When Prem Rawat, or Maharaji ("the Ultimate Ruler") as he calls himself, or Guru Maharaj Ji as he was called first came to the West, he spruiked his Knowledge as the method to achieve God realization through his four empowered techniques of meditation. However, there was a reason his organisation was called Divine Light Mission and that was the primary importance of the Divine Light. Meditation is basically boring: silently repeating a mantra or chanting interminably, concentrating on your breathing, trying to solve an insoluble koan … boring. But Divine Light - "brighter than a thousand suns" - was touted as being spectacular, colourful, intense and exciting. This sounded like a good chance to see a divine light show and maybe if you'd been reincarnated as a particularly saintly soul and diligently applied yourself to squeezing your eyeballs you could even one day see the guru himself, the Lord of the Universe, inside that divine light, imprinted on your eyeballs permanently. Trying to display this inner reality was an obsession amongst DLM photographers who used a variety of techniques to portray the "Golden Donut."