A Pictorial History of Prem Rawat - 2000s+

2000 - Prem Rawat Still Claimed that Large-Scale Recruitment Was On the Cards

Prem Rawat in Connect 2000
Prem Rawat in Connect 2000

In 2000, Prem Rawat was still telling his followers that large-scale recruitment was about to begin with 24/7 TV channela, and a unique, computerised system of initiating these new people, though he covered his bets, by saying "I'm not looking for popularity. I only want the ones that are thirsty." He seemed to be placing his faith in technology but put the onus and the guilt on his followers to attract: "Well I'm not gonna advertise. I'm the Master, you are my student, you are my advertisement." Fortunately, He was going to be disappointed.

2001 - Prem Rawat's Charity Scam is Setup

Connect 2004

In 2001, The Prem Rawat Foundation was registered in California as a charitable Trust. It mainly consisted of an Internet website and sold downloadable excerpts of Prem Rawat's speeches, musical compositions and other grossly over-priced 'art' works. It is, in fact, a very cunning scam. Tax deductible donations are given by premies to TPRF. Less than 25% of donations goes towards charitable works. An enormous output of PR spin is generated over this amount. 75% is spent on Rawat's luxury travel, accomodation and lifestyle as he travels making speeches to the premies which keeps them interested enough to give tax-deductable donations … It also provides sinecures for his children and employment for long-term premies, who might otherwise feel somewhat aggrieved, working like beavers at new ideas to make the pig's ear into a silk purse.

Prem Rawat and Michael Dettmers
Prem Rawat and Michael Dettmers

In 2001 A series of revelations about Prem Rawat's hidden life-style were made on the Internet by two of his former closest followers and employees. Michael Dettmers, formerly the head of DLM and his personal assistant for many years and Michael Donner, formerly President of Divine Light Mission, and also a cult insider for many years. These revelations were similar though far more detailed than those formerly made by Rawat's family, Bob Mishler, ex-President of DLM, John Hand ex-Vice-President DLM and Sophia Collier DLM writer and Denver ashram resident. These were also corroborated by evidence from other X-rated "insiders" who preferred to remain anonymous but whose insider knowledge was obvious.

2004 - Prem Rawat's (Maharaji) Legitimacy Project

Connect 2004

In 2004 Rawat began telling his followers about the scheme to finance a long-term, phony public relations campaign to try and give him an aura of respectability and legitimacy which, afterall, they believed he deserved. For fuller, more coherent expositions on Rawat's deceitful campaign to gain respectability and legitimacy see the Prem Rawat Reviewed Website and Prem Rawat Information Resource. This campaign had already begun with the creation of the Prem Rawat Foundation.

Prem Rawat's eldest brother, Satpal Maharaj Has Real Legitimacy

Satpal Maharaj with a Few Followers
Satpal Maharaj with the President of India

In an ironic twist of fate he was trying to emulate his eldest brother, known as Satpal Maharaj in India, who as the Satguru of the Indian Divine Light Mission, known as Manav Dharam, kickstarted a political career to gain actual legitimacy. He had been elected to the Indian Parliament, was the Grey Eminence of Uttarkharand politics, had real public legitimacy and was firmly ensconced in the Indian social and political elite with sons following in his footsteps, unlike Prem Rawat's sons. The other brother, known as Shri Bhole Ji Maharaj in India, is a real philanthropist whose Hans Foundation provides far more money to social causes than TPRF.

2004 - Prem Rawat presented Knowledge as a Course: it was called "The Keys.

Prem Rawat on the Roundabout
Prem Rawat on the Roundabout

"The whole idea was that there is an incredible possibility to prepare people for this gift of Knowledge by letting them recognize something very very simple and that their preparation needed to be in a way where it was the same for everyone. The way I have made them is that I'm taking one person, just one person and preparing them for Knowledge. Working on the keys I can tell you one thing they have driven me towards so much clarity that I can't even begin to explain. It's like anything even the tiniest little dot that was black is showing up. No compromises, no compromises whatsoever."

There were 20 DVDs of containing videos of interminable, repetitive speeches by Rawat to go through. This was going too far for all but the most desperate people.

