Prem Rawat's Path: Satsang, Service, Meditation & Darshan

Satsang, Service and Meditation The Knowledge of Guru Majaraji or Prem Rawat aka Maharaji was a threefold path. Actually it was a fourfold path but the most important part of the path was not spoken of publicly as often as the other three legs of the tripod because of "Western" prejudices about his followers adoring and worshipping him and kissing his feet. It is now kept secret and totally denied if asked about though filmed evidence shows how important it was to Prem Rawat's premies (followers). He often spoke of the importance of Darshan.

In his early speeches in the West, the young guru stressed the bliss that came from meditation after being initiated and practising his Knowledge. This was understandable, all teachers of meditation claim it has positive effects otherwise why would anyone do it? Rawat's claims were just more outrageous and simplistic than most:

"And this Knowledge is so Holy, so Perfect that one spark that comes out of this Knowledge is so perfect, so, so perfect, wherever it goes it hits, it makes it perfect and wherever it goes, again hits, it makes it perfect. … This Knowledge, because this is a very sweet fruit, whoever takes a bite feels the sweet and wants to take it more and more. … this Knowledge. When people got it, they really got blissed out. If they just went into it, they really got blissed out … Knowledge just takes you, and takes you into an environment never thought of; never thought of, beautiful. When one can really get into the Music, get into the Word, get into the Light, it's so beautiful; so blissful. Just grand, you know! … What I have is a constant LSD. It's not LSD, it's a built-in LSD which God provided you with when you were born. You get into it and you're always blissed out. … My Knowledge is God.

Prem Rawat's Four Practices: Satsang, Service, Meditation & Darshan

He made it plain that he expected those people who were "revealed Knowledge" ie initiated would be impressed and delighted (though this was not necessarily the case or even the majority response) and that they should realise the supreme importance of this initation into the purpose of human life and that they should constantly meditate and remember Holy Name, obey him and live their lives centered on the four practices:

Satsang, Service and Meditation
  1. Satsang: speaking and listening about the wonders of practising this divine Knowledge especially by never delaying in attending nightly meetings in which this was the major activity
  2. Service: doing selfless service through (1) and by donating time in voluntary lanbour and entering the ashram where you could do full-time service or for those people unable to do this because of family committments they should donate money (tithe) and do part-time voluntary labour
  3. Meditation: they should practise the formal techniques of Maharaji's meditation (Divine Light, Music, Holy Name, Nectar) for at least 2 hours a day and attempt to "remember Holy Name" the rest of the time, night or day, awake or asleep.
  4. Fourth, Darshan: In fact being in the presence of Maharaji was the super dose of divine grace and the ultimate experience was lying on the ground in full pranam and kissing his divine Lotus Feet. Because of Western prejudices and ignorance this supreme moment of human life was not expressed so often in public.

Satsang, Service and Meditation:
the Eternal Triangle.

Rawat claimed this 4 fold path of Satsang, Service, Meditation and Darshan was the tops … the best … the maximum … because of His inspiration and His love.

But what about satsang, service, and meditation? That's the best. That's the tops. That's the maximum. Guru Maharaj Ji's darshan, Guru Maharaj Ji's inspiration, Guru Maharaj Ji's Love: that's it! What is above that? - Hans Jayanti Festival, Kissimmee Florida, November 11, 1978

Prem Rawat's Extra Requirements: Surrender, Faith, Trust, Devotion, Worship, Etc

As time moved on and still his premies were not experiencing that bliss he had promised them he kept adding new requirements before the bliss could be experienced. They must have His Grace, they must have complete faith and trust in Him, they must obey Him, they must surrender to Him, they must be devoted to Him, they must worship Him, they must pray to Him, they must beg Him, they must have haircuts and dress well, they must sing Arti and mean it and they must spread this Knowledge.

Prem Rawat explained that even doing all this and faithfully following his instructions wasn't enough:

"Here I am, this premie, Maharaj Ji. Look at me! Look how good I am now. Look how professional." There is a thing, I guess, called being a professional premie. "A professional premie." And then an amateur premie. You're professional when you know all the strings, back and forth. You know all the things to do: how to do arti, how to take charanamrit, when to do arti, when to have charanamrit. Become professional. Become good at it. "Been doing it for years and years and years and know all the terminologies. Bog prashad and everything." Know all the famous Hindi songs. Can talk half in Hindi; talk half in English. Can say "Jai Satchitanand" without an accent. Can say "satsang" without an accent.