lot of ways they have described this Knowledge, the experience of this Knowledge, the importance of practising this Knowledge, the important of really surrendering, of really dedicating, of how this whole world needs to have Knowledge. And now it's becoming very apparent.
The Golden Age, May / June 1977, Number 38

Maharaji's Teachings About Arti

Milwaukee Wisconsin, October 10, 1979 - Evening
Guru Maharaj Ji is offering us that opportunity for which the saint says that you can take all the pens -- all the wood in the whole world and turn it into pens -- and take all the oceans and turn them into ink, and take all the earth and turn it into paper and try to write the glory of Guru Maharaj Ji: you cannot! Even our arti, the way we sing, "You are my brother, you are my father, you are my … you are my everything." And we have to make that a reality. Guru Maharaj Ji really has to become everything to us: our friend, our life. We have to somehow disappear. And that is the only way we can disappear: by our devotion, to be completely locked in Guru Maharaj Ji's love; by our devotion, to completely merge in Guru Maharaj Ji.
Affinity magazine, February 1980

 Prem Rawat Inspirational Speaker Teaching About Begging

Guru Puja festival, July 25-27 1980
"To get on my hands and knees and to beg, it feels so good. (shouting) It feels so good to beg. You know why. Because when we do get on our hands and knees we realise we had never for anything to give to anybody anyway. Born beggar. To beg the Ultimate One in our heart. To beg that Emperor for that solution in our heart. The most majestical thing that happens to a human being or can ever happen to a human being. To open myself up, me, to beg Him, a moment between me and the Ultimate Being. A moment for me to have with that Ultimate Thing, a personal audience (shouting) and I know that when I beg the Emperor is listening to me. (shouting) In this whole world the Creator of billions and billions and billions of souls is listening to me. The Sustainer, the Generator the Destroyer of this entire (long pause) thing, not just the world, above and beyond by His Grace I have captured a moment between me and Him and nothing stands in our way. It is complete, it is the Ultimate, it is real and when I become like that in my heart then that Gift is given to me (shouting) a Gift which is a part of Him, a Gift that's His, Him, He doesn't just give a third thing, He gives Himself."
You Are My Savior Divine Light Mission video