2007 - Prem Rawat Is Upgraded To A Gulfstream Aerospace GV-SP


Prem Rawat's Gulfstream G550

2009 - Without the Guru by Dr Michael Finch Published

Mike Finch and Guru Maharaj Ji (Prem Rawat
Mike Finch and Maharaji (Prem Rawat)

The book Without the Guru: How I took my life back after thirty years is available from Amazon. It would appeal to a wider audience if the more didactic sections were replaced by the racy details of Rawat's vulgar venality but it is by far the best (and almost the only) book available about Rawat's career as Lord of the Universe to sham "World Renowned Master of Inner Peace" and phony philanthropist and life in the Rawatism cult and it is courageous, truthful and accurate, though very personal.

2005 - Prem Rawat Speaks at a spurious United Nations 60th Anniversary Committee Dinner


Prem Rawat's Phony United Nations Publicity The United Nations 60th Anniversary Committee (sounds important and respectable, right?) was created by some followers of Prem's for the sole purpose of having this one function and making Rawat the speaker to PR spin him a phony connection to the United Nations Organisation.

Starting small, they began a series of shameless and shameful pushing of Rawat from smaller and phonier events to larger and phonier levels while publishing a blizzard of electronic PR spin.

2011 - Indian Government Delegate, Satpal Maharaj, Makes Speeches at The United Nations

Prem Rawat's Brother Satpal Maharaj At UNO

Satpal Maharaj aka Bal Bhagwan Ji, eldest brother of Prem Rawat, spiritual guru and politician, has been a Member of the Indian National Parliament, a Minister of the Government at State and National level, a Grey Eminence in Uttarakhand, a friend of the Prime Minister of India and displays many other signs of public respectability.

2013 - Rawat Creates Words Of Peace Global (WOPG) as virtual Primary Organisation

Mike Finch and Guru Maharaj Ji (Prem Rawat
Mike Finch and Maharaji (Prem Rawat)

After 30 years of Élan Vital outreach failure it was time to decapitate and disembowel it. In 2013 Rawat switched his major organisation and public outreach to the cloud under the title Words Of Peace Global, a foundation set up in Holland. The majority of his Western followers are in the USA but as the activity of local groups of followers has little relevance to Rawat and his Knowledge anymore the country of registration is irrelevant. Holland has regulations that allow organisations like WOPG to avoid close public scrutiny but it does require annual financial reports. Rawatism has become an internet religion in which there are virtually no local activities with occasional national gatherings to hear and worship Prem Rawat.

2013 - His Most Blissful Moment - Prem Rawat's Leased Aircraft Is Upgraded Up To A G650

The Prem Rawat Foundation took delivery of Gulfstream N650PR at Bradley International Airport on 19 November 2013 - cost app. $65 million

2014 - Aspirants Dropping out - Keys Requirements Dropped Significantly

The Keys on 2 Gig Memory Stick In the year 2014 he accepted that the numbers just weren't adding up. His promises and existing followers just weren't attractive enough to encourage people to take on the lengthy, boring journey through the 30 Keys DVDS and he stripped the course down to less than 7 hours which could now be purchased reasonably cheaply on a 2 gigabyte memory stick. The Keys had been a journey through a dry and dreary desert of possibility with short sojourns in an oasis of belief and lengthy sand storms of doubt. I was interested to see how much mush he had dropped off so I bought one. The Memory stick contains 6 mp4 movies.

Prem Needs Trump's Hairdo By the year 2020 Prem was losing his hair (literally) and with his eternal peace getting closer every year the decision was made to cut "the Keys" requirements back once again. It only required you to watch 5 one hour streaming videos which "provide the foundation for four practical techniques that enable a person to turn their attention inside in order to experience the peace that resides there. These techniques are called Knowledge.

2022 - Satpal Maharaj Re-elected to the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly for the Consituency of Chaubttakhal

Satpal Maharaj Cabinet Minister

Satpal Maharaj is the current Cabinet Minister in the State of Government of Uttarakhand, serving as the Minister of Tourism, Irrigation, Culture. Can you imagine Prem Rawat as a Minister of Culture, as cultured? The only thing he ever cultivated was his adolescent moustache.