Light Reading Special Edition Vol 1 No. 1, Spring 1978

Prem Rawat's Light Reading  1
Guru Maharaj Ji: The Perfect Master Alan Cunningham
"Suppose I am a father, and my child is crawling toward the fire, and he is very near to the fire and he is almost in the fire, and I am still watching him. Am I a father? "Don't you think that we have already entered this fire which is getting out of control? It is a very, very, very bad fire we have entered and can God still watch? "Can the human race be destroyed and God still watch? Is He a father? Is He going to watch while the world is being destroyed? Then He is not a father. "Our real Father will always come to save us. He manifests Himself, before the whole world is destroyed."."
Editorial by Mitchell Ditkcoff  2
Editorial Mitchell L. (Mitch) Ditkoff

Guru Maharaj Ji is offering the people of this world both an invitation and a challenge to realize their highest potential. The invitation? "Do you really want peace? Then give me a try. I want nothing out of you and in return I'll give you infinite perfection."
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The Path Of Knowledge Parts I & II

"This is what you have to find in the world. There are many paths. Many, many paths … all seem beautiful. But there is one path which we hardly can look at, because it is so bright. People who are really people, people who are really humans, walk on it. The man who walks this bright shining path always gets brightness. And God handles him …"
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Knowledge The Universal Experience

"I can guarantee one thing. And that is, that we have experienced that love, that peace, that we are all looking for, and by our Lord's Grace, today… this peace can be revealed to any human being – any being on this world, in this age, on this planet. The only requirement is that he has his heart open to accept this love. And that's it."
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Questions and Answers

Maharaj Ji, what is devotion? – Devotion is the flow of love from a devotee to his Lord, and darshan is seeing the Lord's physical form.
Guru Maharaj Ji, are you permanently in God consciousness? – Yes, I am permanently in God consciousness.
Prem Rawat's Light Reading  6
The Flash, The Vibe & The Rush Charles Cameron
What do I mean to say? What's so special about these words? Only that they all deal with inner experience, with warm feelings and clear understandings. Warm feelings and clear understandings are what this generation is all about. And that leads me to the clearest suss of all. Guru Maharaj Ji teaches us to meditate on the perfect vibe that's in back of all creation. Do you read me? Over and out.
Prem Rawat's Light Reading  7
Getting the Whole Scoop

Guru Maharaj Ji doesn't put on a holy act. He is what he is. Ah ha! But what is that? To a baker he likes pastries. To a car dealer he likes cars. To the press he's a story. To the seeker he's an enigma. And to a devotee he is the lord. There is no proof other than the Knowledge he freely offers. Is it perfect? Is it true? It's this internal Knowledge which enables so many different people to truly recognize him.
Prem Rawat's Light Reading  8
One Drop Of His Grace Charles Cameron

At last I understood. Now I could see why the wind had taken my Guru Maharaj Ji's picture away. And I thanked the wind for being such a true servant to my Guru Maharaj Ji. And I was glad, because all the details in that Master Craftsman's creation are so perfect. And that's the story of just one drop of his grace. Maharaj Ji's premies are always running into little drops of his grace. Perhaps that's why we love him so.
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Why I Love Guru Maharaj Ji
Sally Reeder, Correspondent: My love for Guru Maharaj Ji is deeper than the ocean, it's more than the bird feels for the sky and more than a mother feels for her baby. It's the love that I have for the one who dreamt of me and created me and is sustaining me and giving me all the hope I could ever want for a beautiful life. It's the love you have for someone who is giving you gifts all the time, gifts which are perfect and which are exactly what you need at that moment, not just to live, but to really, really live, to live in love and to know that this whole life is an incredible creation, and you're in the center of it. I love him more than I could ever, ever say. I love him more than I ever loved anyone. And I know that his love for me is infinitely greater than that. So, all I can hope to do is just open to his love …
Prem Rawat's Light Reading 10
On Devotion & Surrender

Surrender happens to you, the natural outcome of practicing Knowledge. Your life is filled with understanding; there's no alternative but to let your experiences filter through Truth, letting it color all the moments of all your days. Feeling the power of Knowledge within, you join its movement. Ego drops away, natural as the yearly fall. And though it seems there are always more leaves, more self-protection, the branches will be stripped and the sun will shine through.
Prem Rawat's Light Reading 11
A Very Big Little Mystery

