The Pictorial History of Prem Rawat: Becomes Satguru

On the 19th July, 1966 Prem Rawat's father died and at the end of the mourning period, whether by design or spontaneously, the youngest son and not the eldest or a senior disciple was acclaimed as the new Satguru.

Being Crowned Satguru
Being Crowned Satguru

"The Perfect Master never dies. Maharaj Ji is here, amongst you now. Recognise him, obey him, and worship him." - Prem Rawat, 7 years old

This was not reported as a routine event but as a divine (re)incarnation. This was such an important and incredible event in Prem's career that the Divine Light Mission included validating articles re the events in their magazines published in the West in the early 1970s. These included what was purported to be Prem's eyewitness account recorded at the time and the public speeches he made and photographs taken at the time. The account was summarised in "Who Is Guru Maharaj Ji?" in 1973.

Speeches he supposedly made at the time were published in the 1970s. The 7 year old speaking in Hindi was far more eloquent than he was later in English. Click Here for the full speech of July 29th 1966

"This is not a day of merry-making because the night of the 19th, at three o'clock, Guru Maharaj Ji left his body. But I feel that Guru Maharaj Ji is alive and always will remain alive."

"So many times, Guru Maharaj Ji has come to this world. There have been many, many Perfect Masters and each one has revealed the very same Knowledge. You haven't understood. Each Divine Incarnation has gone away and still you have not realized the Knowledge he brought. Now, if you want to know the Truth, then get that Supreme Knowledge, because this body will be destroyed one day."

Mahatma Gurucharanand applies a Tilak to the young Satguru Maharaji (Prem Rawat)
Mahatma Gurucharanand applies a Tilak to the newly incarnated Satguru Prem Rawat (Guru Maharaj Ji).

The young Satguru Maharaji (Prem Rawat) with mahatmas
Mahatma Gurucharanand and Mahatma Sampuranand on either side of the young incarnated Satguru Prem Rawat (Guru Maharaj Ji).

Click Here for the full speech of July 31st 1966

"If you do not realize God within, then Guru Maharaj Ji, the Perfect Master, will manifest again and again in this world and you will see him in the form you like."I

"If you think that Guru Maharaj Ji is gone, your mind is confused. Otherwise, how could I have talked to him? Tomorrow I will show you what power I have brought to this world with me. Just as Prahlad manifested God by the power of meditation I will also manifest Guru Maharaj Ji before you by the power of meditation."

So when it was all over. Prem got the crown and Bal Bhagwan got a dog. A crown lasts forever but not so little dogs. But a crown can be taken away …

Being Crowned Satguru
Bal Bhagwan Ji with Dog