A Pictorial History of Prem Rawat 1980s+

In 1982/3 Prem Rawat did a sudden about face. He ordered the ashrams closed, he ordered the nightly satsang meetings to cease. He changed his name, his titles, his organisation, his public persona, his public teachings and even his hairstyle. He ordered his followers destroy all records of his career so far. He was pretty well forgotten by then anyway so he apparently thought he would start again fresh with a clean slate.


Prem Rawat 1979 Prem Rawat 1984

The New Improved Maharaji Drops the 'Guru' and the Indian Treppings


Prem Rawat 1977
Prem Rawat 2014

Plus Ça Change, Plus C'est La Même Chose


Prem Rawat Stars as Tom Cruise

Prem Rawat's Expensive Passion For Personal Jets


Prem Rawat Holi Festival Prem Ature Ejaculation

Prem Rawat's 1984 Night-time Holi Festival'


Prem Rawat's Brother Satpal Maharaj At UNO

Prem Rawat's Phony United Nations' PR Spin