Prem Rawat's "Teachings"

Prem Rawat and his followers have developed a jargon in which many English words have a meaning that is different to the norm and in some cases this meaning has even changed considerably over the decades. He has never written anything, all his teaching is through speeches, mainly impromptu but very repetitive, that he makes from thrones or stages. His teachings are based in those of his father, a guru in a Sant Mat tradition, but his father died when he was 8 years old and he has been developing his own teachings for over 50 years. He claims his Knowledge is concept free, that it is an experience beyond words, that is unable to be understood by the mind, only by the heart. He regularly berates 'concepts' as being products of "the Mind" and does not seem to realise that his teachings are also concepts. Over the decades his language has become more vague and his speeches devoid of data except for morality fables from his own life.

Prem Rawat Talks About The Four Techniques of Meditation

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