And as soon as that Word is dropped into us, that Knowledge, that Perfection, that nectar – as soon as it drops into us, it just makes it beautiful, just makes it absolutely calm, just makes it gorgeous. That nectar is within inside of us, and I was describing it yesterday, that a saint has also described it: seeing a well in the middle of heaven and all these people who are lame go to it and they drink it, and they drink it and they drink it. And they climb. They climb without stairs and they are lame.
Prem Rawat's Light Reading 15
The Prose Poetry of Guru Maharaj Ji Peter Bissett

When you hear Maharaj Ji speak you can feel how much he wants us to join him, to experience the world he knows is within. Many devotees are beginning to discover now after years of practice that Maharaj Ji's love for us is greater than we could ever imagine. The pure love Maharaj Ji gives each devotee helps us grow and persevere on this long path of self-realization. Actually, self-realization as a goal is forgotten. We cease to call ourselves meditators though we still meditate. We become devotees and our life is the divine love shared between the master and his disciples. It is a love that transcends all boundaries. It is infinite. The only limitation is the person's own capacity to receive and open up to this love.
Prem Rawat's Light Reading 16
Inner View Bill Patterson

It's a deep path and that's why Guru Maharaj Ji comes as a living Master to teach the way because even what we could get through scriptures or through any other medium still allows too much room for our concepts, our fears, doubts, confusions and all our limitations. Guru Maharaj Ji comes as a dynamic Master, who can not only bring that essence and reveal that true experience but can guide us and inspire us and love us and put us through that whole process that we need in order to really open up to what is already existing.
Prem Rawat's Light Reading 17
Inner View Tim Gallwey

Knowledge is that inner light, and Guru Maharaj Ji revealed that Knowledge to me, and now guides me and inspires me to go all the way to the source, so I can experience what he is experiencing. It would be impossible for me to describe the extent of my gratitude for what he has done and is doing for me.
Prem Rawat's Light Reading 18
How I Came To Knowledge

I call it Grace that opens our eyes to Maharaj Ji. Knowledge confirms he is the Perfect Master. Devotion brings us to a place of peace and unspeakable joy. So, I really wish I could share more with you. This experience goes beyond the range of my expression. But I do have a wish: "May all the world soon discover Maharaj Ji is again on the earth."
Knowledge and the Mind Guru Maharaj Ji

Light Reading Magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 20
The Genie The following parable, as retold by Jim Bass, is one Guru Maharaj Ji has often cited in his satsang.

Before he left the stranger spoke again, "In many ways the human mind is like this genie. It always demands you give it something to do. If you do not keep it busy it will make your life miserable. The meditation is much like the pole because it is something infinite your mind cannot control. When you can control your mind through true meditation, it too will be your servant."
Light Reading Magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 21
An Aspirant's Story By George Keenen

The first time I went to satsang I sat in the back and cried. I cried the next night, and the next night as well. I don't know why. Something was happening in that satsang hall that made it possible for me to let my feelings out. It felt like shelter. In fact, it felt like home. I kept coming back.
Light Reading Magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 22
The Frogs and the Well retold by Jim Bass

That is exactly what they did. When the well frog saw the ocean he nearly swooned. He tried to see the limits of the water, but they were far beyond his sight. "I'm glad I saw this," the well frog said. "I never would have understood the size of this ocean after having lived my whole life in my little well."
Light Reading Magazine About Prem Rawat (Maharaji) 23
The Queen's Necklace As retold by Jim Bass

"You all were trying to grab the reflection of the necklace while the actual jewels were in the tree. You could not find the real necklace because you were too caught up in pursuing its reflection. The same applies to life in general. If you pursue the reflection of peace and happiness you will be frustrated. You must look the other way, inside, and there you will find the real peace. Good day."
The Aim of Life Guru Maharaj Ji

"I believe that a man should be so close to God that no gap remains between him and He. He feels God and God feels Him. Just as the state of saturation described in science, and the state of tranquility described in the scriptures, the stage of perfectness as the ultimate goal has to be reached by man."