Who Is Prem Rawat?

To pin Prem Rawat down is not easy. He has had different names and given himself different titles and has had quite a few public roles and personas, some of them seemingly contradictory.

  • Balyogeshwar - the young Indian Godboy and inheritor of his father's position as Satguru and spiritual head of Divya Sandesh Parishad 1966-71
  • Guru Maharaj Ji - the young Indian guru who came to the West and attraceted a laerge group of counter-cultural youth and headed Divine LIght Mission 1971-83
  • Prem Rawat (aka Maharaji) the mid-20s adult who rejected his past appearance and continued his career as leader of Élan Vital a supposedly non-religious meditation et et et 1984-2005
  • Prem Rawat whose major focus became gaining the appearance of international fame and respect through pretence and public relations' spin. 2005 -